Define Irony: Bill Maher Loathes the Ignorant Masses He Has Helped Create

On his show Friday, Bill Maher discussed the state of undecided voters and lamented how they, of all people, were the prime targets of political ads and the “deciders” of elections. While Maher is an idiot, let it also be said that a broken clock is right twice a day. Maher isn’t entirely wrong about undecided voters.

Maher said, amongst other things,

“And that, in a nutshell, is America’s celebrated, undecided voter: put on a pedestal by the media as if they were Hamlet in a think-tank, searching out every last bit of information, high-minded arbiters pouring over policy positions and matching them against their own philosophies. Please, they mostly fall into a category political scientists call ‘low information voters,’ otherwise known as ‘dipshits.’”

That is pretty much exactly how I’ve been describing undecided voters for at least the last ten years. This is why I do not recommend voting to everyone I know; sure, in a perfect world, people my age would care as much about politics as they seem to care about Jersey Shore. But, being the realist that I am, when I get the hint that the person to whom I am speaking has not the faintest clue as to what is going on around them, I generally discourage them to utilize their right to vote.

It’s like owning a gun- I believe everyone has a right to it, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s mature enough to handle it.

However, while I share the same mindset as Maher, it’s only fair to point out that through all his complaining about the ignorant masses, he is as guilty as anyone in helping to produce this mouth-breathing population of morons who get their information from the pretty, flickering box that “gives them information” in the form of jokes. “Infotainment” coupled with an educational system that revolves around stifling intellectual curiosity has brought us to this lowly state of moron-centric politics.

While Maher may be correct in his sophomoric analysis, if he really wants to change it, he should focus his attention towards committing to an intellectually honest show, or go back to comedy, where he can make jokes about airplane food. As it stands now, he has hit the trifecta- he’s failing to provide comprehensive, thoughtful political thought, his jokes are lame and he is helping to bring down the state of political discourse in this country.

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152 Responses to Define Irony: Bill Maher Loathes the Ignorant Masses He Has Helped Create

  1. Carol says:

    Bill Maher should take a dose of his own medicine..Tell him to ck out the REPUBLICAN event FB site Defeat obama Rebuild America…. where all the loser Obama supporters are either tree huggers, scifi weirdos, pot heads, Clinton groupies from the 90s, aetheists, satanists, and people who have walls that look ike psychopaths……this is how desperate they are and fearful that Mitt will win the election. MSM is like living behind the Iron Curtain in the 60s Socialism at its best I hope Maher knows Karma rules!

    • Kane says:

      Carol is an ignorant bigot.

    • Dave Richardson says:

      What are “aetheists”? I’m an atheist and I’d never vote for Obama. Thanks in part to ignorant assholes like you I probably won’t vote for Romney either though. Gary Johnson will get my vote since the republican party failed to nominate the only good nominee they had.

      • Samuel Heffner says:

        I know to a certain extent how you feel Dave Richardson, not as an atheist(I’m a Christian), but that Romney was not the best choice. Personally I would have loved to see Newt get the nomination. However, if you are truly against Obama, NOT voting for Romney will do nothing but help him. I don’t care for Romney too much, but he is certainly the lesser of two evils(though I think that metaphor stretches a bit).

        • bbee says:

          You are correct! The real ignorance is voting 3rd party to avoid voting the for person you don’t want to be in office! Any vote other than for Romney IS a vote for Obama.

        • Jonathan says:

          Sam, me also being a Christian, I just wanted to point out a fact: The Bible never justifies the lesser of two evils, rather, it says to shun all evil, no matter what the cost. When we compromise our beliefs out of fear that someone evil may get elected, we are not following Christ’s example. I wrote the following article that you may be interested in…
          “The 2012 Presidential election is not looking very good… We have Barak Obama on one hand, who opposes biblical,conservative, small government values, and ascribes to a very Socialist approach in politics. We also have Mitt Romney on the other side, who may not look as bad at first glance, but clearly promotes government control, and anti-Biblical/conservative values.So we have a choice between two scary men, if we adhere to the Republican/Democrat paradigm. Why is that at all an appetizing choice? Both Mitt Romney and Barak Obama are strongly in support of tyranny, why should we vote for either of them? Why sacrifice our core beliefs, and vote for a candidate out of fear? Many if not most people are voting for a candidate this election, out of fear. They are scared that the other candidate will be elected. My question is this: When does God say it is okay to compromise your beliefs, out of fear of what is to come? We are told in 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” God does not want us acting out of fear of what men can do to us, but rather love towards others. History has shown us the power of fearful men, and what damage it can cause. You merely have to look at events like the Holocaust to see that. There are also many examples in American history alone, that show what can happen when we are motivated out of fear. We voted out of fear, when we almost completely abolished the 4th Amendment, by passing the Patriot Act(which almost completely eliminated our right to privacy). We passed that bill out of fear of Terrorism, and handed the rights of our children and grandchildren over to the government on a silver platter. We acted out of fear, when we had the Government put American citizens of Japanese descent in PRISON CAMPS and confiscate their property, during World War 2, after Pearl Harbor. Fear breeds hatred, and hatred is not what we as Christians should be supporting! It is understandable to be afraid of what might happen if Obama takes office again, but we have to remember that God is still in control no matter what happens! God is in control of the future, it is our responsibility to make sure that we trust Him, and act accordingly regardless of what future events may transpire. God is in control, and we should stay true to Him despite our fear.The Bible says that “perfect love casteth out all fear”. Do we love God and each other that much, or will we allow ourselves to be ruled by fear? This is a far reaching principle that applies to far more than just politics, and I think that we should all try to apply it to our daily lives as well. I am not saying that I have no fear of what is coming, or that I have perfect love, in fact I strike out on both counts, but this is something that I think we all need to deal with, and I just thought I should share it… “

