Welcome to Obama’s America: “Occupiers” Take Over

I should not sound old at my age. I should not be in a position to say, “In my day, we had respect for law and order!” I should not recall nostalgically the days where if we left for vacation, we left a light on to deter prowlers, the days where we feared the loss of an item, not the whole damn house. However, that was before the age of Obama’s America. A man in Portland, Oregon, has lost considerable money in a property he purchased to rent out because Occupiers anarchists have “reclaimed” his property.

Vlad Rudnitsky built a duplex on land that was purchased from a bank that had foreclosed upon Alicia Jackson, the previous owner of the property. After pouring money into the property, developing the property and employing builders, Occupiers began squatting in the furnished home and causing massive property damage in the process.

When Rudnitsky realized there was someone inside the home, he called police. When police entered, they discovered Derek Zika, a 24 year-old Occupier who remained to guard the house. The front of the duplex was covered with a huge banner that read, “Together we are unevictable.” The Occupiers claim that the land was illegally foreclosed on, and that they’re “reclaiming” the duplex to create a community center. The trespassers tore down a fence that had recently been put up, wrecked the furniture that was in the duplex, broke open the lock boxes for the rental property, and when Zika was arrested, he had the necessary hardware to change the locks and lock the actual owner out.

Rudnitsky stated,

“It’s just frustrating you know, were playing by the rules. We’re working hard and trying to build and keep going in the community and then they do this. It’s just unfortunate.”

Jackson feels she was the victim of a “predatory loan”, and that she was wrongly foreclosed on. On May 1st, May Day, the Commie Fourth of July, Occupiers “reclaimed” her house that was later to become the duplex. The festivities entailed music, a party, Jackson moving her furniture back into the house and just doing whatever they damn-well-pleased while police stood by and witnessed, assured that there would be an altercation if they intervened. The protest organizer Taran Connelly defended the lawlessness, saying, “There comes a time in America where you need to do what’s right and let the laws take care of themselves.”

This is a classic illustration of what Obama’s America looks like. Rudnitsky incurs a cost and considerable risk in this volatile housing market to develop property to rent out, he pours money into the local economy by employing companies to build, he even strengthens the coffers of government by paying for permits and the like, and his hard work is rewarded by anarchists (who call themselves legitimate political protesters) who wreck his business and call it protest. In Obama’s America, if you want something, just take it.

Case in point: there is an alarming trend of “flash mobs” popping up in America. When I was a youngin’, we just called it looting. But whatever it is called today, the operative premise still remains the same; a large number of people come into a store and simple take whatever they want, safe in the knowledge that store owners and employees cannot possibly stop them all. Imagine the frustration the owners of stores must feel: you build a business, labor for over a year to turn a profit and scrimp and save to make it a success, and then our Marxist-in-Chief tells you, “You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” and mobs can come in, take what they want, ruin your business like a swarm of locusts ruin a crop, and you can’t do anything about it. Of course, if you shoot the looters to protect your livelihood, you will go to jail.

In fact, in Portland, the same city as the “reclaimed” duplex, 40 or so teenagers swarmed upon an Albertson’s grocery store and the employees were powerless to stop them. One witness recalled, “They [thieves] were bragging and laughing about how much stuff they stole and what they did in the store.”

It only makes sense that the lazy scumbags should feel emboldened; their beliefs are constantly affirmed by government. We have a government that legitimizes the Occupy Wall Street crowd and their anarchist ideology. Obama, himself, has supported these radicals and have even defended their actions, saying,

“I think people are frustrated and the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works.”

Our government is spouting to these thugs the tried-and-true, Marxist rhetoric that revolutionaries in the blossoming Soviet Union and Cuba spouted to the masses. They start by instilling the victim mentality, and scapegoat the rich by telling the masses that they’re victims of exploitative capitalists. They then delegitimize the rule of law by refusing to follow it themselves; Obama condones election fraud, circumvents Congressional authority and grants amnesty to criminals who live in our country illegally and protects the attorney general who refuses to cooperate with Congress in it’s investigation of his illegal gun-walking scheme. So, if the “leader” of our country doesn’t value the rule of law, the message is clear that nobody is obliged to either.

In my day, things weren’t perfect. However, we didn’t have government-sanctioned class warfare and lawlessness. It has been less than four years, and look how bad things have gotten. Can we afford another four years?

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3 Responses to Welcome to Obama’s America: “Occupiers” Take Over

  1. Jerm says:

    OK, where to start with this mess? You don’t really know what an anarchist is or what anarchists want do you? Also, you seem equally clueless about Marxists. Anarchists seek non-formal direct democracy self-rule. They abhor governments. The word ‘anarchy’ means ‘without-rulers’. No government, including the U.S., supports anarchist, who in fact want to destroy the government. Marxists believe that the majority of property should be made public and that everyone should get an equal share. They think this will lead to the majority of people being more free, equal, and happy. The president is bad for a lot of reasons, but returning the tax rate to what is was in 2000 is not the same as murdering all the rich people and giving their stuff away to the poor. Anyone who tells you that one party or the other in our nation is acting like Nazis or Soviets is either lying or ignorant.

  2. teresa says:

    1. these pictures were not taken on site and have nothing to do with the article.
    2. don’t buy illegally foreclosed properties and you won’t have to worry.
    3. profit off the misery of others and karma is a bitch, whatever form it takes.
    4. don’t write about an event you didn’t attend and know nothing about.
    5. this is the greatest land grab in the history of America since the Great Depression. Vlad Rudnitsky’s real beef should be with the bank that illegally sold him someone else’s property. I’m sure they’ll press criminal tresspass charges against the alleged “anarchist,” but none against the banksters. Banksters just get fines that are less than their profits.
    This entire article is b.s. based on zero investigative journalism or humanism.

  3. Gregory says:

    Vlad specifically stated in the interview that the ‘damage’ consisted of a broken fence, towels on the floor, and they slept on the rented sofa.

    I don’t condone what they did but seriously, the horror! *sarcasm* I know a few landlords that would be thrilled if that was the extent of the damage left behind by their tenants.

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