5 Anti-Obama Pics From Around The Web

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One Response to 5 Anti-Obama Pics From Around The Web

  1. Tom W says:

    The very real posibility exists that this hard-core Marxist will once again sit in the Oval Office. Hitler and the National Socialists (yes, children, Nazis were SOCIALISTS) came to power through the legitimate exercise of the vote. Once in, the Nazis infiltrated every level and reach of government and populated their loyal hords. After Hitler’s second victory at the polls, free elections ceased to exist in Germany. There is every fear that this may become the last “free” election in the United States. The parallels between Obama’s rise to power and Hitler’s rise to power are beyond stunning. The Germans fully deserved what happended to them; Americans will also fully deserve the Marxist hell that is on it’s way. Pax Vobiscum

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