Apparently, Reminding People that Voter Fraud is Illegal is racist. Who Knew?

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention that Ohio is an important state in this election. What will come as a surprise to many is that reminding people that voter fraud is a crime is racist.

A billboard placed at various locations around Cleveland boldly proclaims, “Voter Fraud is a Felony!” and claims that it carries a penalty of “up to 3 ½ years in prison and a $10,000 fine.” But as one of these billboards is in a low-income neighborhood, some Cleveland citizens are claiming that it’s racist and an attempt to intimidate voters. Ridiculous…

The billboard was bought and paid for by an anonymous, private family donation. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer,

“Several politicians said the ad’s placement, which is near Tri-C and directly across the street from the Arbor Park 600-family development and other public housing, intimidates minority voters, students and felons who may not know their rights.

Cleveland City Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland, who publicly complained about the billboard on Tuesday, posted a picture of the advertisement to her Twitter account. She said a resident complained to her about the sign. Cleveland wants it out of her ward.

‘They usually try to push cognac and cigarettes on people here in this neighborhood, now they are trying to intimidate them to keep them from voting,’ Cleveland said.

Cleveland said the ward has been a heavily canvassed area politically because voter turnout has been low in the past. She said some people could misinterpret the sign and therefore, not go to the polls on Nov. 6.”

Alright, everybody just calm down. The sign merely states a fact- that voter fraud is illegal. Every day I drive past billboards (bought and paid for by taxpayers, I might add) that warn drivers to slow down, or they will be severely punished. The message: speeding is illegal. Got it. What residents should take away from these billboards is, “Wow, voter fraud is a big deal. Well, then, I suppose I shouldn’t commit voter fraud.” End of story.

“The councilwoman said she will work to get the sign taken down and said that some people in her community have considered buying the space and placing another advertisement on the billboard.

‘Some people in my ward have had issues with the criminal justice system and could feel like they’re not able to vote,’ Cleveland said. ‘This could be confusing to them.’

According to state law, a felon can register to vote after they have served their sentence in prison.

State Sen. Nina Turner, who drove by the billboard on Thursday, likened the advertisement to intimidation tactics used to keep blacks from voting in the times of Jim Crow. Turner said voter fraud is not a problem in the state.

‘It does not exist,’ she said. ‘For them to target people in the black community is immoral.’”

Excuse me if I am mistaken, but did she really equate reminding citizens not to commit voter fraud to the dark history of Jim Crow intimidation? That is insulting on numerous levels. This lady needs a history lesson so as to appreciate the gravity of her ignorance.

The ACLU of Ohio has brushed off the complaints, claiming that it’s obviously free speech. Still, it is incredible that in Obama’s America, calling an illegal immigrant “illegal” is offensive, voter ID laws are racist and, apparently, reminding people to not tamper with the lifeblood of our democratic process is “racially-motivated voter intimidation.”

Meanwhile, the Black Panthers are free to intimidate voters with billy clubs, and their                                                                                   pal in the Justice Department, Eric Holder,                                                                                  has got their back.

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17 Responses to Apparently, Reminding People that Voter Fraud is Illegal is racist. Who Knew?

  1. Joanne says:

    This sign is great! We should have more of them. They should put them in Al Franken’s district. Also, in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, NY, Fla, Texas, CA, and etc.

    • Laura Evenson says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE! And as a MN who is an election judge and who participated in the Franken-Emmer recount, I am an eyewitness to voter fraud…and there is no doubt in my mind that Emmer won the election!!!!!

  2. Heather parks says:

    If these people are to ignorant to see the reason behind the billboard then they are to ignorant to vote!

  3. Stephen says:

    Joanne, you kind of enforce the liberal point of view. All the states you listed have a high number of Democratic voters, as well
    As people of color. One recently disgraced Republican politician stated that the GOP was quite intent on disenfranchising minority voters, many of which voted Democrat. This sudden concern about voter fraud was part of that strategy, as stated by this former party leader. So can it be compared to Jim Crow, poll taxes and the like? If what this politician says is true, then the answer is yes.

