Obama Sends Autopenned Form Letters to Families of Fallen SEALs in Between Rounds of Golf

On August 6th, 2011, a Chinook helicopter carrying 30 American soldiers and 8 Afghan soldiers was shot down outside of Kabul. Of the 30 American soldiers, 17 were Navy SEALs, members of the elite Special Forces that are the best of the best that the American military has to offer. It was the single deadliest day for American forces since the Afghan War had begun.

While this is certainly tragic, what is even more tragic is level of respect our Commander-in-Chief showed towards their sacrifice. The families of these brave soldiers received a form letter, each exactly the same (save for the names and addresses), and all were signed with autopen. Disgraceful.

When I was six, I sent a letter to George H.W. Bush, telling him that I wanted to be an explorer or, maybe, a president. I received a booklet detailing the White House and a form letter, also signed with autopen. I was six, I had written a letter to the president, and I received the same treatment that the families of fallen Navy SEALs did. Who can tell me what is wrong with this picture?

President Obama’s unwillingness to pay tribute to the ultimate sacrifice of some of the greatest heroes this country has to offer is inexcusable. I will certainly admit that his job is as stressful as it is time consuming. He cannot be expected to be everywhere at once, and I fully accept that there is much that doesn’t make it onto his “to do” list. However, his predecessor seemed to be able to find the time for such matters.

According to the Washington Times, George W. Bush, in his eight years in office, wrote personal letters to the families of every single one of the troops killed in both the Iraq and Afghan Wars. At over 4,000 troops killed, this consumed a tremendous amount of time, but Bush found a way to do it. Furthermore, this went largely unnoticed and with little fanfare. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the biggest Bush fan, but I’ll be damned if that’s not impressive.

Furthermore, Bush met with over 500 families in person, and over 950 wounded soldiers during his time in office. If we compare that with Obama’s unwillingness to send a personalized letter to the families of the SEALs, it appears obvious that one Commander-in-Chief lacks commitment to the heroes who have fallen under his command.

However, Obama isn’t completely uncaring to the plight of the families of the deceased; last year, when rapper Heavy D died of a pulmonary embolism, President Obama sent a heartfelt letter of condolence to the family of the deceased rapper, and the letter was read by Al Sharpton at the funeral. The letter read,

“We extend our heartfelt condolences at this difficult time. He will be remembered for his infectious optimism and many contributions to American music. Please know that you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.”

Aw, that’s nice. If only Obama extended a fraction of the effort to the families of fallen SEALs as he did to the family of a deceased B-list rapper…

More than simply a benign slight or a mere oversight, Obama’s unwillingness to prioritize involvement with families of fallen soldiers signals a perversity of his priorities. Action indicates preference, and while it is possible to have a commitment fall through the cracks of a busy work schedule, I have seen nothing in this administration that has shown any meaningful commitment to the troops. His clumsy photo-ops come off as self-serving and his lip-service gratitude towards the troops is as rehashed and regurgitated as sentiments get. A man who cares about the troops is a man who would have learned how to pronounce “corpsman.”

The job of the president is demanding. I won’t argue otherwise. However, my logic is simple: if his predecessor could make the time to write letters to every family that lost a soldier, it is not asking too much to ask that the current president at least makes the time to actually sign the letters with his own hand. Maybe cutting out a single round of golf might allow him the time to fulfill his commitments…


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92 Responses to Obama Sends Autopenned Form Letters to Families of Fallen SEALs in Between Rounds of Golf

  1. Robert Hauser says:

    The exact term the Mackdaddy used was “corpse-man” and it may or may not have been fully intentional. Soetoro never spent a solitary d`edday of his life in a military uniform and knows absolutely nothing of the life….Bush may have worn Air Force Reserve dress blue to AVOID ending up in Nam but but it is worse than laughable to say that he ever “served” in the military.

    • Anthony says:

      First of all, if you haven’t served who are you to criticize those who wear any sort of military uniform. I am a proud member of the Georgia Army National Guard and if my unit is called up I would be more than willing to answer the call. No I don’t serve everyday, but I have signed away 8 years of my life for the country that I live in. If you can’t step up to the plate and have a solution for the ones you criticize then keep your words to yourself.

