A Physician: If Obama Is Re-Elected, You May Lose Your Doctor

Yesterday, we had a CEO telling his employees that they might lose their jobs if Obama is reelected. Today, we have a doctor talking about the consequences we’ll face if Obama is reelected and his health care reform goes into effect.

You see, there comes a point where we doctors can no longer afford to stay in practice. We rely on an unfettered environment to provide creative health-care solutions. This is why survey after survey (most recently one by The Physician’s Foundation) show that ObamaCare is highly unpopular among physicians.

…Do you honestly think that a cardiologist who is being paid $280 by Medicare for performing and interpreting the same echocardiogram he was paid $560 for two years ago is happy?

…ObamaCare probably means fewer doctors, too. In the Physicians Foundation Survey of 13,000-plus physicians, more than half plan on cutting back on patients, switching to cash only or quitting over the next three years — thanks largely to the president’s “reform.” Indeed, 60 percent say they’ll retire if they can.

This is not the first time these concerns have been brought up and the Democrats have no answer for them. So, they’re just ignoring the problem and hope it’ll go away. This is the modern Democratic Party in the nutshell:

1) Find a problem.
2) Make the problem even worse while trying to solve it.
3) Call for even more government to “fix” the new problem created by the government trying to “fix” the old problem.
4) Repeat.

At this point, it may be too early to say whether Barack Obama will be reelected, but if he is, absolutely no one should be able to claim that we couldn’t see these problems coming from a mile away.

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One Response to A Physician: If Obama Is Re-Elected, You May Lose Your Doctor

  1. Don Atchason says:

    You need to pass along that IF Obama is reelected, anyone on Medicare will now have to have their doctor get approval from the Obama review squad before any major surgery or procedure. If a Dr. proceeds without approval he will be fined up to 100k. 2nd instance Dr will be arrested for violation.
    I will try and find this in Obamacare but used to have the page #’s etc.
    Are you aware of this???


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