    • Mac says:

      “One recently disgraced Republican politician stated that the GOP was quite intent on disenfranchising minority voters, many of which voted Democrat.”

      I call BULLSHITE! Have the honesty to back up charges like that with actual quotes and references.

      I have been involved in Voter Security over the years in two states and I have never heard a GOP official say anything about preventing a honest legimate vote from being cast. We just have problems with people voting for other people, especially dead people. In the past there has been too much “We won, why bother with prosecution of voter fraud?” That needs to end. Voter Fraud needs to be prosecuted.

  4. Robb Lull says:

    To Heather Parks; Being ignorant is a national disease and needs to be addressed. Who are you to be the Judge, Jury, and Executioner??? Do You have NO feelings for those who could not graduate due to lack of special services funding??? Good Grief Woman, Wake Up and smell the coffee…our children are being left behind, scholarly speaking, like the days of “Why can’t Johnny Read?”…or were you even paying attention in that class…? Where is Your train of thought? Are you Prejudice? I Am…I Hate Liver!!!
    I know a few “challenged” people that, at least seem to be, smarter than the average Joe on the street…that are left out in the cold due to Ignorance…because they couldn’t understand…What is your interpretation to the word Ignorant? And can you put a picture to it?

  5. Robb Lull says:

    One more thing Ms., Miss, Mrs. Parks…I didn’t graduate from school, but got my GED, I am opening a Foundation to build a DataBase to link Lupus Patients to Naturopathic Dr.s’, and ALL NATURAL TREATMENTS…I will be heading out the 1st day of Spring, 2013, on a 12,000 mile ride to talk with these people, and sign them up for these treatments, and the Professionals in their areas to apply these Treatments to each patients individual need…What, pray tell, do You do…?
    God Lives Here

  6. N.B. says:

    Voter fraud became an issue because of Acorn in 2007/2008, the liberals seen a way to steal an election and they are fighting to keep their illegal voting fraud intact, if it’s racist to require ID are they saying that only minorities are poor and not intelligent enough to obtain ID, I take great offense in that and they should too.

  7. JFick says:

    That’s laughable. I can’t believe all the things crazy people claim are racist! It’s a fact that it’s illegal and if they aren’t fraudulently voting they shouldn’t be intimidated.

  8. Dave says:

    The Democrat Party is the most racist party ever but still they seem to get the minority vote by buying their votes by keeping them dependent and uneducated.
    The Republicans eliminated slavery and promote education and self reliance so as not
    to be beholden to anyone. The liberal left can’t stand that as they want to be the elitist leaders of the uneducated masses. Socialism and Communism do not work and has resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths to innocent people over the years. But back to the point, every illegal vote allowed cancels a legal vote and anyone who opposes the goal to provide legal elections is a Communist or worse. Funny how free speech to the Democrats equals denying the existence of God and promoting abortions but when a conservative points out the law of the land that is not to be allowed. Wake up
    legal voters and make sure the elections are legal this year and that only legal and identified, breathing citizens are allowed to vote.

  9. joycers says:

    Unfortunately, the Obama administration has created much of the division and has set race relations back by 50 years. The people who are Racists are obamma and most of the democrats. Someone should provide them with a mirror to be held up to their face everytime they scream racists! The woman appears to be angry and that is also a result of the obama administration doing everything in their power to race-bate black people into being angry and blaming everyone else. Wonder if Bush caused all this?

    They are angry at the wrong people and cannot even see h0w their racists rants have caused so much ground to be lost in our country. If you don’t love it, leave it.

  10. jim 28th reg. says:


  11. Blogengeezer says:

    When the responsible ‘Traditional Family’ was destroyed by ‘The Great Society’ and (formerly known as) Fathers became absentee/traveling sperm donors to perpetually dependency addicted Feral ‘recipients’ out of irresponsible lust with no consequences, the end was cast for the USA of Freedom and Liberty. Financial sanity is now irrecoverably lost. Legalistics are the law of ‘redistribution’ of wealth by 70% of the entire world’s Lawyers residing in and now Ruling by election over the US masses. What else can the rapidly beleaguered taxPaying citizenry expect? Vote like YOUR Life Depends on it, It Does.

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