One of Five Fast and Furious Conspirators Resigns Amidst Scandal… Four More to Go.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Representative Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley have written the first of three reports, detailing what the government knows about the outrageous scandal that has rocked Eric Holder’s Justice Department. Despite Holder’s refusal to cooperate, the committee has compiled a 211-page report on the ATF and Justice Department’s wrongdoing in the Fast and Furious scandal that put thousands of firearms in the hands of Mexican cartels and left Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry dead. As this is the first of three reports, I eagerly anticipate it’s sequel like a teen girl awaiting the next “Twilight”.

The report is one step further to seeing justice done. The report outlined five main ATF culprits who are to blame for the false-flag operation being billed as a “botched” ATF operation. They are William Newell, the special agent in charge of the phoenix field division,William McMahon, Newell’s supervisor who was ATF’s deputy assistant director for field operations, Mark Chait, McMahon’s supervisor who was ATF’s assistant director for field operations, William Hoover, ATF’s former deputy director and Kenneth Melson, former acting ATF director.

All five of the ATF’s “Filthy Five” have been exiled to other posts in the ATF or the Justice Department, undoubtedly to weather the storm in the hopes that our short collective memory forgets our government’s betrayal.

Issa and Grassley have claimed that the next report will detail the Justice Department and Obama Administration’s were involved in both the scandal and the subsequent cover-up. It will detail the “Devastating failure of supervision and leadership by officials at Justice Department headquarters, principally within the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, and within the Criminal Division.”

The third, and final, report will detail, “The unprecedented obstruction of the investigation by the highest levels of the Justice Department, including the Attorney General himself.” Of course, the third installment will only be released after the Justice Department accepts reality and cooperates with Congress. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later, I would love the trilogy leather-bound for Christmas.

However, it seems I got a present early! ATF spokesman Drew Wade announced that William Hoover, ATF’s Former Deputy Director has resigned in the wake of the scandal. Wade has not discussed whether or not Congress’ report has had anything to do with the resignation, nor has Wade discussed the possibility of the other four resigning, but we will take the victory.

And then there were four…

The resignation in the midst of a political scandal has become the political coward’s way out. With troops closing in, options have become fewer and future resignations are sure to come. The best part  about this resignation is that the falling of high-level conspirators in Watergate precipitated the complete  implosion of the house of cards. While I do not yet know if we will be lucky enough to see lightning strike twice, it certainly seems like a storm is brewing, and much to the Obama administration’s displeasure, this scandal is not going away.

Of course, the best way to ensure that this scandal gets the attention it deserves is to demand our government pursue justice. While it is great Hoover has resigned, and it could spell the beginning of the end for the main perpetrators of this scandal, we need to stay vigilant in our calls for the prosecution of Eric Holder. Please visit to sign a petition to demand Holder’s prosecution. When you sign, letters are sent to your Congressman and Senators, voicing your demands. Over 534,000 letters have been sent out so far!

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20 Responses to One of Five Fast and Furious Conspirators Resigns Amidst Scandal… Four More to Go.

  1. kenneth connelly says:

    If Obama administration is in on this then start procedings to have him Impeached now.

  2. charlotte says:

    No way did ANY of those people do F&F without approval FROM THE TOP!!!! Civil servants just do NOT do that crap on their own. It’s beyond “better to ask forgivness than to ask permission”. This came from Ovomit & they cannot admit it because he continues to blame Bush for all of his woes & the absolute FACT is, Bush put the kabosh on any guns going across because even with tracking devices on them, the cartels just removed them. This was a way for Ovomit to have a gun grab period. He screwed up & can’t admit it.

    • Charlotte, you are right on the money. Even if these fish are high up in the hierarchy, they still answer to the bigger stinky fish, and who is that Holder, and who does Holder consult with, none else but obozo and his stinky fish around him.

