The Counter-Revolution Of The Clark County (NV) Republicans

The Republicans who left the Clark County (NV) Republican Party since the Ron Paul takeover, made a first attempt to take back control at the Sept. 19th meeting. The Ron Paulites have been wreaking havoc on our party and disgraced us in the eyes of the RNC when they sent Reince Preibus a Rule 11 letter demanding him to resign for selecting the “presumptive nominee” as Mitt Romney. This takeover was what prompted the Romney campaign to bypass the CCRP for any election outreach and open up Team Romney. The separation of Team Romney and CCRP was solidified at the Republican Convention when Paul ended up with 17 votes and Romney was at 5, even though Romney fairly earned 20 delegate votes in Nevada’s primary.

The Ron Paul coup of the CCRP was the result of years of stalling votes, manipulation of rules, and stacked attendance by Ron Paulites at committee meetings. Nothing was ever accomplished at Committee Meetings because of the chaos and disturbance they caused (similar tactics have been used by communist revolutionaries). The Paulites carefully orchestrated disorder within the party, turned traditional Republicans away from attending meetings, and took over in the vaccuum.

With the takeover in full swing and all of the real Republicans absent in favor of helping Team Romney and our presidential nominee, the Paulites took the opportunity to propose changes in the bylaws and elect new board members. In order to vote a member must be present for two meetings in a row, which made the Ron Paulers the only ones eligible to vote at this past meeting. Because their candidate didn’t have a chance.

Thanks to the genius and dedication of some key individuals active with fundraising for political candidates and various mainstream Republican organizations, our own counter-revolution took place at the last meeting, and we were successfully able to postpone the agenda and the bylaw elections. Although they were able to get in their board members, this election will have legal repercussions and these elections will most likely be reversed.

The most significant of the complaints we stood on was the illegality of the elections. The party must have 10 days notice to elections, which we were not given. The i-contact email distribution was delayed for a day and many people including myself did not receive any notice at all. Secondly, the notice was given for elections to be held on the 18th. If they did not want to ramrod an election, our request to adjourn the meeting in lieu of proper notice would have been approved by the chair, which it was not. We took a formal vote and the first count was 165 to 124. When we demanded a recount with assistant counters the vote switched to 150 to 130, still the nays to adjourn won out.

When I tried to contest the validity of the vote because I was given a wristband to vote, although I was a non-voting member, the sergeant of Arms disbanded me. My question, which was never resolved, was how many other people had a wristband to vote that shouldn’t. The volunteer that gave me mine told me she was instructed to give everyone a wristband when I asked what the wristband was for. This information should have thrown out the count immediately, but it was disregarded.

When our vote of adjournment failed, our strategy switched to stalling at all costs. with an hour to go before we were kicked out of the pavilion we had rented. The most legitimate complaint of the evening was the fact that at the last meeting before the presidential election, a time when we should be worried about getting out the vote and focusing on our Republican candidates, they were focused on Ron Paulers stacking the board and “Pelosi-ing” the bylaws without giving fair warning to membership.

The answer to this is obvious: the Ron Paulers in Clark County are doing everything they can to prevent a Mitt Romney presidency. They call themselves Republicans, but they will do nothing to help Romney get elected. To walk in the meeting that they controlled last night was utter disgrace. The video intro was a tribute to Ron Paul. The invocation was not an invocation at all; rather it was a namby-paby, lets all get along message with the statement “if there is a god.” Who are we invoking if there is no god?

The last piece of contention I’d like to share was an agenda item, which we fortunately did not get to. They scheduled a presentation by People Against NDAA, which is an indirect attack on Paul Ryan, who voted for this bill. It is considered a “must pass” bill and 97 other senators voted for it. I’m not saying NDAA is a good bill, but puhlease…for it to be raised at the last meeting before the election as a point of order is ridiculous. Why are we not talking about getting out the vote? Everything else should be secondary to this one goal and purpose. Until we get our priorities straight the Republicans will fall over themselves and lose elections again and again.

As one friend suggested, it would have been better for us if Ron Paul ran on the Democrat ticket so that his followers would actually have an excuse for attacking Romney.

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27 Responses to The Counter-Revolution Of The Clark County (NV) Republicans

  1. KJ says:

    NDAA permits indefinite detention of American citizens whithout trial under section 1021. You think not ‘embarrassing’ Ryan is more important than opposing that?

    Is there anything at all you would put above party unity?