      • Carol says:

        Thank you for serving…. National Guard Troops are serving as much as 3 and 4 tours of combat duty right now. If President Bush’s National Guard service was now, he would be out in the field on front lines… and going back to when he was there serving, that could have changed on his watch perhaps and he would be seeing action. Being in a National Guard unit is not a cop-out, it is at least 8 years and one weekend a month training, whereas, regulars are I believe four years and they are done. National Guard is great for those who want to further their education and at the same time serve their country. One National Guardsman I know personally has gone 3 deployments, obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees and plans to work with returning soldiers who have stress problems.

      • bill says:

        i served and for those who served.thank you. for those who did not and talk trash about the military.be glad you speak english assh@le.you have our military to thank for that.

        • Linda says:

          Bill, Thank YOU and your family!
          I’m pasting 3 quotes that are my email signature:

          If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you are reading it in English thank a Veteran. (Me)
          ‘The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.’ (G. K. Chesterton)
          Be who you are and say what you want. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter won’t mind. (Dr. Seuss) You can thank a Veteran for that freedom too! (Me)

          • David says:

            Thanks Linda. I’m U.S.A.F Retired. 24 years. All Presidents “SHOULD” have a military background. I have it “boot camp for all politicians and politician wannabes. Paris Island will do with R. Lee Remy as DI.

      • Linda says:

        So very true Anthony! I thank God for anyone willing to wear a a uniform and be READY to serve whenever and wherever needed… to defend our rights… even the rights of idiots to be wrong!
        Thank you and your family for the sacrifices each of you makes!

    • TomS says:

      The future President George W. Bush trained and served honorably as a jet pilot patroling the northern Gulf of Mexico. That was his assigned duty when active. I sure he would have gone wherever he would have been assigned.

  2. Back in 1912, William Howard Taft is said to have gotten an average of over 500 letters per day and even then the WH had to have a staff of people who did nothing but go through all that mass of correspondence, cull what they deemed important out of it and pass it on up. The prez gets 400 k per annum and all the perqs—-he and his family can blow the tax slaves’ money like snockered sailors on round the world junkets at whim—so it is not too much of a cramp in their lavish life styles to expect such “dignitaries”, if that is not too much of a perversion of terms at this time, to at least make a token effort to honor the dead of the wars that they themselves have either LIED us into for personal and crony gain or continue to LIE us into remaining embroiled in.

    Bush and Obama were dumped out of the exact same Satan’s test tube and I have equally solemn loathing, hatred and contempt for both as the both symbolize the exact same genre of self-service at public expense, sheer and absolute greed and clinical sociopathy….so whether Bush auto penned his signature to 4000 letters of condolence or fifteen of them or Obama did really doesn’t amount to an edgewise knife load of raw beans at a time like this when America is on autopilot to Hell anyway….so this issue is really just a diversionary bagatelle at this point except to the families directly involved, considering the absolute treason that both tyrannical bastards are guilty of against the American people.

    • HPR says:

      And what, Mr Robert Hauser, have you contributed to your country and your fellow Americans?

    • rm says:

      blah blah blah the so called prez can’t even stand there with his hand over his heart (socialist) and you would be there right along side him doushbag

    • Yafah2 says:

      How long have the soldier died? Do you mean that it took ALL that time to finally write a letter to the families? or is this done because it looks good — considering the re-elections are coming up !!!
      It takes someone that loves his/her country to care enough to reach out to families in distress – someone who has compassion. Not someone who is living HIS father’s dream and in doing so – destroying this Country!

    • Alan says:

      To Robert Hauser, Man are you under psychiatric care? You have lots of issues and you need help, firstly for thinking that GW Bush and Nobammy were both from the same mold, that is the most assanine statement I have ever heard they are no where alike and YOU should be able to SEE that. Bush cared for everyone involved and Nobammy doesn’t give a crap about anything or anybody but his ownself and is one of the biggest BIGOTS in the Country.
      You really need help so go get some, before you hurt someone that you care about.

    • V says:

      Correct. They are much the same in terms of what they have done. Bush’s letters were commendable, but let’s not forget that it was he who made those letters necessary! The hatred you are getting is puzzling, unless you factor in the poisoning effect of mainstream media or the poor memory of the collective American psyche. Obama promised to bring them home..he didn’t. He promised to get wall street out of government…lol he most certainly didn’t, in fact he appointed more wall street talent than bush. But bush was also a bad president, partially due to the erosion of the CIA.. You can’t have good decisions when yes men tell you what you want to hear instead of the truth….it’s 21st century ” plausible deniability” ..that gave us the WMD farce..we went to Afghanistan for the poppy fields and the lithium…Obama keeps it going, even strengthens the patriot act!!!! Will Romney fix it? Come on people, Ron Paul..check the record he’s not for sale! He’s been pro constitution and pro America from the jump!!

