Awesome: Allen West Slams “Spoiled Brat” in His New Ad

Allen West is a Tea Party favorite for a reason- he embodies that rare, proper mixture of sound reasoning mixed with the guts to act. Lately, West, the incumbent congressman from Florida, has received some criticism for an ad he is running called, “Decide.” The ad features the mugshot of West’s opponent, Patrick Murphy. Despite the uproar, West is sticking to his guns.

The West Campaign released the ad on Friday, and it has liberals crying foul. The ad is a juxtaposition between the actions of Lieutenant Colonel West and Murphy in 2003; while West prepared himself and his men to go to war, Murphy was arrested for fighting in a bar. While some could claim that it’s unfair to have a cite a youthful indiscretion, it is a telling illustration of what each candidate brings to the community they wish to represent.

In response to the ad, the Murphy Campaign has lobbed a criticism that will likely have negative repercussions for Murphy. The Campaign rebutted,

“Allen West is now opening up what his military record was in 2003. In 2003, he was criminally charged by the military with assault and for violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice and was subsequently kicked out of the military. I find it odd that he’s trying to brag about that particular year of service. And he’s attacking Patrick Murphy for drinking as a teenager, which I think is a silly attack.”

West was fined and reprimanded for having the audacity to do all that was within his power to ensure that both he and his soldiers made it back alive. West was reprimanded for firing a gun next to an Iraqi police officer’s head during an interrogation after he came to believe that the officer was plotting West’s assassination. The military may have rules about such things, but I will not pass judgment on any soldier for doing what he has to do to increase his odds of accomplishing his mission and making it home alive.

West’s Campaign Manager, Tim Edson, in response to the criticism of West’s military career, stated that West “fought and defended his country honorably for 22 years,” and, “While Patrick Murphy was getting drunk and getting arrested, Allen West was shipping off to war. The ad speaks for itself.”

West also noted that the point of the ad was to depict Murphy, “for who he really is-  a spoiled brat who knows nothing of duty, honor or service.”

West recently made headlines for criticizing Obama’s soft, quasi-apologetic stance at the UN last week. West stated,

“My statement to the United Nations would have been, ‘The future does not belong to those who attack our Embassies and Consulates and kill our Ambassadors. The Angel of Death in the form of an American Bald Eagle will visit you and wreak havoc and destruction upon your existence.’”

West is an embodiment of tough-talk and even tougher-action. I am so tired of weak politicians who guide their every action towards pandering to one crowd or another. We elect leaders, or at least we are supposed to. And when we find a true leader mixed in with the spineless crooks that live up to every stereotype of politicians, they’re smeared as being too insensitive or too extreme. People need to wake up; we, as a country, are in real trouble, and we need strong, effective leaders.

Our political system is broken because for decades, people have been getting elected by telling people what they want to hear. West got elected because he instilled confidence in his ability to lead, just as he had been doing for years with soldiers. It is a rare breed of straight-shooter that gets elected by telling people, essentially, “Things are going to be tough. Our country is broken, but with some hard work, we can fix it.” When we juxtapose West’s message of strength with Democrats’ message of creating government dependency, we can plainly see who the true leader is. I’ll take the combat-hardened veteran over the frat guy any day of the week.

Congressman West is being specifically targeted by Democrats because of his effectiveness. We can’t take a step back now. Please spread your support for West and encourage others to support him. Also, if you feel like getting involved, please click here.

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36 Responses to Awesome: Allen West Slams “Spoiled Brat” in His New Ad

  1. Jim Klinefelter says:

    Excellent ad!! It is only fitting to tell the American public exactly how it is. The choice is very clear — Allen West has a better character and has served his country honorably.

  2. Casey Crosby says:

    We’re in desperate need of you, Congressman West! AND–more like you!!

    • Juanita Rogers says:

      Great article. Need more real Americans.

    • laverne says:

      Absolutely Agree! Col. Allen West is a man dedicated to his country and will stand up for what is fair and just. Allen West would be excellent with foreign policy. Hopefully he could bring some respect back to the U.S. Oscuma Adm. has totally failed in this area and many other areas as well with their anti-American ways.

  3. luc says:

    Love ya all the more Mr West.

  4. Wud says:

    Awesome Col West. Take no prisoners.

  5. Eleanor says:

    All we have in office from the leftists are the “kiss azz” politicians who will do or say anything to deflect blame from them. Our highest leaders and those they have appointed have no balls at all. All they can do is blame Bush or any other right leaning administration for their present day fouled up leadership and mistakes. Every president in history excluding Geeorge Washington inherited problems/disasters from their predecessors. That is your reward for being a president/politician. Grow up this is the REAL WORLD. We all know there has been only one perfect man on earth and even He was hung on the cross, so it would behoove these leaders to either buck up or get the f&&k out.