          • thfan says:

            too much babble

          • Nancy says:

            Johnathan, God gives us free will to make choices, however, he gives us guidlines on how to make those choices. We have the 10 commandments, we have his providencial will, and the cousel of Godly people, as our tools to make decisions. However, You very literal interpertation, I find troubling. I reminds me of the story of the man shipwrecked in the ocean, and first a plane came by, and the man waved him off and said God will save me , then a boat came by, and again the man said God will Save me, then a helicopter came by and again he said God will save me. The man drown, and when he got to heaven, he said God why didn’t you save me? God replied… I sent you a plane, a boat and a helicopter, what more did you want??? We didn’t get Newt, get over it … God sent Romney. Take it!

          • Haden says:

            Where in the world did you get that Romney is in favor of government control and anti-biblical values? Before you make such statements, you need to clarify and verify your statements. Surely you are not basing this on the fact that Romney is Mormon?? You lost me and possibly many others after that statement. Perhaps they feel as I do. I’m a practicing, Roman Catholic. I analyze people, not by what religion they practice, but by how they live up to the convictions to that religion; not by theirs sins according to my beliefs, but how they forgive and make amends. I know some Atheists who live more by Christ’s teachings than a few of the Bible Thumping Christians I know. To my knowledge, Obama has not done one thing for someone else without a personal payoff. But there are many instances in which Romney has come to someone’s aid in tragic times to help and comfort them. He did not publicize his empathy, people came forward and said, “You don’t know the depth of the goodness of this man. This is what he did for me.” One who cares about his fellow man, cares about his country. So we at least have the choice between a self-centered egotist that has failed as president, and a strong, caring humanitarian who has challenged the American Dream and earned success. He earned it, by the way, before he inherited from his father – who also earned it – and he gave what he inherited from his father to charity. That’s a hell of a man!!!!!

          • Hubie says:

            Instead of all that retoric, why not just vote for Romney because Obama has had four years and now give Romney a chance to see what he can do. Anything else is a waste of time.

          • Woodman says:

            I am glad that Jonathan can present his view in such a good natured way. While I agree with his veiw, there is (sadly) no other candidate that has a good stance on values. Gary Johnson would be a good choice if it was not for his “pro-choice” stance. I will not vote out of fear this year, but I will have to vote for a less than desirable candidate no matter the case. What we should remember as Americans is that no matter the outcome, we brought this on ourselves.

          • Betty says:

            Jonathan – I’m a Christian too. You have some valid points about acting out of fear, but I believe you have carried the principle too far. Do you lock your doors at night or your car in a parking lot? If so, don’t you do it out of “fear” that your house might be broken into or that your car might be stolen? That’s just one of many things we do that would fall into the category of acting out of fear as you have described it.
            So, what would you suggest we do for getting our next president? Do you know anyone who we could vote for that would have even a slim chance of being elected, that wouldn’t be a vote out of fear that one of the two current candidates would win the election? The reality is that one of these two individuals IS going to be elected president, whether we like it or not. Personally, my voting for Romney doesn’t mean that I “fear” him less than Obama. And it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t trust God. But thank God that we are blessed in this country to cast our vote for the person we think is the better qualified of the two candidates, which I think Romney is. I feel that supporting the candidate who supports a platform that is more in line with the Bible, is one way that I CAN show my faith in God and belief in the teachings of the Bible. As opposed to the candidate whose platform champions gays right to marry and the aborting of unborn children. Staying home on election day is taking the cowards way out, in my opinion.

          • Ronnie says:

            Well spoken, sir. This is exactly how I think, but am not gifted when trying to express my viewpoints. Thank you for those encouraging words that I believe to be based from the Bible.

          • Brad H says:

            You might be over-thinking it just a bit…

        • Sharon says:

          Just want to Ditto to Samuel Heffner’s post. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Dog Face says:

        Atheists,, someone who feels their ability to reason and their intellect is superior to others. Someone who feels those attributes of the human mind can and will overcome millions of years of human nature, natural law and the unforgiving barbarity of them both. Someone whom claims to be in control of their own destiny while never being able to control even their daily circumstances.
        Someone whom claims an objective, intellectual, “overcoming” of the base instincts of nature. In effect a religion of humanism that defies all that man and nature has ever taught to “humanist utopians”.

