Overlooked Story Of The Day: The Death Of Ambassador Chris Stevens

The story that is being missed by nearly everyone in the media is the story of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Taking the ambassadorship to Libya isn’t a position that men take to pad their resume or stroke their egos. This is a difficult position that only someone completely devoted to achieving peace would ever accept. In the face of violence, turmoil, and uncertainty this man took a handful of former Navy Seals into a dangerous environment with nothing more than a promise from an unstable Libyan government that he would be protected.

As an American I pride myself in my ability to tolerate other peoples decisions in speech, religion, and lifestyle. What I can’t tolerate is the brutal murder of an American man of peace just 11 years before a savage group of barbarians who savagely murdered innocent men, women and children on 9/11.

I am disgusted with the violence in the middle-east. I find their actions abhorrent and I can’t help but judge a culture that could foster such a reaction from so many of its citizens. When I see the pictures of Ambassador Stevens it fills me with rage. The American people are war weary but we are every bit capable of responding to violence against our people anywhere in the world.

I haven’t had the opportunity to research Ambassador Stevens but I’ve heard desperately little about the man. I’ve heard all kinds of people pontificating about how this effects Romney and Obama. No surprise Romney people are saying it’s good for Romney and the Obama people are screeching that it is the death of the Romney campaign and the best week Obama ever had.

The truth is that no one knows how this situation is going to unfold and without that information it’s just a ridiculous guessing game. As our nation wastes its time debating silly things, I’m thankful that men like Ambassador Stevens have the courage to dedicate their lives to accomplishing things for all of humanity.

Here are some great stories where you can learn more about Ambassador Stevens:

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One Response to Overlooked Story Of The Day: The Death Of Ambassador Chris Stevens

  1. Such flagwaving flatulence…..since when do the people of Libya owe America any kind regards? Seems to me that Reagan, victimized as usual by his delusional belief that the White House was just another RKO movie set, ordered the totally senseless bombing of the beautiful seaport of Tripoli which resulted in the death of Q’addafy’s infant son and of course more recently Oblahblah, in flat violation of Constitutional law which he doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about anyway, and International Law and without the consent of congress, goes and declares a no-fly zone over Libya and makes pseudowar on the people of Libya by backing the rebels there. I didn’t say that Q’addafy was any saint now did I? But who in the Hell is America or its current prez to go posing itself or himself to the world at large as any excuse for a pillar of moral rectitude? The people throughout the entire mideast other than Israel, the star suckling at America’s teat, just simply wish America would simply butt out of their lives and mind its own business which it has never been any too good at over the last century or more—-in regards to its foreign policy and now just as much its domestic policies, everything the U.S. touches turns to U NO WHAT—-so no, this demonstration of Libyan rage against stereotypical American global arrogance is the least surprising thing in the news quite frankly.

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