  2. Ned Barnett says:

    I was there. However, if you ask the registrar or the people who decided things for the registrar (Carl Bunce – RP-NV Chairman – and his brother), I wasn’t there. According to them, I’m not even a Republican. I guess having worked for Goldwater in ’64 when I was 13, Nixon when I was 17 – speechwriter for the first Republican Governor in SC since Reconstruction (later a Reagan Cabinet officer), partner with the late Lee Atwater on the ’76 Ford campaign and … well, 34 years of additional experience since then, culminating in having served (with the Registrar and with the Bunce Boys) as Communications Director of the CCRP in ’09 and ’10), none of that makes me a Republican. Go figure … no wait, I wrote a blog exposing Bunce’s call to his RP-NV people to lie about their affiliation so they could be picked to go to Tampa for Romney, then switch votes … included in that blog a screen-shot of the actual email, which the RJ then picked up and ran … you don’t suppose they still remembered me and resented me, do you?

    The meeting was as you said. I was there with the 60 organization (Thanks, Julie) and there for the real Tea Party Republicans (whom I represented on CCRP a couple of years ago). The invocation was a godless disgrace – the only one I’ve ever heard booed, and rightly so – it was nothing about God and everything about Ron Paul.

    I wish I’d known about the volunteer handing out wrist-bands; but as it stands, this meeting won’t count for my two-in-a-row, and it will be January before I’m again a voting member.

    Thanks again for this excellent and completely accurate and objective report – I’d have given a lot more vitriol to the discussion, but I really like it your way.


    Ned Barnett
    CCRP Communications Director, 2009-10
    Nevada RP Communications Director, 2009-10

  3. Sancy King says:

    We just want to take the CCRP back because since they took over nothing done, even the office is always closed. When Dave Gibbs was the chairman all of us are volunteering that office is closed only on sunday’s. A week ago I was at 60 plus making phone calls I decided to go over to CCRP it’s just around the corner of 60 plus.
    I was trying to open the door can’t open it because no one there, I ask somebody at CCRP meeting he told me that the reason why is closed is no one want to volunteer! I told him you guy’s are distroying CCRP little by little if you can’t manage it resign we are all glad to take CCRP back. I can still volunteer but because they only care Ron Paul and they are not soppurting Mitt Ramney why should I. I do not want wasting my time for them either! CCRP is for Republican only but now they are endorsing a non partisan candidate?

    • Leslie Miller says:

      I can understand your not wanting to support the republican party..After all we all know Mitt Romney is NO republican. All transitions take time. Shame your right around the corner and you won’t volunteer I live 30 miles away. I hope to. This particular CCRNC has done more for republicans in three months than the last one in did in 12 years BTW…..

  4. Few says:

    Real republicans? You mean the ones who let our country go to hell in a hand basket? I’ve even a republican since I was able to vote, but I’m not ignorant enough to believe that these Ron Paulites aren’t real republicans! First As republican where is your respect for individualism? Second, why had you allowed bush and other so called republicans destroy our country? I highly doubt you even keep track of how the so called republican senators are voting yet you keep electing people who vote in self interest. Take notice of how many so called republicans didn’t vote to overturn row vs wade when they had the chance and take notice of how many are for foreign aid to dictators all the while sending our children there to fight a war based on financial interests not for moral or justified reasons. Another republican will never win not because we are Ron Paul people but because we are individuals many lifelong republicans who are fed up with lies and RHINO’S. at least we are brave enough to do the right thing. Romney is the same as Obama and have you read his foreign policy?

  5. WesSeid says:

    “The Ron Paul coup of the CCRP was the result of … stacked attendance by Ron Paulites at committee meetings.”

    So liberty people took control of the CCRP by caring enough to show up?

    “They scheduled a presentation by People Against NDAA, which is an indirect attack on Paul Ryan, who voted for this bill. I’m not saying NDAA is a good bill,”

    Paul Ryan votes for a “not good” bill, you take offense when someone else says it’s not a good bill, and then you say we need to get our priorities straight?

    NDAA is a direct attack on the Constitution. You’re the one who needs to get your priorities straight.

  6. D. Johnson says:

    Fighting the NDAA is not an indirect attack on Paul Ryan, it is a direct one. His Oath of Office is to support, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He voted for the NDAA, destroying the Constitution.

    What’s your excuse?

  7. Chris says:

    The NDAA is an attack on the 5th and 6th amendments of the US Constitution as well as the Nevada State Constitution. If you are unwilling to defend your rights then you will surely lose them under Romney just as you are under Obama. The US Constitution is what has made the US the greatest nation in recorded history and well worth defending.

