7 New Obama Campaign Posters (Pics)

Courtesy of theĀ Obama Poster Maker, here are seven images that would make GREAT Obama campaign posters.

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2 Responses to 7 New Obama Campaign Posters (Pics)

  1. Kay Williams says:

    Kiss America “Goodbye!” That will happen if Obama gets elected!!!

    • Jessika Carr says:

      your full of crap! The thing that we will be saying goodbye to is the middle class Mitt Romney is a peice of work who doesnt believe in the middle class and he has never ever known what it’s like to actually work hard for your money, Paying your own tuition(unlike his horrible idea to a college student to just borrow money from parents) . Point blank if you stuck him in a middle -low class neighborhood with a minumum wage check he wouldnt be able to last 5 minutes!!!!

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