In Any War Between The Civilized Man And The Savage, Support The Civilized Man.


If the Palestinians living in the disputed territories are not savages, then the word has no meaning. They’re a people ruled by terrorists, who’re willing to murder their children to kill Israelis, and whose ultimate goal is to exterminate every living Jew in Israel and take their land. This isn’t just what the leaders think; it’s what the people in the street think, too. If the Israelis and the Palestinians were to swap militaries for a single week, the Palestinians would unhesitatingly finish the job Hitler started and there would be few qualms about it in the virulently anti-Semitic, anti-American Palestinian street. In other words, these are not good and decent people — they’re savages. My friend Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs is is running ads saying just that and she should be applauded for doing so.

A provocative ad that equates some Muslim radicals with savages is set to go up next week in the New York City subway system, just as violent protests in the Middle East over an anti-Islamic film ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad.

…Abdul Yasar, a New York subway rider who considers himself an observant Muslim, said Geller’s ad was insensitive in an unsettling climate for Muslims.

“If you don’t want to see what happened in Libya and Egypt after the video — maybe not so strong here in America — you shouldn’t put this up,” Yasar said.

…Geller, executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative and publisher of a blog called Atlas Shrugs, called a New York judge’s order allowing the ads “a victory for the First Amendment” and said she wasn’t concerned that her ad could spark protests like the ones protesting the depiction of Muslims in the video “Innocence of Muslims.” Violence linked to the movie has left at least 30 people in seven countries dead, including the American ambassador to Libya.

“If it’s not a film it’s a cartoon, if it’s not a cartoon it’s a teddy bear,” she said. “What are you going to do? Are you going to reward Islamic extremism? I will not sacrifice my freedom so as not to offend savages.”

New York City police aren’t anticipating adding any security to subways when the ads go up and have received no threats or reports of violence relating to them, chief spokesman Paul Browne said.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York initially refused to run Geller’s ad, saying it was “demeaning.” But U.S. District Court Judge Paul Engelmayer ruled last month that it is protected speech under the First Amendment.

Let me tell you: You won’t see any government agency hesitate to run an ad because it’s “demeaning” to Israelis, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or any other religious group because it’s demeaning. Moreover, this isn’t an ad that’s “demeaning” to Muslims; it’s an ad that is “demeaning” to Palestinians and radical jihadists — and let me tell you, there are few other people on planet earth who deserve to be demeaned for the way they behave than they do.

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22 Responses to In Any War Between The Civilized Man And The Savage, Support The Civilized Man.

  1. Tom W from Langhorne, Pa says:

    I fear that there will come a day when all of us will deeply regret not having turned much of the Middle East into green glass when we had the chance. But, when that day comes, it will be too late.

  2. Let me ask pro-Israeli shill Pam Geller if she thinks the following are the act of a “civilized nation”-

    1) Dropping bombs on an imprisoned occupied defenseless population(Gaza) for three weeks, using internationally-banned weapons against a population that averages 15 years of age?

    2) Arresting people, including children, and holding them without charge or contact with their families indefinitely?

    3) Kidnapping people and harvesting their organs for an illegal organ trafficking network?

    4) Subverting and compromising “leaders” worldwide to do its dirty work.

    5) Tearing down houses and evicting the occupants so that Israelis can build their own houses on OTHER PEOPLES’ LAND?

    6) Carrying out false flag terrorism, including the USS Liberty attack and 911, so that the USA will do Israel’s fighting for it?

    7) Terrorizing, murdering and ravaging Palestinian villages and stealing their land, forcing the occupants to become migrants?

    8) Being unaccountable about its own nuclear WEAPONS program while at the same time threatening to attack a nation(Iran) with a PEACEFUL nuclear program?

    9) Sponsoring terrorism worldwide against nations that don’t toe the Israeli line?

    10) Killing and injuring and imprisoning PEACEFUL PROTESTORS.

