The Back Stabbing Establishment

It’s not even October and the Republican establishment is abandoning the candidate they forced on the rest of us.  I’m so tired of the tired rhetoric this time of year but nothing is quite as infuriating as tired hacks like Lindsey Graham crapping all over the Romney campaign in the middle of a difficult stretch.  I have my issues with the Romney campaign but I’m a team player and he’s the candidate.  My issue with the Romney campaign is it’s complete lack of Tea Party/Liberty campaign professionals on staff.

If you look at establishment candidates who are beating back Tea Party challenges successfully they are guys like Orrin Hatch and sadly Mitch McConnell.  The way that they are keeping their political careers is by embracing the Tea Party in a serious way.  Mitch McConnell recently hired Jesse Benton to run his reelection campaign in Kentucky.  For those unfamiliar Jesse Benton ran the Ron and Rand Paul campaigns.  I had hoped to assist a Tea Party primary against McConnell but with the support of Senator Paul and Benton and a more than $6 million war chest it would be a waste of time.  That means instead we get to put extra focus on Senator Graham who is a well known closet liberal.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see him pull a Arlen Specter and change parties.  The thought of embracing regular people is so nauseating to these over hyped elitists that they will do anything to avoid embracing any political movement that includes non “elites”. Some of them are getting the message, some of them aren’t.

I’m am so sick and tired of people like Dick Morris scolding us for losing Senate seats in 2010.  It wasn’t the Tea Party that abandoned the establishment, it was the establishment that abandoned our fairly elected candidates.  Examples include Nevada Republican political powerhouse Bill Raggio endorsing against Sharron Angle and all the “Republicans” who supported the shameful stunt pulled by Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.  The truth of the matter is that for all the noise you hear about Ron Paul and Tea Party people abandoning the party it’s nothing but projection from the hacks in the Republican establishment who go further than not supporting our candidates when we win and actively sabotage our candidates.

Stop worrying about the Ron Paul folks abandoning the party, those folks are on a mission to make this world a better place, it’s the backroom dealers from all the old campaigns you have to watch out for.  Some of them are in the media and some of them are in office.  The ones in the media are doing a good enough job identifying themselves as hacks and their readership is disappearing and some of them are in office. The ones that are in office must be defeated but before we get to all that it’s time to beat the Democrats.

I heard a clip of Rush talking today about how these are the same people who forced Romney on us with the incessant claim that he was the “electable” candidate.  The backstabbing idiots are the ones who are going to reelect Barack Obama and that is a tragic turn for liberty in this country.  I am putting the final touches on my first book and while it was a challenging task it inspired me to accomplish my original goals.  I am still on a mission to fix the rules that were changed to allow the collapse in our housing market by reckless gambling on Wall Street.  If it ever seems otherwise it’s because in order to take on the Wall Street machine you need alliances.  If you spend much time with me, you’ll probably become quickly annoyed with the fact that I talk about banking regulation with strangers of both parties.

This recent move by the Republican establishment makes me question the logic of my loyalty.  Perhaps being associated with the scumbags who are panicking over a private fundraising video is not the best route forward.  Remember the video of Obama describing more than half the country as bitter people clinging to their bibles and guns, it totally prevented him from being President you drama queens.  I’m far past being jaded with politics but we have mission and it’s going to take much more impressive people than Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, and Lindsey Graham to slow us down!  Romney/Ryan 2012!

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  1. Steve Burke says:

    Romney’s a stiff. Take from someone who lives in MA.

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