Gather ‘Round, It’s Story Time: New DOJ Report on Fast and Furious

Yesterday morning, the Inspector General’s Office for the Department of Justice released a scathing report on the failings of the DOJ in Operation Fast and Furious. While the report was certainly critical across the board, the report serves as convenient cover for the Attorney General, Eric Holder. But then again, Nixon’s subordinates were fed to the wolves before the scandal reached his doorstep, too.

The report offers sharp criticism of 14 Holder subordinates in their utter disregard for public safety by allowing guns to “walk” across the border and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels without any real ability to track the weapons and in spite of warnings by gun dealers that straw purchases were occurring.

The Inspector General’s report is being presented to a Congressional Oversight hearing today by current IG Michael Horowitz. The bulk of the report was done by former IG Cynthia Schnedar, a close friend of Holder.

The report discusses the failures of 14 DOJ officials in the debacle that has become a stain on the already ironically-named Department of Justice. The report recommends disciplinary actions by the DOJ for the 14 officials- including Criminal Division head Lanny Breuer. However, the report stopped short of implicating Holder, claiming that he was not made aware of the ineptitude until February of last year.

Immediately following the report, DOJ Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein, who was heavily criticized in the report, resigned.

The report provides convenient cover for the Attorney General by sticking to this central premise: “We aren’t traitorous, we’re incompetent! But Holder had no knowledge of our incompetence, so we offer Congress these sacrificial lambs in the hope that this will slate their thirst for justice.”

While I have no problem believing the DOJ is inept, I maintain that they are both inept and treasonous, as the timing of the “botched gun-walking operation” coincides with calls for stricter gun control, citing violence on the border being caused by the weapons the DOJ was pushing across the border.

Further, the complete stonewalling by the DOJ in violation of subpoenas signals a presence of worse crimes than simple ineptitude; after all, we already know the operation was bungled. Are we supposed to believe that Holder is refusing to cooperate with Congress to keep Congress from knowing the extent of ineptitude on behalf of his department? It is infinitely more likely his stonewalling is protecting a complete and utter disregard for public safety, his complicity in actively violating gun laws to infuse Mexican cartels with weapons to justify stricter gun laws, or both.

The IG report concludes that though the DOJ received information about Fast and Furious, that Holder did not receive such information. The report states,

“We found no evidence that Department or ATF staff informed Holder about Operation Fast and Furious prior to 2011. Melson stated that he did not inform Holder about the investigation, and Burke said he did not recall doing so. Melson also stated that the Department was not involved in formulating any of the tactical decisions in the investigation. Holder said that Melson did not identify to him any problems about Operation Fast and Furious in 2009 and 2010.

Our investigation did not identify evidence that contradicted Holder’s statements to us regarding his knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious and the use of “gun walking” tactics in that investigation. As we describe below, we identified information regarding Operation Fast and Furious that reached the Office of the Attorney General in 2010 but not Attorney General Holder himself. However, we found no evidence that this information included the inappropriate tactics at issue in Operation Fast and Furious.”

Oh, okay. Well, if Holder’s word is good enough for the Inspector General’s Office…

Seriously, this is supposed to be an objective review of the facts to root out wrongdoing. Holder has claimed under oath that he had not learned of Fast and Furious prior to the few weeks prior to his testimony, May 3rd, 2011. However, the DOJ handed over information that outlined weekly updates on the operation to his office as early as July 5th, 2010. So, despite the fact that we have proof of briefings he was receiving nearly a year before he claims he was made aware of the fiasco, we are supposed to just take his word that, for some reason, he didn’t see any of these briefings? If you believe that, please contact me; I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you at a fair price.

As we continue to wait to see justice done, the DOJ seems content to self-criticize with the hope that internal discipline will suffice; it won’t. While Congress has yet to receive the cooperation it demands, the American people cannot be expected to simply take the word of Holder and believe that he merely did not see briefings on this operation, especially considering his lack of cooperation in this matter.

Furthermore, even if Holder was not reading information passed to him, the question remains, “Why not?” It’s a sad statement that we expect so little from our government that they actually believe, “I was asleep at the wheel,” is a viable excuse for criminal activity and bloodshed on their watch.

This was an internal investigation that suspended common sense to offer a sacrificial lamb to provide cover for the criminals involved in the false flag operation that left Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry dead by guns put into the hands of criminals by our own government. If this is the level of “transparency” we can expect in the Obama Administration’s Justice Department, I suggest a regime change.

To get involved, please sign this petition at demanding Eric Holder’s prosecution. Over 576,000 letters have been sent out so far, demanding action by our government!

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4 Responses to Gather ‘Round, It’s Story Time: New DOJ Report on Fast and Furious

  1. barbara gooch says:

    We need to make the people we voted in to be accountable for there actions.

  2. Jerry says:

    ob and holder should both be in jail probably a few republicans along with them all crooks and thieves

    • oldgringo says:

      Better yet…..Let’s replace the old fuddy duddy’s with Tea Party Folks…..That would really p#ss both parties off!…..Terrorist…..Hostage Takers…..Let em rant and rave and scream their lungs out…..Do em Good!

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