  8. Roger says:

    As WeSeid says above

    It is past time we hold our elected officials accountable for their votes. Paul Ryan voted for the suspension of Habeas Corpus and voted to APPLY THE LAW OF WAR to the U.S. Constitution via this noxious NDAA legislation. He took an oath to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not an oath to win elections.

    You guys need to quit buying in to the phony left/right argument and think about what you’re facing if this Indefinite Detention stuff stays. SHHEEESSSHH

  9. nick d says:

    the nation will be able to blame people like you for its downfall. you are precisely what the people of the tea party protested against in the 2010 elections. they gave a name for your kind…RINO! i have voted republican my entire life, but this election, i will not. your party has disgraced the very idea of what being american is. now, i know your fight is mostly about getting obama out of the white house. the meme of Anybody But Obama was effective up to this point. however, your party has done everything in its power to shove obama part II (romney) down our throats. well, i reject him for several reasons, and so will america. one of the top reasons i reject him is for his support of the NDAA. that is TOTALLY unamerican! as a matter of fact, i have come up with my own acronym for those who support the indefinite detention of american citizens without trial, ABBO. no, i didnt stutter and say the word “but” twice. ABBO stands for American By Birth Only. your allegiance is not to the idea of america rather, it is to a party. you have no clue what the spirit of america is. for that, you are a traitor to america. in her time of need, you looked the other way. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  10. There you have it friend! You accuse us of defending the constitution! Specifically Article one section nine. I am guilty! What part of that document do you not understand? You accuse us of attending events! I am guilty! Maybe I misunderstand the nature of a participatory republic? Where were you when the opposition on the rules committee in Tampa was taken for a ride? (Kidnapped) The question was asked the other day on the net. What is it about a 77 year old OBGYN,who preaches peace and the constitution, that intimidates people?

  11. Teryn says:

    I’m with KJ and Wes: “Is there anything at all you would put above party unity?”

    Seriously, anything?

    Opposing the NDAA has nothing to do with Ryan, it has to do with the NDAA! Obama signed it into law for goodness sake, so if it was directed at a candidate it would be him! This is not about candidates or parties! It is about incredibly important and relevant issues! Why is everything so partisan with you people?

    Oh, that’s right, because you only care about your team winning. “Everything else should be secondary to this one goal and purpose”….Even if they indefinitely detain you once they win.

  12. Angela says:

    The bottom line in the Ron Paul/Mitt Romney/Republican argument is, if you vote for Ron Paul, you just voted for Obama. Seriously, you wasted your vote.

    All Ron Paul does it come out every election and stir up and divide conservatives. Honestly, I won’t even bother to learn much about him because of that. At a time like this, it *is* about unity – against the worst president we’ve ever had. There’s enough right about Mitt and Paul, that they are far and above better than Obama.

    • CallmeAnn says:

      “All Ron Paul does it come out every election and stir up and divide conservatives. Honestly, I won’t even bother to learn much about him because of that. ”
      He divides conservatives? He divides those who know what votes support the Republican platform from those who don’t. He divides those who understand monetary policy and how its corruption will absolutely shut down our entire way of life when it devolves into rampant hyper-inflation from those who have never seen the pictures from past economies where people choose to burn worthless money for heat because it’s cheaper than fuel. He divides those who have no plan to tide over our seniors and those who have been rendered unemployed by bad economic policies pursued over our objections from those who know we could cushion the blow by ending foreign aid to those who fight us and kill our troops. He divides conservatives who don’t realize that we HAVE NO MONEY to give Israel and that we send many times the fiat dollars to her enemies than we do for her so we could just end the support of her enemies, making it a win-win instead of further bankrupting ourselves. He just generally divides conservatives who think it all just voting against taxes, terrorism and abortion from those who understand the threats to our Bill of Rights.
      I agree, you don’t know anything about him and neither do most ‘conservatives’ which is why we have so much other division in our nation and groups are pitted against groups, playing into the hands of the left. If you would listen to him at all, instead of choosing a different brand of media to do your thinking for you, you would understand more about what this nation is up against in the near future, besides voting for the latest RNC shill to ‘save us’ from the current DNC shill so things can just rock on the way they always have.

  13. Robert says:

    Bicker ,bicker,bicker! The one and only objective of this election cycle is to win the White House and the senate.We should care less who does it.