        • Jeff bott says:

          Stereotype much?!

        • troy says:

          Everyone has the ability to reason. Some are more adept at reasoning than others. It is difficult, however, to measure the ability to reason in most Christians since they refuse to exercise it.

          • Brad H says:

            You know all that stuff that blew up in the Big Bang? How did that stuff get there? Inanimate matter just got there all by itself? Brilliant argument!

      • Haden says:

        Then you’re voting for Obama. Please join us in getting Obama OUT! Then we can work on another future candidate. If you truly think this is all there is, no afterlife – don’t you want to make the best of it instead of just making a point?

      • Jeff bott says:

        Well said!

      • Jerry Hicks says:

        Then your vote is FOR Obama -

      • rubees_garden says:

        Dave: throwing away votes is how Obama got in. I know more than 3 that voted for Ralph Nader because they didn’t like the alternatives, Palin took McCain down… This country is between a rock and a hard place, maybe a man with some business sense would be a good place to start…. Go to the poll and hold your nose, if necessary, we cannot afford another four years of this man as President and while we’re voting it’s time to clean out all the old dead wood, self-serving career politicians who know how to spend, spend, and spend some more, grease their hands, and do inside trading, so many of the old fools are down right criminals and should be in jail. Time to push for limited terms, no automatic raises – the only raises they get are voted upon in each state by their constituents – depending upon how well they do their jobs, no special healthcare and other benefits, and put them back to work and hold them accountable.

    • john says:

      im a pot smoker and im voteing for ROMNEY

    • Nancy says:

      Well, Carol, while I understand you frustration, think about this, (and I’m a conservative) the communists would not tolarate, tree hugger, satanist, ect, maybe the atheists, but that’s because there was NO individuality ,or religion of any kind allowed. But… what his supporters just can’t see, that is what he is looking for. Everyone the same. “on equal footing” Next thing they know they are wearing the Obama uniform and all CONFORMING to his behest! And still like those who supported the Russian Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, The French Revolution, they think it’s great …. until they have to live with it. I’ve heard so many Cuban, Russian, and Chinese, say, this is why we came to America , to escape what Obama is trying to do. Listen very closely to what he is saying, very closely, then see what he had actally done, then… think for yourself!!!

    • BillMaher Sucks says:

      I wouldn’t let Bill Maher eat the corn out of my shi# if he was starving.

    • smead60 says:

      You’re so right, Carol. Not to worry, anyone who makes fun of Jesus will get their due “rewards”. It really breaks my heart that America has come to such profound losers who are even given a platform on which to spew their viscious hatred. His mouth is horrible; how DO people watch him?

    • Janine66 says:

      Carol, you have not named me at all in that category of Obama supporters at all. You know nothing about me, just as I know nothing about you. Why can’t conservatives just be happy with what they think and believe without attacking those who don’t see their way of thinking?

  2. Kimberly says:

    I dont see you laying your balls out there.

  3. sandy says:

    Why is it okay to bash Christians yet NOT okay to bash Muslims? Why the war on religion anyway? If they have none…don’t be jealous…get some…stop hating on people…

    • troy says:

      Why is it ok for Christians to bash everyone else and not “turn the cheek” when it comes back. Stop p i s s i n g and moaning.

  4. JoAnn says:

    I just want you to know that for the very reason I did not know what a idiot he is…I doubt I will listen….waste time listening to any other word that he says. Wasted skin is all I can think of to describe how repulsive this idiot is. What comes around will slam around with this guy!

  5. Wanda Diaz says:

    What an idiot! Muslims WILL target him next for his role in the movie RELIGIOLUS!! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fruitcake. He might even LOVE their payback since he is obviously an asshole!

  6. fi says:

    Maher is NOT funny! How in the heck does this dipshit even continue to have a show?! How can anyone think he has a worthwhile opinion?! He DOES NOT! If you listen or watch this guy, move on to someone that contributes to society!! He is an idiot!

  7. Terry says:

    I’m not a violent person, but Bill Maher is one guy I really would like to punch out.

  8. Arabian Stallion says:

    Low information (undecided) and wrong information (Democrat) voters are in the same league in my opinion. Both groups either don’t know what they’re talking about or are full of $hit.

  9. Bill Marr doesn’t even sound funny any more…while he is laughing all the way to the bank. It warms my heart to know that he will be taking less of it there if Nobama is reelected. Just seems like irony that the fact is lost on him….like HE hasn’t got the joke yet…and while he may smugly say to himself”I’m paying my fair share”(just like the students at Ohio State)He’s going to be just as dead! Yeah, I may be old,but Nobama is so hungry for power,that he is turning more and more centrist,and his views are having to change to keep up(Isreal). Seems fitting somehow that no matter how much he leans left,like a circle,he is coming further to the right. And no matter what King he bows down to over there…Eventually he’ll have to “protect his own”.

