Biden Gets Confused, Uses “Violent” Rhetoric, then Forgets What Countries We Are Fighting In

Yesterday was a big day for Joe Biden. The Obama Campaign, panicking over Mitt Romney’s new lead, allowed the Vice President to speak to a crowd… It did not go well.

Yes, “Slow Joe” Biden, whose legendary gaffes have received a pass from the liberal media in the way families overlook the eccentric things grandpa says at Thanksgiving dinner, went to Las Vegas to espouse the virtues of trickle-down government. It was here that Biden did what Biden does best- say crazy things.

Biden noted,

“ [Paul] Ryan has written a book called ‘The Young Guns‘ with two other fellas, members of the House, Republican leaders in the House … unfortunately the bullets are aimed at you!”

Okay, Joe, settle down. After all, it was the Obama Administration that called for more “civility” in political rhetoric in the wake of the Tucson shooting, where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot. The liberal media pounced on Sarah Palin for having gun imagery on her website, and the left had a field day trying to paint her as a catalyst for violence for having “incited an atmosphere of violent political rhetoric.” I believe it was Keith Olbermann that demanded that Sarah Palin be dismissed from politics, and forever shunned by her party.

The liberal media went crazy, trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. So, fine, I get what Biden is trying to say. It’s not particularly clever, but I get it. But shouldn’t the same standard be applied to Biden for “inciting violent political rhetoric?”

But don’t worry, Biden kept talking…

Later on in the speech, Biden asked the crowd,

“How many of you know somebody who served in Iraq or Iran? How many of you know someone who has been injured or lost in Iraq or Iran? Well, let me tell you something: we owe. We owe. We owe these families more than we can ever repay them.”

Seriously? This is our Vice President, and he twice commented that we are fighting a war in Iran? If Biden feels that we owe soldiers so much (which I contend that we do), then maybe he should first show his level of support by learning the names of the countries in which our soldiers are currently fighting!

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One Response to Biden Gets Confused, Uses “Violent” Rhetoric, then Forgets What Countries We Are Fighting In

  1. JimPF says:

    Maybe he was hinting of another war the USA intends to start or be involved in. You know, behind closed doors chat and he slipped up using Iran instead of Afghanastan

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