  3. Sue says:

    Love your optimism Robert! This country will be on the road to hell if people like you are our future!

    • Kent Taylor says:

      This country has already gone to Hell.

      • Kent Taylor says:

        Take a good look at the photo and think Photoshop. That’s what it is. An old photo that’s been going around for several years.

        • Linda says:

          Excuse me for bursting your bubble but that was shown live on TV (at least FSN covered it). Yes, I saw it live and then during later discussions. Not positive but I think it was during his campaign against Hilary, who as much as I dislike her at least she shows respect for the flag.

  4. Karen Williams says:

    Not to mention the fact that he does not like to show respect to our flag either! A picture is worth a thousand words…this one tells me much! It’s time to go….fire his ass!

  5. John Harries says:

    It is unfathomable that Obama dose not have the respect for our country’s flag and that alone shows the disrespect for our whole country. It’s a disgrace and I don’t know how anyone can abide by it.

  6. Rushbabe says:

    What do we expect from a president who really doesn’t love America or Americans anyway.
    Why did Obama seek out communist to hang with during his college years (his words)?
    Because he hates America..

    God Help Us.

    • letitsnow1 says:


    • And a president who has a spiritual advisor named Rev. Wright who everyone knows by now, he is famous for his”God xoxox America” How in the world can anyone, Democrat, Republican or Independent, possibly vote for this man? To follow someone like Wright for 20 years, has Soros as a backer and was almost forced to wear the American flag is not only idiotic, it is insane.

  7. faye leatherwood says:

    Keep these comments posted!!!! Maybe, just maybe there may be a chance for a big difference in November.

  8. john blankenship says:

    obama ist he lost form of scum. if he would drop dead now i wouldnt care we need a person in office that cares for us as a person

  9. Kristin says:

    I personally think that it is wrong for our POTUS took time out of his ‘busy’ schedule to hand write a letter to Heavy D’s family or gave a speech to America about the Travon issue and to be able to go on 16 vacations so far but can’t take 5 min. to at least sign his own name!!! I am sure he is busy for the most part but is it too much to ask that OUR PRESIDENT take time to at least sign his name on 17 auto typed (if need be) forms that someone else typed up to send to these families that their sons, husbands, fathers, brothers, and loved ones who have fought and DIED to defend OUR COUNTRY??? OUR WAY OF LIFE???? So we AMERICAN’S can go to the golf course, go to Starbucks for coffee or Braums for ice cream or just spend the day with OUR family???? I DON’T THINK SO!!!! It has more to do with RESPECT FOR THESE AND ALL SOLDIERS THAN TO DO WITH WHETHER OR NOT YOU AGREE WITH THE WAR OR WHO IS PRESIDENT!!! THEY fought and DIED for US!!!! SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!! AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY THIS COUNTRY IS THAN FEEL FREE TO LEAVE!!!! GO LIVE SOMEWHERE’S ELSE!!!!

  10. Katherine Lord says:

    My daughter wrote to President Bush sometime around 2004, I believe, to ask his opinion on abortion. It was a required assignment for school. I can only imagine how many letters he had to read. Do you know he sent us a nicely signed letter AND a 8 x10 photo of him and the Mrs.! We have a copy of my daughter’s original letter to the President, his letter, and their photo in between . . . Now that is something we feel proud about and it is really a great feeling when you feel proud about your President!

  11. Anne says:

    Robert Hauser, you know the word Hell and Satan, so you must know a little about God. I seriously doubt it though. You must be an atheist! Your words make me sick. Bush was an excellent president. He also was a Christian. I surely can’t say that about Obama. But no matter what either is or was, your opinion of another human being is disgusting. If it were not for Bush, we would probably have had another 9/11 by now. He helped American when we needed it the most.

    Our military is one of the most dedicated and patriotic of all the other countries. Every fallen military person – whether it be Navy Seals or a soldier, deserves respect and should be sent a hand-written letter from our President. I’m sure it can be done. If Obama did it for some Rapper – whom I have never heard of and most certainly did nothing for society and the letter was even read at his funeral, you would think he could have more respect for our military and do something for them. I am ashamed of him as President of the United States of America.

    I pray you will find God in your heart.