  3. Charlotte Bower says:

    They all should resign and be prosecuted

  4. charlie burkholtz says:

    I would hope that resignations will not preclude prosecution, and that all federal benefits are forfeited as well. We’re still paying a murderous, radical islamist Major is full salary and benefits………I’d hate to see that happen here!

    • Carol Bowers says:

      yes, lets hope they all go with out a cent from the taxpayers, but knowing the crooks in government they might end up with a nice retirement package free healthcare and all paid by the endless funds of hard working American taxpayers….

  5. Joe Race says:

    holder should be prosecuted…also fired….he is a disgrace to our country.
    Shameful conduct….

  6. Arlene Trang says:

    Thanks to people like you Mr. Stockton, our beloved USA has a chance to get through this mess it’s in. We’ve been lazy and apathetic, and loved to “let George do it.” Thanks again for sounding the battle cry, leading the cavalry charge, whatever it takes to spur the citizenry to action. May God bless your endeavors!

  7. Helen Hunt says:

    Take a stand Republican leaders. Show us how tough you are. But I’m afraid thats not the answer, because you aren’t tough. You have proved that over the years. Quit playing the DC game of protecting your jobs above all else. The country is begging you to stand tall, quit cowtowing to the DC establishment. Get your respect back.
    show us you’ve got some guts. If a tiny little lady from AK is not afraid why should you be. Fight for us, thats why we put you there.

    • antiglobalist says:

      Helen there is a way to get the spinless in the game. Make them assured that if they don’t grow a set they willl be turned out of office. Nov. is a good time to start.

  8. Neil Sawyer says:

    Nail ‘em to the cross!

  9. Maxine Husted says:

    I could not say it any better than the ones before me. Now is the time to get ‘er done!

  10. Bud says:

    Make them forefit all their Gov benifits, prosocute them to the fullest extent of the law.
    Make a glaring example of them…”Hang em High”

  11. WillytheGeek says:

    I don’t understand why they can’t be arrested till they cooperate or held indefinately like any other U.S. citizen.

  12. antiglobalist says:

    I demand that those that are responsible for the prosecution of these thugs, DO YOUR JOB, OR we WILL FIND SOMEONE WHO WILL.

  13. antiglobalist says:

    If holder is not impeached by election. I will withhold my vote on any and all those that do not have the spin or balls to stand up to THEIR oathe of office. Do you hear me you gutless in the cesspool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ronald White says:

    If Obama and all of his anti-constitution, anti-America, anti-marriage, socialist allies aren’t voted out of Washington D. C. and those that have broken the law aren’t prosecuted to the letter of the law, then We the People will be forced to take the fight to save our country to the streets. It will be a thinning of the herd, a cleansing and a new commitment to earning our liberties and freedoms. The free loaders, pro socialist, pro gay, anti- gun zealots will have to become real Americans and get a job pay their taxes or return to their home lands. Then we will have a small government and a big strong economy and the return to American family values.

  15. Ed Shick says:

    How many Mexicans would still be alive if they would have been allowed to have Guns,,The Drug Cartel were given weapons the working class are not allowed to have guns,, so now the Drug Cartel has killed 63,000 Mexicans ,, And we have a lot of people in our country wanting to take ours , The H— with Holder, Obama ,Hillary and other people that think only of them selves,, We need more cary permits and people trained to use them , Sure would make it safer in our country, Only the rotten crooks will have guns ,

  16. David Boatz says:

    If, after Obama has thwarted the constitution repeatedly after he swore to uphold it, and after this bogus claim of executive privilege, he is not impeachable, then we are in trouble. Republicans need to grow a set and get nasty with these crooks, especially the top crook, Obama. I am sick and tired of complacent, wishy-washy Republicans who allow themselves to be intimidated and pushed around. We need some Republicans with backbones.

  17. harold walters says:

    anyone was involved with operation needs to go to jail and set examples of this so it won’t happen again ever! they think their above the law because work @ dept. of justice needs to be shake up in the whole group clean out whole mess!

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