    • CallmeAnn says:

      And the populations of multiple nations who voted for or supported the revolution of a surprise despot by voting in Someone; Anyone to save them from the corruption of the current crook in office. Cuba went for Castro to save them from Bautista, Iran resisted the corruption of the Shah and got the mullahs, Egypt ran off Mubarek and now have communism in the Muslim Brotherhood, etc., etc., etc. Only time will tell whether Romney would be that despot but he revealed his tendency as a control freak when he couldn’t be happy with an 80% victory in Tampa and had his campaign operative ramrod the rules committee to make sure he can’t be opposed in ’16. He also has no plan to rescue our currency and never once campaigned on any abuses of our Constitution which are rampant. No sitting president who was willing to serve (remember, Johnson declined) has failed to be nominated for a second term. Ford came close but as long as the new RNC rules are active, we can never have another grass roots candidate. So, why was Mitt so determined to make sure he can’t be opposed next time? What does he know now that we need to know? It’s not enough to replace a bad president. We need to replace him with a good choice. Once more, the RNC has picked our candidate, with the help of Democrats in the media. Vote for him if you must but we need to start working to replace him starting bright and early Nov. 7 if we have any hope of beating the new iron-clad RNC structure. It can be done, but not if we start in ’14 or ’15.

  14. reggiec says:

    The sad comment on this whole battle within the Republican Party is why it is happening at all. The establishment elite of the Republican Party have abandoned true Republican ideology in favor of big government at the expense of states rights and personal liberty. The Republican elite wet their pants when someone stands up for real constitutional values and instead promote inclusion, their “Big Tent” and compassionate conservatism. The Republican Party is now where the Democrats were 40 years ago and the Democrats have become Socialists at the very least.

    • reggiec says:

      This election is ALL about getting the present occupant out of our White House. After we do that we can do what is necessary to bring the Republican Party back to real Constitutional principles. It might take a few election cycles but many of the Republican elite who call themselves have joined in denegrating their oath of office.

      James Madison:
      “Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.” …

  15. Paul Ryan is not the only Republican that voted for NDAA. I believe that Joe Heck also voted for the destruction of the Constitution. The NDAA is a hateful bill. It gives one man or woman the power to take a life without any consequences.
    It has been alleged that the U. S. Military will not fire on Americans. I beg to differ. It has already happened. Do a little research on the Kent State murder of college students by the U. S. Military.
    Pay attention to the number of killings by various police FORCES by the militarized local police FORCES.
    A vote for either the Republican or Democrat candidate is a vote for the complete removal of our power to exercise our natural and inherent rights with which we were endowed by our Creator.
    Peace, Robert Walker

  16. Rick says:

    Many of the tactics you claim the Ron Paul supporters used in Nevada, were used against the Ron Paul supporters in Oklahoma. I, for one, want learned and principled people in office, regardless of party. I am a Republican simply because it is nearer my principles than Democrats. I am a Ron Paul supporter because he is nearer my principles than the other candidates. I am currently working to get Romney elected, because he is nearer than Obama. My support does not mean I am happy with this choice, or happy with the methods used to force this choice upon me. After the election, you can be sure I will work to remove those who ignored or altered the rules we should have operated under and replace them with people who can follow the rules that have been established by the party members.

  17. Bernard says:

    Dave Gibbs? His shenanigans gave the Paulistas their opening to capture control of the CCRP! If you want a past chairman back, how about a decent man, Frank Ricotta, instead of that piece of $#&t, Gibbs?

  18. Deborah says:

    That’s just it no one likes Dem’s ,Rep’s, or Lib’s these days. None of thme are fit to lead our country or serve on our senate or congress. We need fresh leaders who are grounded in serving the people and our country not political games.

  19. Lawrence Ekdahl says:

    The republicrats have taken over this country and unless America repents of her many sins we are finished.

  20. LVconservatives says:

    This article is acurate. I was there. This was worse than having union thugs. The chairwoman was a disgrace with her illegitmate opinions. They broke every possible by-law they could and maybe that is why they are trying so hard to change them. These Libertarians should leave the Republican party because we are not going to allow them to change our platform. Thank you for writing this article Elicia!

  21. Victoria says:

    It is a shame that the Ron Paul cult in Nevada had to infiltrate the CCRP to have any recognition or power. This article accurately describes what happened in the September 19, 2012 meeting just two months after the Libertarian thugs took over the organization. Republicans have now organized to take back their party. From what I witnessed at that meeting, it will not take the two years it took Carl Bunce to take over for Republicans to gain control back. Nevada Republicans realize that this group will not support our nominee as witnessed in Tampa. Thank you for writing this Elicia.

  22. Wanda Moore says:

    Remove me from your mailing list. I will no longer call myself a Republican. I am ashamed of the party. When nearly anyone has many supporters, you are sure that person is popular. When Ron Paul has many supporters (and he does!) you call that “stacking the deck”. I never thought I’d see the day when I would agree that there is no difference between the two parties.

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