  10. Deborah says:

    OMG, that spoke VOLUMES of truth! While I spend my time at work surrounded by 24 yr olds whose sole idea of “getting the news” is whatever is on their Facebook account or on the news string on their homepage, talking to them proves to be a challenge at best. I love the analogy of the ownership of a gun. While these “Barbies and Kens” have a right to vote, they most undoubtedly will vote for someone who’s better looking or less fearful to them, instead of looking into that candidates ability to make informed decisions and what their beliefs are. I don’t even care that they vote one way or another, just as long as they did some serious background work regarding their candidate.

    Great article!

  11. Matt D says:

    I would have to say your analysis of Bill is also VERY sophomoric.

  12. Marc Mattaliano says:

    I really don’t see what the problem is here. He’s basically saying two things:

    1) When people are referred to (or refer to themselves) as “undecided voters,” it makes them look like they’re curious pundits who are researching each candidates’ life inside and out to really get down to the bottom of things. Really dedicating their life to finding out who is truly better suited to lead the country. When in reality, they don’t know enough about what they themselves believe to even make a choice one way or the other.

    2) What is there to really decide on when it comes to Obama vs Romney? Most people will tell you they’re polar opposites, and chances are, at least ONE of those two guys either supports a belief that an undecided voter wants desperately to get behind, or supports a belief that an undecided voter HATES, making them want to vote the other way. Deciding between Romney and Obama should be EASY! Either you want one side or the other or, like Bill said…maybe you just don’t care.

    Personally, choosing between Romney (a psychotically radical Mormon that would sooner set the country back decades by banning gay marriage and making abortion completely illegal) or Obama (a charming “real” guy, who says he supports change, but doesn’t actually bring any about) is a crummy decision to have to make.

    I willfully abstain. I don’t want either of those guys in office.

    • thfan says:

      Obama did bring about change..We have healthcare, DaDt, Equal pay for equal work, OBL gone…on & on

      • Nancy says:

        Really??? Glad you got health care, I lost mine due to Obama. See, I’m one of those self employed fools, who didn’t build it myself, and Ihave to pay my own health care, well as soon as Obamacare passed, I got a nice little letter from Blue Cross, hiking my premium , beyond my breaking point, so I had to let my coverage go. Now, because I can’t afford it, I will be one of those who get fined/ taxed for not having coverage. Yes, thanks Pres obama, that was hope and change alright. I just hope we can change YOU to Romney. Anything but Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Haden says:

        Read the Obamacare bill, thfan, it’s socialized medicine, which is what the wealthy from other countries come here to escape. Equal pay for equal work? That was done a long time ago. What he HAS done is increase pay in government jobs to close to 20% higher than the same positions in the private sector. Well, except for women. His female employees make about 20% less than the men doing the same jobs. Obama is the one who is waging the war on women. They just don’t know it.

    • Nancy says:

      by obstaining you are voting, it’s a chicken shit cop out! Do some more homework and make a decsion! Many Americans have fought and died for you to have that right, so you owe it to them to make a decision, and make the best one you possibly can. The issues at stake for this country are far more important that gay rights,(a very small minority of the population) ect. We are in a major financial crisis, the middle east is on fire, and yes, that does affect you directly. If we don’t solve the immediate global crisis we face in the world, all the other littler issue won’t matter at all. Get off you butt and do something! Be an American!!!!!

    • Betty says:

      Marc — Like it or not, one or the other of these two guys IS going to be the next president of the U.S. Your abstaining doesn’t change the reality. Unless you have a better idea, you would be better off voting for the one you think is going to be the least damaging to our country in the next four years. Look at what Obama has done in the past four years and all the broken promises.

  13. Whitehouse landlord says:

    Arabian stallion,

    So true. They also do not know what anybody or everybody else is talking about either.

  14. wbhobbs says:

    Does this sum it up?

    We have a class of people who only understand; “I give you free stuff”.

    They will not, or cannot, comprehend; “If we spend more than we have, bad things will happen in the future”.

    Unfortunately there is a stupid (or sinister) group of politicians who keep saying “I give you free stuff”. “I can pay for it with debt or money I take from evil rich people who have too much anyway”.

  15. Sue Cornwell says:

    People like Bill Maher spew venom out for a cheap joke not realizing that the public is actually forming opinions from what he and other comedians say. Some of the audience don’t do their research to realize that these are jokes at peoples expense. I’m not trying to say that they are ignorant, but they are naive. When I started voting at the age of 18 I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know who to vote for or why. No one really helped me to form decisions as to what and why I would check those boxes. I just went down and look at the names and if they sounded good I would mark them. So, I am sure that new voters who are encouraged to vote, feel the same as I did back then. I didn’t even understand the purpose and importance of my vote back then as I do now. As you age, you learn, and you learn by mistakes even more so. Mr Maher is just not as funny as he seems to think he is. Nor is his peers. Election is a valuable process that is not a joke and should not be taken lightly. There should be a free class given when you first register to vote to help educate 1st time voters on how to research why they vote this way or that.

