They Are Cowards

The establishment in both the government and the media have become lazy and weak.  Take Mitt Romney’s inspired choice of Paul Ryan.  The usual drivel came from hacks like Debbie Wasserman Schultz who claimed that she couldn’t say which party Priorities USA was affiliated with.  The telling thing about Wasserman Schultz is that she is chosen to represent Democrats.  Priorities USA is run and funded by former and current leading Obama staffers and has been dominating the last few news cycles with it’s internet ad that tries to make a disgusting connection between Mitt Romney and a single death from cancer.

The pick of Paul Ryan is exposing the worst of the establishment.  If you listen to the establishment, having the courage to submit your ideas and solutions to public scrutiny is a bold gamble that could expose the Romney/Ryan ticket to utter destruction.  The narrative goes like this: “Americans like the idea of reform but not the specifics”.  Of course people don’t like it when we have to make serious cuts but that doesn’t mean they will accept inaction from Washington.

The debate over defining the problem and assigning blame is over with the American people.  If you want to play the game, you have to be offering specific solutions to big problems like the debt, education, energy independence, and meaningful bank reform.  David Axelrod actually cited Obama’s budget on one of the Sunday shows.  Obama’s budget, which is the only budget that has been offered couldn’t even receive a SINGLE in the House or the Senate.  They didn’t even try to offer a solution.

I see a lot of plans and ideas offered on the right.  The house has passed the Ryan budget.  Connie Mack, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and even Tom “Tax Hike” Coburn have submitted serious budgets that address the deficit in a responsible manner.  The one thing all those people have in common is that they are Republicans.  It has been more than 1200 days since the Democrat controlled Senate has passed a budget.  When the Obama budget came to a vote it failed 99-0.

Frankly this country is in desperate need of a real debate on solutions.  The selection of the Paul Ryan clearly shows that the debate in this country is no longer between Democrats and Republicans.  It’s between the Tea Party and the Republicans.  The Democrats have chosen to not to participate in the real debate by betting on the idea that they can continue to argue about the cause when the people are looking at solutions.  The cowards have lost their credibility with the American people and they can’t figure out how to get it back without taking a “big gamble”.

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One Response to They Are Cowards

  1. Robert Hauser says:

    Yes, and that “big gamble” is electronic “voting”—-that’s how the Zero will end up back in the Offal Office.

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