The Top Ten Debate Questions and Zingers for President Obama

Well, I can try to explain my policies if you'll just give me a second...Mitt Romney has some preparing to do if he is going to put President Obama in his place. The challenger will have to endure insufferable smugness as he is berated for having the audacity to have made money, but hopefully, Romney can ask some of the tough questions that the media simply won’t. This debate will serve as a platform for Romney to finally define his stances. But more importantly than that, it will serve as an opportunity to force Obama to defend his presidency.

So, I submit to you, the top zingers and questions submitted on Twitter for Obama:









And, my personal favorite…


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6 Responses to The Top Ten Debate Questions and Zingers for President Obama

  1. Joe says:

    Someone PLEASE get these to Romney!

  2. Keri says:

    Mr “O” Why have you spent Millions of dollars to hide you’re Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, Pass Port, College Records, Or anything pertaining to your past? What are you hiding?

  3. Big Arch says:

    These are all gold, and I would be delighted to hear ANY of them from Romney, but I especially like number 8.

  4. Annie says:

    Please,oh,please!!!! Get these to Romney!!!! He HAS TO GET TOUGH!!!

  5. Mr President can recite the pledge of allegiance ?
    Mr President in your book you said ” no matter which way political winds blow I will stand with Islam ” As for me Mr President I will stand with America !
    Mr President do you believe its ok for Eric Holder to openly break the law in fast & furious and why won’t you force him to be accountable, were you involved in fast & furious ?

  6. James Hartsell says:

    in answer to 47%
    you have to get 51% to vote for you
    before you can help 100% of the people

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