    • Harold Patterson says:

      No. They should be mandatory that they have to pay for a class BEFORE they register to vote. If they pay, they might pay attention. But, this would be struck down by the courts as a “Poll tax” to keep people from voting. Witness what the Democratic Peoples Party is doing because people have to show photo ID before voting, they call it voter suppression” to avoid the true name “voter fraud”.

      • thfan says:

        You’ve never been disabled to the point you can not drive to a dmv and buy these voter id cards..These poor ,old, diabled people do NOT drive or have cars or money to buy those damnb cards. I hope one day all of you assh**s have an accident or illness that lays you on your ass and the republicans try to take all of your rights and income away.

        • Haden says:

          How do they get to the grocery store? To the doctor? To therapy? They have help, and they can get help getting to the DMV to get a FREE ID card to vote. Yes, the ID cards to vote are free. And about those people who truly need assistance, who have had tragedy, or have serious illness, disabilities and have no family or a source of income and genuinely NEED help – they get far less than they deserve because of all of the people who abuse the system. Americans are the most generous people in the world and we have NO objection to helping those who cannot help themselves and have no one to help them. But we resent the government growing a welfare class and trading dependence for votes, then pitting the haves and have not’s against each other and breeding such contempt for those who have acquired wealth, while convincing those of moderate means that they deserve what others have earned. And those who truly need it, probably about 5% of the population, receive precious little because it’s spread out over more than a third of the population, Americans who are able bodied, but on government assistance. So yes! I’m as angry as you are, but not because of those in need – but because of those who exploit the system; both able-bodied citizens and vote-getting politicians! And guess what?? They vote Democrat because that’s the hand that exploits them.

        • barefangs says:

          Your endless ignorant leftist drivel is boring me. I am homebound and disabled. I no longer have any valid photo ID anymore and I can’t get out to my poling place. I AM a home owner, so my identity is associated with this property, and I AM and HAVE BEEN a registered voter at this address. Every election, my County Clerk sends me an Absentee Ballot. Voting is not a problem. Seek and ye shall find, unless you have your head up your butt!

        • Betsy Larker says:

          Thfan, most states will issue a non-driver driver’s license, with no charge. Most elderly people, if they don’t drive now once did, so they should have a driver’s license. Most disabled people will get to the DMV the same way they will get to the polls. If they are in a Nursing home, it is likely they are exempt from the voter ID requirement. At least, that is the way it is in Tennessee.

  16. Enlera says:

    What people do not realize that those “undecided’ voters just may not want the surveyors knowing. Has anyone thought of that? We ALL know that the so-called poll is neck and neck BASED on these survey calls. How many registered voters across the nation hung up on these pests?

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion and I think Bill Maher doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. AND we all know who he’s voting for; and he hasn’t changed his tune since finding out that the current president is a dictator!

  17. Arden says:

    I am so frustrated HBO (a program I PAY FOR) still hosts this rude, condescending and ignorant excuse for a man. He has no tolerance towards women, children, religion, anyone making GOOD and RIGHT choices, nor does he tolerate anything that doesn’t come straight from his own belief system (and mouth). You are right, he doesn’t EDUCATE anyone… he mocks all conservatives and holds disgusting lefties on massive pedestals.

    • Lefty Liberal says:

      You don’t watch the show, do you? First of all, if you do and makes you this upset, change the channel! Second, no tolerance for women, what are you talking about? His show has more women panelist and guest than men and he regular bashes the teaparty members who at every turn wish to tell a woman what she can do with her own body. He doesn’t educate…did you think you accidentally stumbled onto education television? This is entertainment. Yes, of course he mocks conservatives. They mock themselves with the divided party that has left its principals in favor of social/religious issues. The party has lost its rudder and is under fire from within.

      • Tim says:

        Lol, who is telling a woman to do anything with her body??? Oh, and where is this damn war at anyway??? Seriously wake up

        • Harold Patterson says:

          At least you identify your stupidity in public. Your comedic hero only brings women on his show and agree with him or ambushes any conservative woman. He refers to Sara Palin by the C word and mocks her teenage daughter. Where are all the Women’s Libbers in their mock rage about how women are treated?
          I don’t recall anyone in the Tea Party telling any women her rights. Good try on your propaganda, but your lies are telling on you.

          • thfan says:

            If you don’t recall those Assh*les maling laws against women then you’re an idot that is totally uninformed!

        • thfan says:

          The republicans have their WAR ON WOMEN! That’s who is telling woment what to do with their bodies!

      • Detlef says:

        First of all conservatives don’t tell women what they can do with their bodies. They don’t want women to have the right to kill their children. You see, the babies according to liberals should have no rights. I hope you realize your party is very divided also. Did you happen to watch when they took God out of the platform then put Him back in even though they didn’t have enough votes?

