Obama’s Schedule Wide Open on Day He Was “Too Busy” to Meet With Netanyahu

President Obama is a busy guy. When he’s not golfing, he’s jet-setting around to spread his message of “Blame anyone but me,” apologizing to the rest of the world for America, yacking it up with celebs or playing hooky from intelligence briefings like he played hooky from the Senate. However, as much as I, too, enjoy a good game of golf or the condescension of David Letterman, I’m not certain that refusing  to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister sends the strongest message of our continued commitment to Israel.

When Benjamin Netanyahu came-a-knocking, asking for a meeting with President Obama, he was refused, signaling an iciness in relations with the Jewish state. The president was too busy. According to his schedule, President Obama was free after 2 o’clock.

Netanyahu had asked for the meeting at the United Nations conference, but offered to come to Washington to facilitate the meeting. He was politely refused on the grounds that the president’s schedule was too busy. However, that message seems to be not, altogether, accurate, as the president has been making the rounds on the fluff-ball talkshow circuit for weeks now, cracking wise with every starry-eyed talkshow host that is dying to ask him what his favorite color is.

When not panhandling to the masses by raffling dinners, the president has been bumping elbows with celebrities while simultaneously attempting to paint the narrative of Mitt Romney being a high-rolling fat-cat, out of touch with the common man.

However, while Romney pounds home the message of a fiscal responsibility, Obama is out hanging with Jay-Z and Beyonce. When our embassies were attacked in Egypt and Libya, all Americans received were a few cursory, rehashed words and then it was off to Vegas. As more embassies were attacked over the next few days, we saw precious little from our president, unless it was on a cushy talkshow. We can’t get Obama to answer America’s questions, but he will yack it up with Letterman.

But Netanyahu shouldn’t feel too dejected, though. After all, after a few infuriating words at the UN, where Obama praised the efforts of Ambassador Chris Stevens, a man whose death can be attributed to inadequate protection coupled with absurd foreign policy, Obama left the building without meeting with any national leaders. But don’t worry, he squeezed in a meeting with the women from The View.

Even Jon Stewart is calling Obama out on his dismissive behavior. That is saying something.

So, if Obama can carve out time for celebrities and golf, why is Obama refusing to meet with Netanyahu? Obama has been no friend to Israel, but has worked tirelessly to foster chaotic rebellions in the Middle East that topple stable regimes to replace them with unstable regimes that are committed to Islamic militancy and working against American interests.

Two things need to happen; Obama needs to start acting like a president and less like a movie star, and he needs to start addressing our commitment to Israel.

Many on both the right and left have varying opinions about the legitimacy of Israel. That’s fine, it’s a complicated issue. However, Israel exists, and it has been a bastion of relative internal stability for over 60 years in a region as prone to mercurial shifts as a cast member of the Jersey Shore. While chaos reigns all around them, this small strip of land has become a haven for persecuted Jews as well as a staunch ally of America. Every Israeli wakes up each morning with the daunting understanding that they’re surrounded on all sides by people who hope to wipe them off the map. Israelis teach loyalty and toughness as a means of repelling the near-constant threat, and I admire that. While it is certainly acceptable to debate the legitimacy of Israel, and by extension, America’s commitment to helping them,  as it stands right now, they are our ally. I suggest our government starts acting like it.

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2 Responses to Obama’s Schedule Wide Open on Day He Was “Too Busy” to Meet With Netanyahu

  1. Eleanor says:

    Now, why would this be a surprise to us??. One would just how many days he really worked/acted like a president. I should have just said acted, because that is all he knows how to do. God must rue the day that America chose such a farce to be the leader of thie great Christain nation. Where else could someone have the freedom to foist on us the greatest budget deficit, and national debt? Allow citizens to be tortured and murdered on their watch???Then blame it on someone who has no power for the last 3 1/2 years. HE HAS TO GO. PEOPLE WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT HE DOING TO US AND OUR OFFSPRING FOR MANY EONS TO COME!!!!

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