    11) and one more to help remind Turkey AND all Americans- illegally boarding a flotilla of ships in international waters headed to help Gazans with much-needed supplies, killing IN COLD BLOOD nine unarmed activists, including a 19 year old AMERICAN citizen, shot FOUR times in the head while laying defenseless on the ship’s deck?

    If Pam Geller thinks these are the actions of a “civilized” nation, she is only showing the world what a whore she is for Israel. Meanwhile, her “savage” jihad is either a USA/Israeli supported and funded false flag entity or LEGITIMATE blow back from the actual savagery that Israel dishes out every day without expecting any kind of penalty from the international community. Only a civilized nations heeds to the grievances of a dispossessed and brutalized population, and this certainly does not include the likes of the USA and Israel.

    Shame on Ms Geller and anyone who tries to legitimize Israel’s horrible crimes against humanity!

  3. Angela says:

    Oh my gosh, Michael – I’m dying laughing! Iran has a “peaceful” nuclear program? Who is that clown who’s in NY right now, that’s always talking about how Israel doesn’t even exist and how they want to kill the Jews? You are sadly, sadly mistaken on who the good guys are in this picture …

  4. Alex says:

    Michael, you really are ignorant, wow. All that BS you just said is supported by the fact Israel has to do what it takes to defend itself from any country that would want to exterminateit.If you think “exterminating” a nation is not an act of savagery, then you really are a whore to Iran.

  5. Yoni says:

    If the arabs laid down their guns, there would be no more war.

    If the Israelies laid down their guns, there would be no more Israel.

    it’s that simple.

  6. Patriot says:

    I support Islam. Israel can suck it.

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  8. SFH says:

    Actually, there is no one better than Israel who understands the power of Islam. As a matter of fact, they already know their end is near. Let the fools play around !

    La Ilaha IllalAllah Mohammad Ur Rasool Allah !

    Beware of the wrath of Allah !

  9. Lei says:

    Too true.

    This is why in the war between the King Leopold’s men and the Congo natives, we should have supported King Leopold.

    Henry Morton Stanley was of course justified in his exploration of Africa; they were only savages.

    Kurtz, in ‘Heart of Darkness’ was right in his declaration: ‘Exterminate all the brutes!’

    When the Frenchies warred in Algeria, Algérie française forever; De Gaulle was a traitor.

    When the Spanish warred in the Americas, support the Spanish.

    When the English warred in Ireland, support the English.

    When the Romans warred in Britain, support the Romans.

    Because in any war, not enough focus can be placed on the word ‘any’, here, between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.

    • akno says:

      A good point. Although a lot depends on interpretation of “savages” and “civilized”. For example, I would definitely call the Spaniards “savages” the way they warred the Americans (many of whom were undoubtedly civilized in any meaning of the word).

      The ad is definitely simplistic (like most ads), but I think it is meant to call attention to the problem, not to present an unquestionable statement.

  10. Jad says:

    Rachel Corrie is savage!!
    Israeli bulldozer military man who smashed Ms Corrie is civilised!!
    Any body who stands against Israel is savage even you Americans!!
    So that’s why America is always with Israel!!

    This is the damn fact of our planet earth,
    Money rules…

    • akno says:

      No, she is not savage. No, the bulldozer man is not savage, because he did not see her (confirmed also by an expert on the behalf of the Corrie family). No, Israel as a state is not savage since it did not send bulldozer with the goal to kill innocents.

      Even if you go into a construction site where entry is forbidden, is a worker who kills you a savage?

      Rachel Corrie went into the war zone. It was a closed military zone, so she went there illegally. People die in the war zones, even if they are non-combatants. But she preferred to take the risk. It’s very sad she died.

    • akno says:

      You can see how civilized people react to such incidents:

      “A spokesman for the IDF told the Guardian that, while it did not accept responsibility for Corrie’s death, it intended to change its operational procedures to avoid similar incidents in the future. The level of command of similar operations would be raised, said the spokesman, and civilians in the area would be dispersed or arrested before operations began. Observers will be deployed and CCTV cameras will be installed on the bulldozers to compensate for blind spots, which may have contributed to Corrie’s death.”