      • Haden says:

        Interesting you think Social/Religious issues have nothing to do with principles. And as far as women doing what they want with, “their own bodies”, it’s even been illegal to kill yourself. When you kill someone, the survivors: family, friends, do not file a criminal law suit against you. The state files the suit and that’s because the state laws protect citizens against violent crimes, which include crimes you might commit against yourself. So why would it not be illegal to kill a prospective citizen, alive and growing in it’s mothers womb.. particularly later in the second trimester, when they have to dismember the baby in the womb, kill it, and bring it out in pieces? If you have no spiritual basis for being pro life, you might consider a practical one. The baby boomers became adults in the early 70′s. Since then, that generation has legally aborted over 50 million American citizens. And, those are just the ones we know about. Those baby boomers are now coming into the social security system, and guess what? Those 50 million plus Americans would be contributing to the social security system, that is now expected to suffer considerably with the onset of this big population growth from the B-boomers. Unfortunately, that affects those of us who contributed enough Americans to keep it going this long. So, it seems there are consequences to abortion on demand and they cause quite a problem. I have a simple solution, let’s skip SS payments for this generation who so thoughtlessly killed massive numbers of Americans who would be contributing to SS, and in the future, those who have “elective ‘convenience’ abortions” will have a 10 year delay in receiving SS benefits. There has always been therapeutic abortions in most states, rape, incest, fetus-destroying disease (measles, for example). That has no religious weight to bear, but gives women a little different perspective on how her decision might affect her life- which is, after all, how it might affect her life seems to be the sole influence on whether she kills her baby or not.

    • Mark Hill says:

      Do as I did and cancel HBO!

  18. word wyz says:

    Maher’s audience doesn’t correspond at all to the demographics for FOX News viewers, and every study out there shows FOX Viewers are the most misinformed group of people in America.

    • Samuel Heffner says:

      Elaborate please on ‘every study out there.’ Generally when I hear that, the person in question is a moron hoping he or she won’t be called on it. I haven’t seen every ‘study’ out there, but I have seen a few surveys on news channels, and not only is FOX news the STILL the #1 rated news channel, the viewers have consistently ranked as the most informed, not the most misinformed. So, please, enlighten me with a few links showing these ‘studies.’ Otherwise, quit trolling please. :)

      • Haden says:

        I googled studies for informed news viewers, and read a couple. One was on foreign countries and I think it was done by the Huffington Post – now there’s a reliable source. Read some of the comments on their page! Another was on Global Warming, and interestingly, it said that those who viewed only FOX were less likely to believe the statement that most scientists agree with this Gore-type theory of global warming. Well, duh…. Fox had two or three panels of several scientists, world known & respected, that thoroughly discussed the theory AND Gore’s errant information in his book and dispelled much of his made-up theory that, by coincidence I’m sure, would have made him millions had we ventured into trying to adjust the natural course of climate change. They should have “studied” the Wall Street Protesters while they had them all together to see how well informed they were on the Constitution, not to mention social graces.

    • bbee says:

      Really? You believe that BS? It’s funny how they report news that the MSM refuses to report, until they are pressured to! Can you show me 1 study, just 1 is all i am asking for, that supports your statement. I know you won’t, because there isn’t one, only your opinion and it sucks at best!

      • Harold Patterson says:

        The lying Left. They just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that there might, just might, be another side on the question. They would have to admit to being infallible and their egos won’t let them.

    • thfan says:

      yes they are Word Wyz

    • Haden says:

      Word Wyz: What studies are you talking about? “EVERY study out there”? Out where? I’ve been in the media for years and know of no such study.

  19. Tracy says:

    The real irony is that Bill Maher admits that 40% of Democrats are so stupid they think they are voting conservative while voting for the liberal party… in my book, they are DUMBER than the 10% he is attacking.

    • Tim says:

      Amen to that

    • thfan says:

      @Tracy you’re the dummest–especially if you’re voting for republicans you’re voting against yourself and you daughters,sisters, grandaughters,nieces,mothers and grandmothers.

      • Haden says:

        You are very wrong about that. And I’m sick of hearing that there is any war against women. That’s a made up, vote-getting insult to women. If there is anything against women, it’s this arrogant president and that goofy Fluke’ whining about having to take responsibility for her personal lifestyle. It’s insulting to hear those two talk about women like they can’t even provide the basic, personal, inexpensive protection if they chose to be sexually active. I hope women are not so gullible that they can’t see these people are using them, manipulating them with what they think is a female weakness “I’ll protect you”, and exploiting them for a vote! One day they’re telling you that you’re, “equal”, and the next that you don’t have the sense to get a few dollars together for contraceptives. Don’t fall for it! Keep in mind, women in Obama’s administration make about 20% less than men doing the same job.

