Women Are Not Pawns

Okay, seriously I’m fuming.

Over the past month, the Obama campaign has said some incredibly trite things about women.  I’m not Sandra Fluke.  And the notion that I’m a victim in some invisible war offends me.  But Stephanie Cutter makes my blood boil.  On NPR, Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s deputy campaign manager, said that women are

“not really concerned about what’s happened over the last four years.  They really want to know what’s going to happen in the next four years.”

All I can say to that is that Stephanie Cutter must be hanging around some really stupid women.  No one I know would think that thought, let alone verbalize it.

Women are not pawns.  We are not victims.  We are not shell votes for whomever the left believes to be the standard bearer of womanhood.

Women are individuals.  Many of us find Sandra Fluke’s version of victimhood offensive and embarassing.  We’re done being patronized.  We don’t like other women thinking for us any more than we like men thinking for us.  We may be reluctant warriors, but many of us are ready to take our gloves off.  Our vote is our weapon and we intend to make some noise this November.

A woman’s existence doesn’t begin with abortion and end with birth control.  You want to talk about women’s issues?  The lack of jobs is a women’s issue.  Taxes is a women’s issue.  The economy is a women’s issue.  National security is a women’s issue.  Jihadist monsters toting a dead American ambassador through the streets of Benghazi is a women’s issue, and we’re not happy about Barack Obama’s handling of any of them.

We at Women Warriors PAC have been working hard this week to create ads that will reframe the debate.  The last four years DO matter.  We will hold Barack Obama accountable for his record. We will encourage women to do it with their vote.

“I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand.” ~Susan B. Anthony

“We want to be something more than the appendages of Society.” Lucy Stone

Ms. Anthony and Ms. Stone are presently rolling over in their graves.  After winning the right to vote and the right to fight, after climbing to the top of corporate ladders, after rising to the highest tiers of military and government leadership, has American womanhood really been reduced to whining about birth control on national television? Are women just an “appendage” or arm of the Democrat party, or any politcal party?

I don’t think so.

Mothers, daughters and sisters – our fight is for America.  Our nation is at the brink.  Dependence is the opposite of freedom. Lady Liberty needs us to circle the wagons and keep America strong, so that we can extend the blessings of freedom to oppressed women of other nations and future generations.

Join our fight!  Women Warriors PAC is putting out the call to women everywhere to put up their banner with the words: “Woman Warrior- My VOTE is My Weapon”. Post it as your facebook profile or just post it to Women Warrior PAC facebook page! Check out a few examples in the gallery below.

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18 Responses to Women Are Not Pawns

  1. Jean Knowles says:

    It was quite a challenge after my husband (ex) left me and our two boys. Did get assistance for a few months right after he left since I was blind-sided by the event but got a job and a car within a few months. It wasn’t easy as the ’90′s hit and it got worse when Clinton became President. At that time a “poor single Mom” like me was supposed to be on welfare and low-income housing and be in court every other day pursueing any ounce of cash from the “sperm donor”. Well, at one time my ex was not a sperm donor but he choose to not help his kids. And I was “stupid” for not wanting to be on welfare. After all, my employer couldn’t get a tax credit (kick back) if I didn’t get hired while on welfare. No, I had to be different and have a full time job and pay for non-welfare (private) insurance on the children that I choose to have. Guess Illinois couldn’t make interest on that. And then there was Clinton. That lying, womanizing embarassment. I am so happy that there seem to be more thinking, self-respecting women; and men who support them these days. I felt so outnumbered back in the day. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my long overdue thoughts and for your post as well.

  2. Tina Wood says:

    I agree. I am not a mindless woman who doesn’t care about the economy. I do care what has happened in the past four years. I am concerned for our future and the future for my children and grandchildren. Obama is nothing but an idiot who wants to destroy American and all our freedoms. I will not vote for him. And That does not make me a racist. After all he is half white, so which part do they think I am a racist against. I will tell you ..the part where he destroys America that part and not the color of his skin which is yellow by the the way..

  3. I am a woman warrior of prayer and I have quite a few warrior friends who are on their knees for this election. One nation under God!

  4. Beckie says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve been thinking this all along and when I heard Stephanie Cutter’s statement, I was so angry I couldn’t stand it!

  5. Susan Miller Repasky says:

    Thanks for
    Warrior Women – I was one all my life but
    I didn’t have the support of anyone during
    all those years of working and raising my

  6. DANIEL KUTZER says:

    I certainly do agree with her. I am more of an INDEPENDENT than anything else. I want to see our nation restored to its prior greatness. We need jobs, but NOT under
    a Marxist-style regime, and NOT under the condition that we give up ANY of our prior established CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

  7. Jean Medley says:

    I have noticed high unemployment, high taxes, high gas prices, kissing up to terrorists, etc. I am not a Democrat! Obama must go!

  8. Benson II says:

    The women you reference in your article are far and few between. Many polls show women still approve of Obama in larger numbers than men. Until I see a big swing for Freedom from the so called Soccer Mom’s I’m reserving the right to think women need to get a little more logic in place of the feely good feeling thing they seem to use for picking a candidate.

    • Randall says:

      Way to try to tick off the women reading this against men dude. At this point we can not alienate any vote against Obama. I know many conservative women who like this author are embarrassed that Sandra Fluke has a national stage to voice her offensive opinions on.

  9. Pat Seaver says:

    Thank you for this websight, I am so happy to stand up and be heard!!

  10. Kim says:

    We are screwed either way…. Romney wants to take our rights away and that Stephanie Cutter must be on her knees all the time if she thinks we dont worry. Are women not out on the front lines? do we not run buisnessses? Who does she think she is answering for the majority of us? She obviously has no self respect or self worth saying shit like that…… my blood is boiling….

    • Kate says:

      Please list the rights Romney wants to take away? I think you are mistaking him for Obama. Obama is taking away our children’s and grandchildren’s future with his spending and not cutting back government spending.

  11. Ben H. Cornwell says:

    Muslims see Women as second class citizens to be controlled by men. But to me no man is complete without a wife who is his equal in the all rolls of their lives.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Demo-rat message: Y’all women are too dumb to think, just vote for us anyway!

    • Kate says:

      The Democrats think just about everyone is too dumb. When I saw the video of the woman getting her free “Obama” phone, it made me wonder. This administration is buying votes left and right. With our money.

  13. Bernie says:

    I agree that Ms. Cutter is certainly NOT speaking for or about me. But I’m not sure she Is speaking about President Obama’s attitude. Cutter’s comments most definitely do not describe Michelle Obama and I imagine that she disagree with such an insulting and ignorant statement. She obviously LIVES a different life from the women described in the statement. Sometimes people run their mouths without thinking, even when they should not speak at all!!!

  14. Kate says:

    When the Obama administration trotted out Sandra Fluke to speak for women, it made me sick. What real woman expects someone else to buy her contraceptives? What women spends $3000.00 for contraceptives anyway, except maybe a hooker? That said, the Obama administration is trying its best to make victims out of women just as the Democrats have made victims out of blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, and any number of groups they have divided us into. I have become a warrior since Sarah Palin stood up against all the media and all the hatemongers who came against her and her conservative views. Now they are doing the same with Mia Love. She is receiving many racists E-mails from the left. They cannot break us and we will stand up against this regime that would make us all victims.

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