      Did you hear anything like this from “Palestinian freedom fighters”?
      “We do not accept responsibility for the death of teenagers in Dolphinarium bar when our man blew himself, but we will make changes so that nobody except our suicide bomber is hurt in similar incidents in the future.”

  11. rom says:

    There will still be an Israel in a 1000 years, when you will be long gone.
    What power of Islam? Islam has kept the muslim world for 1400 years in poverty and darkness. We don’t have to fear it, we must crush it. Why should we fear a pseudo-religious idiology that since 1948 has not yet been able to destroy a tiny country like Israel? In the long run, Islam will vanish because of its inner inconsistencies!

    • Ahmed says:

      If Islam kept the Muslim world in poverty there wouldn’t be a “Muslim world” at all, poverty couldn’t survive 1400 years! at least read the history and then comment in educational way..

  12. FKY says:

    let’s not blame jews, because real judaism never preached WAR ………..POLITIC KILLS

  13. HASSAN says:

    I’m a Muslim, but I think always the case that we have two perpetrators, the first culprit who stole what, then the second offender zuopern without judicial UN Partnership from his justice. “You have to read the presentation of a book and not just the summary.” The offender-victim mediation is an opportunity for interaction between perpetrator and victim settle out of court to a conflict, or at least through the efforts of the offender for this reduction in sentences in the process gain.

  14. 3rd street kaffirs says:

    Very good ad! For all these years the muslims have been preaching hate and violence against other religions yet the leftist media let them get away with it. Time for those filthy creatures to get a taste of their own medicine!

  15. Michael Elmendorf says:

    Is the writer of this (John Hawkins) mentally challenged? Prior to 1948 Palestine was never known as “Israel”. The bible is not factual. There is no scientific evidence supporting an ancient “Israel”. UN Resolution 181 of 1947 was not the creation of “Israel”. Palestine is occupied by US backed “zionists”. “Israel” is ranked 3rd to last in a BBC poll as worst “states” on earth. There is a reason for this. Have a look at the barbarism in the statistics from B’Tselem Israeli Information Center for Human Rights.

    “Palestinian minors killed by Israeli security forces in the Occupied Territories, 29.9.2000 – 31.8.2012″

    Jews Against Zionism:

    Jewish Scientist Albert Einstein warned of fascism in “Israel” 60 years

    Arendt and Einstein warned of ‘fascism’ rising in Israel 60 years ago

    Jewish Professor, Human Rights Activist and “Middle East” Historian Dr.
    Ilan Pappe speaks about a very clear, incredibly simple and sane solution
    regarding “Israel” and Palestine? Dr. Ilan Pappe “The False Paradigm of
    Peace: Revisiting the Palestine Question” Part 1 Dr. Ilan Pappé “The False
    Paradigm of Peace: Revisiting the Palestine Question” Part 2: Q&A

    “German covering letter attached to the January 1941 offer by Lehi. The
    offer was to ‘actively take part in the war on Germany’s side’ in return
    for German support for ‘the establishment of the historic Jewish state on
    a national and totalitarian basis’”

    Influences of fascism on “Israel”/”zionism” from the Lehi “stern gang” to
    likud? To, “adl” to “aipac”? Revisionist Zionism

    • akno says:

      Michael Elmendorf: “There is no scientific evidence supporting an ancient “Israel””
      Except that there are thousands of mentions in literature (all contemporary countries knew and wrote about Israel) and thousands of excavations. If you doubt this, you should doubt existence of ancient Greece and Rome as well.
      Here is some review for you:

      Lehi and their (proposed) collaboration with Nazis. Yes, this group of several hundred activists proposed to act against British, with Germany allowing free passage of Jews from Europe in return. This cost them a lot of support among Jews, by the way.

      Speaking about collaboration with Nazis, you forgot to mention Mufti of Jerusalem, who in particular and actually cooperated with Hitler.
      Here is an attempt to poison Tel Aviv residents:

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