  20. Joe Falese says:

    I mourn the loss of my Sunday mornings when my second job was a motor vehicle newspaper delivery route. Coming home and watching Politically Incorrect was an hour I enjoyed very much even though I occasionally had to tune out the whiny liberals complaining about how rotten America was to them. With a wife, stay at home mom at the time, and 3 kids, I ran my own business plus the added 7 day early a.m. “paper route” sometimes as many as 550 customers. I was hustling, making good money, and generally having a good time. So, I loved the show in spite of the whiners until one episode Maher spent the last 1/2 hour backpedaling because he thought he insulted a guest. Which he didn’t. But that’s when mr. P.c. Liberal shone thru and I knew he was done. Now he’s a smug, self absorbed know it all liberal of the worst kind. Disdain for anyone who doesn’t agree with his liberal elitist bulls***

  21. mugsy says:

    Bill Maher is more then A idiot he hides behind I’m a comedian he is not funny he is a has been comedian who can not do stand up anymore….. He Drinks to much He smokes to much POT… Do you expect a Functional Brain…………………….!

  22. FortySeventh% says:

    Pretty irresponsible journalism on your part when you make the leap to attribute Maher as the factor to create undecided voters, that’s ridiculous. You decide to criticize the same rhetoric you’ve created all in the same headline; as by that assumption any talking head on TV is guilty of the same turpitude you attach to Maher. It works both ways.
    As for your gun analogy you couldn’t be anymore mistaken. First off not everyone has a right to own a gun, and second, it’s not up to you or me or the government to decide who of legal age is mature enough to handle ANYTHING you deem out of their intellectual reach. Get off your high horse.

    • Harold Patterson says:

      Love your screen name. Truth in advertising right up front. If you are proud of being one of the deadbeats who pay no taxes and gets all the advantages of the country (that the 53% are paying for) I expect would no other answer.
      You first paragraph is unintelligible. I’m sure you had help trying to phrase it intelligibly, but your group think failed.
      Not everyone has the right to vote either. All the people who are not allowed to vote (legally) are also banned from owning firearms. The analogy is apt despite your attempts to confuse the issue. There are people who ask the clerks at the polls “Who do you think I should vote for?”. I have witnessed this twice. So don’t give me BS that maturity has anything to do with stupidity.

  23. ListenClosely says:

    Wow…haven’t seen that many vitriolic posts in quite a while. Bill has really struck a nerve with the teabaggers. Curiously none of the posts have actually pointed out factual information why Bill is an idiot, asshole, venom spewer, woman hater, etc. but who needs facts when you can get your opinion from Faux Newz, Rush, Hannity, and the rest of the make-believe pundits.
    What you see in these posts is an angry mob who can’t stand the thought that everyone doesn’t agree with them and the only way to handle this is to scream and yell. If you’re not Christian, you’re a terrorist of some sort. If you don’t like guns you’re a sissy. If you’re gay you can be cured through (Christian) prayer. If you think on you’re own, you’re just not American.
    The era of white Christian supremacy in America is over. Get used to it. Go hug a gay Muslim, don’t worry it won’t rub off on you. It’s ok for people of different races, beliefs and values live together without pointing fingers. Get used to looking outside the US for ideas that may work well at home. We haven’t cornered the market on brains or stupidity.

    Calm down, it’s going to be alright. We won’t turn into Communist China by the end of Obama’s 2nd term. But we may have cooled the temperature down if we’ll stop shouting.

    • bbee says:

      Sorry, you have that a little bit wrong. If you disagree with a Democrat, then your a racist, if your a Christian, your a racist, if you use the term Chicago, your a racist. It’s okay to be different? Apparently it’s okay as long as your a Democrat! Your getting a little low on fluff, time for a refill?

      • ListenClosely says:

        If you’re educated you don’t spell you’re “your”. That is a common thread through many of the teabagger posts; poor grammer, spelling and knowledge in general.

        Christians aren’t racist no more than Hindus, or Muslims. Christian are religious bigots, just as Hindus or Muslims.

        The bottom line issue isn’t racism, its bigotry. If you’re not like me (read, white anglo Christian) you must be something I don’t like or fear. Come on now, why do you see so few people of color at a Romney Ryan event? It’s not racism, it’s bigotry.

        Better start picking your cream colored candidate for 2016, you’ll need it if you have a prayer (non-denominational) of winning ever again.

    • Paul says:

      If Obama is re-elected you haven’t even heard the beginning of the shouting. His second four years would be as disasterous as his first. Probably worse. The great divider will have injected as much communism into this country as one person can, and it will take years to recover from. Romney/Ryan 12

  24. Tim says:

    @ Listenclosely….well I would think that your words and behavior is enough to point out why Bill is an idiot, asshole, venom spewer, woman hater, etc…as you pointed out. It is a political pusher hiding under the term or words of entertainer or comedian. Actually he isn’t even funny more pathetic and child like. So, as far as the hollywood and media go….yeah they are bias and also ignorant and obvious when it comes to their agenda. It’s not over for damn sure.

  25. Dog Face says:

    The important thing is to ban 16oz. soft drinks and then allow a 14 year old girl to get abortifaciants for free at school w/o needing to tell her parents. How do you Catholic NY’ers feel about that? How does any pro-life NY’er feel about that?

  26. Ron says:

    Brush up on your Chinese. Our options are re-electing the incumbent and enduring another 4 years of ………… or electing a religious zealot millionaire. Either way, we’re screwed and it’s only a matter of time before China takes California as collateral. But, that’s not what’s important. Let’s keep arguing about trivial topics and playing the bipartisan game. Yay, America.