  6. greta Kimray says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth with strength in your words. I am tired of politicians who are more afraid of loosing their political positions than protecting our country. Example, the killing of our ambassador in Syria and the scramble by this administration to blame it on a film and not take the responsibility themselves that security was not there to protect these men. How shameful. Thank you again for your service to our great country.
    Greta Kimray

  7. Kenneth Burrows says:

    West proved his leadership in the crucible of war.

  8. ConfusedAmericanCitizen says:

    Think this is pretty good, but would have liked to see the current pic of Murphy in the final side-by-side. Not as effective maybe but more honest. I might point out that me voting for Murphy because he’s Irish makes about as much sense and those that vote for a person of color because they are a person of color. Vote for West for who he is and Obama…..for who he isn’t! And Murphy……well…….

    • Jim McCarthy says:

      No comparison between the man, Allen West, and the boy/democratic lackey, Patrick Murphy! Kinda reminds of a boy who drove his car into a lake and killed a woman companion; I believe her name was Mary Jo. That boy went on to become a US senator and icon/idol of the democratic party. Hopefully the voters in this Florida district will have the good sense to stop perpetuating this type of travesty on our country!

  9. Wud says:

    We need people like West in congress so they can work with the military after the coup that happens when obama appoints himself omnipotent emperor

  10. Renee Fields says:

    The libs are crying foul at this ad really?
    Where were they when Obama had SEALED divorced records of his opponent unsealed and released in his senate race?
    Where were they in the Presidential race when Dems brought up GW’s DUI from years ago?
    What’s good for the goose…….

  11. Jerry Walker says:

    Allen West you are the man! We need more people like you in charge of our country

  12. njhc says:

    Thank you so much for your voice of truth! I’m proud you are in our Congress. God Bless You!!

  13. Thank you, Colonel West…Duty, Honor, Country…

  14. LikesTheTruth says:

    The truth hurts; but it’s effective. Keep up the good work, Congressman West!

  15. mellers says:

    It should mention that meanwhile in Chicago, Barry Soetoro was in a drug induced fog trying to read Mao’s little red book.

  16. Dee says:

    Wish I could vote for West, but will encourage relatives in his state to vote for him. This is what we need now is someone that doesn’t let fear distort the truth & speaks out. We need some former military people in office now for sure things are way scary in the middle east.

  17. Sis Hoskins says:

    We really need you Mr. West, to take our government back from the the congressmen and senators that are only there to self serve. Don’t let the Libs get to you. We say right on, to you! And THANKS!

  18. GREAT Ad, Congressman West!!!!!
    I pray that you will win this election!!! Wish we had some more GOP members in Congress that liked the country as much as you do!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. George Peterson says:

    If you truly believe in Allen Wests campaign then Contribut to it. I did and I live in Idaho.

  20. Carol Phen says:


  21. Judy Gunderson says:

    I have 1 question…Why is Mr. West not running for president. I will vote for Mr. Romney because our country has NO CHANCE of survival if obama is re-elected. Mr. West has so much courage…evident by military service, and so much sense…evident after 3 MINUTES upon hearing him speak about situation of our country. Why can we not have people like this taking care of America and her people? Please consider running in 2016 Mr. West…if we are still here and still considered a democracy!!

  22. Captain Richard Simon says:

    I would go into battle with Col Alan West, any time, any place. Unlike the 0 who could not lead girl scouts to the cookie sale..I pray the good folks of his district send this good man and solid patriot back to the congress, we need MEN, not the current crop of capons.

  23. William Weber says:

    I think so much of you and your erudite understanding of what the heck is happening I sent a contribution to help keep you in Congress! You are a rare bird and thank you for your service!
    Screw those who are trying to destroy you and what positions you take. Thank you for being a member of the “black Congressional Caucus” even though you are a Republican.

  24. Pam Doss says:

    ALAN WEST is the best ! I pray for you every day. May God Bless You and keep you safe. You have guts like not many people in Washington. You make me proud ! Thank you for your service to an awsome Christian Nation.

  25. Navy60 says:

    Finally, a politician with a backbone. Col. West would get my vote anytime!

  26. Francis Knight says:

    Alen West personifies Patriotic America…The left has much to fear from the Col. and others like him…As a Marine [It never goes away] I look forward to seeing and hearing a lot more about him…Mitt would do well to include him in a high office in his administration…As a Floridian he has my vote!!! Semper Fi !!!

  27. Tony Acuff says:

    He should be running for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ron Livaudais says:

    Allen West is the personification of true LEADERSHIP!!!

  29. Patricia Davis says:

    I have heard you speak on many occassions by TV, and just the way you speak,how confident you are,how you answer questions,and your military background.
    Our Country Needs YOU! Your direct, your honest, and we need more MEN like you.
    Thanks for you sacrifice, and dedication to the future of this nation.
    May God Bless you.

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