  27. Shane Williams Sr says:

    I found Bill to be very funny in this clip. And while I am sure he misspoke when he said fox and friend instead of saying the entire line up of PMSNBC, he did have a point. However, it was wrong. The undecided voters are people who refuse to tell the mainly liberal polling agencies that they are voting republican because they dont want to hear the inevitable prattle that follows which is trying to change these republican voters minds or just outright berate them.

    Bill needs to get his head out of his ass long enough to figure out that his little circle is what is shitty in America.

  28. David says:

    A slam dunk performance. Spot on Phil, spot on!!!!

  29. David says:

    Well I’m in a red state. Are you in a blue state or in one of the all important swing states? There aren’t to many from what all the different polls show? Move quickly to one of the swing states so your vote will really count.

  30. Deborah says:

    Uhm, for the record, I don’t JUST get my news from Fox, but CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, HEADLINE NEWS, BBC AMERICA, MSNBC, and all the other alphabet soup stations out there. Hence the statement ” I don’t even care that they vote one way or another, just as long as they did some serious background work regarding their candidate.” I can’t figure out how “thfan” made that leap from my not caring how my 24 yr old co-workers vote to only getting my information from Fox. Interesting.

  31. Laura Noble says:

    RIGHT ON!!! Its not Obama about whom we should be worried but the more and more frightening state of our nation’s moronic media!!

  32. RightCoast says:

    Hey, Bill, what’s it like being a self loathing Jew?

  33. tom says:

    I am one of the undecided. I will remain in this status until election day morning. At that time I will decide if i want to cast a ballot. If I do decide to vote I am going to vote for Mitt Romney because its time Americans stop worrying about social issues and economic realities and let the Mormon Church handle the Islamist and backwoods evangelicals. Besides, Obama has already rescued the country once. He would make instead a great supreme court justice.

    • Betsy Larker says:

      Tom, I am a practicing Orthodox Christian, but I will say that I have never met a practicing Mormon who wasn’t also a decent human being. It sounds from your statement that you would classify yourself as a Liberal. Would someone (anyone) please tell me when bigotry became a liberal trait? Seems to me they are anti-semitic, anti Catholic, anti mormon, anti everything except Muslims. Back in my day, Liberals were the easy going tolerant types. Does anyone know when that changed?

  34. fulredy says:

    Hey Dustin, the viedo stopped and became unavailable just before asshole put down voters. What gives?

  35. Linda says:

    Obama is an idiot. He’d rather play gold than take care if the country. All smiles

  36. Kevin says:

    I challenge any and all liberals to give me 3 reasons to vote for President Obama or name 3 times he has shown leadership in 3 years!!!!

  37. LJGB says:

    Carol is on the right track, even though I try not to stereo type ppl, you can say the majority that are voting for BO fits the description she is portraying. Now, Jonathan the Christian, one thing you said is that Mitt is a “non-biblical conservative”. You should reconsider that quote b/c Mormons are Christians, I don’t know why ppl cannot get that right. They believe in Jesus, in God and the Holy Spirit. They carry around the bible like all you other God fearing ppl and they even have the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price. They are the most caring ppl I have ever met, and I was a heavy church goer for years and I have been in MANY churches.. But this isn’t about me. The point is.. if you are undecided, just ask yourself.. “Did BO do a good enough job? Maybe I should do some research”. I think that BO didn’t do a good job, he was very inexperienced when he came to the White House. Now they are printing money w/no value which is scary. I have a bunch of other reasons too but you have to find out for your self. I’m going for Mitt, he will at least get us on track to start the healing and get our defenses up again. We cannot AFFORD another 4 years w/ BO.. ; ) Undeciders go see the moving 2016 that should change your mind, if not at least you will be a bit more knowledgeable about civics. I hope everyone has a great day…; )

  38. michael hill says:

    Just love pundits like Maher spew their tasteless over done liberal diatribe on national t.v…you keep aiming at your audience..and keep stepping backwards..pretty soon..they look so small,,and really stupid..despite your arrogance..and your lap dog followers..the American people are done with the charade..its time to let the adults run the despite msm..Romney and the American people will win..more handily than even mental wanna be´s like Maher think..

  39. john says:

    Seriously… Until I read this article, I was not aware that Bill Maher was a comedian. And I have watched his show on several occasions.
    If he got arrested for being a comedian, there wouldn’t be enough evidence to hold him.

  40. Nate says:


    Just because someone “walks around with a Bible in their Hand and believes in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit” does not make them a Christian. It is applying the principles to our lives that Jesus taught us. Being Christian is being Like Christ (or attempting to live like him). Though none of us are as perfect as him, we still strive to improve our lives to live like him. It is easy to walk around saying I believe in this and that, but if your actions show otherwise, it probably will not work out for you in the end. James 2:17(KJV) … Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. Hope that verse sums it up for you.

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