  12. Annette says:

    When are the people of the United States going to decide
    Enough is enough! All he has done since he
    got into office is insult the troops and the
    American citizens. I sure hope everyone
    remembers this in November.

    • Patrick Berry, TSgt., USAF, (Retired) says:

      Annette, thank you for your astute evaluation of the news.

      But, the deeper and more frightening aspect to this election is
      the course that America will take for the next FIFTY (50) YEARS!

      The next President will appoint enough Federal judges to
      radically change history!

      The next Congress will pass laws that will determine the fate of
      the Free World for the next century, or longer!

      You might be aware of he $16 Trillion in the budget deficit.
      Are you knowledgeable about the $222 Trillion deficit in the
      Social Security/Medicare ponzi scheme?

  13. In response to Robert Hauser …you stated, “Bush and Obama were dumped out of the exact same Satan’s test tube and I have equally solemn loathing, hatred and contempt for both…” and you are entitled to your opinion. I also have an opinion and that is I feel that President Bush was a greater man than Obama could ever hope to be. I’ve watched President Bush and in my opinion he is a kind and noble man…but…President Obama seems to me to lack the ability to feel true caring for the people he has sworn to serve. In your eyes you may see these two men as equal but from my point of view President Bush is a man to be admired, has he made mistakes, of course he has and so have all of us but President Obama couldn’t admit his mistakes, he’s unable to relate to anyone much less the American people. So you can take your opinions, for what they are worth and choke on them.

  14. don benoit says:

    I thought Clinton was bad but this man is a discarace to the usa

  15. Norma says:

    It is disgraceful that Mr Obama,as commander-in-chief,can’t bring himself to at least sign the letters himself.How long does that take?Something else that caught my attention;in the photo Obama is the only person who does not have his hand over his heart during I assume the Pledge of Allegiance.Shows where his allegiance isn’t.

    • Paul Wesley says:

      Star Spangled Banner from 2007 not the Pledge of Allegiance. Corrupt minds
      easily get twisted by naieve folks. Obama wasn’t even president yet. Simple minds, simple minds!!!

  16. Don P. says:

    Can’t wait to vote this HUMP out.

  17. Patrick Jean says:

    He also was at Dover when the victims’ remains arrived, and met privately with the victims’ families. Two facts that conservative bloggers conveniently overlook. http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/08/09/us-afghanistan-usa-obama-idUSTRE7784J620110809

    • David says:

      One instance of being conveniently in the right place at the right time does not erase 3 1/2 years of no respect and complete disrespect for our military. U.S.A.F. Retired.

  18. Paul Deckelman says:

    I’m sorry, but I utterly reject the “plague on both their houses” false moral equivalence the above poster attempts to establish between Presidents Bush 43 and Obama in regards to their attitudes toward and treatment of members of our U.S. military. I agree with the original author’s point that Bush’s sitting down and personally writing and signing his letters of condolence to the families of military personnel killed in action is light years away from Obama’s obvious disinterest in doing so even for the families of the SEALs killed in that disastrous helicopter crash/shootdown (I believe the latter, done as revenge by alQuaeda/Taliban following the bin Laden killing and FACILITATED by blabby Obama administration officials who revealed the name of the military unit involved, is not beyond the realm of possibility).

    I also think it matters a great deal that Bush was in the military service and Obama was not. If you like, you can deride his stateside service in the Texas Air National Guard as a way to supposedly dodge serving in Vietnam, although he said his primary reason joining up was he wanted to become a pilot – was he perhaps trying to compete with his war hero father’s military legacy? – and he did inquire about joining Palace Alert, a program that assigned National Guard pilots to regular Air Force duty overseas, sometimes including Vietnam but was told he did not have enough flying hours to qualify. But you have to admit that he WAS pursuing a pretty dangerous military occupational specialty as a jet pilot, hardly the choice of a coward. Flying is not natural to man and is thus inherently dangerous — there is always a possibility a pilot who goes up might not come back in one piece, whether he is in a small plane, an F-102 like Lt. Bush flew, a 747 or even a Space Shuttle, and even Air National Guard pilots have sometimes been killed – singer Dean Martin’s son Dean Paul, for instance. Unlike many Guard members who faced no danger at all, Bush took that chance whenever he flew.

    I think that because he had been in the military, even in an unspectacular and not very heroic role, Bush appreciated the dangers military people face and the sacrifices they make in a way Obama never could (and I think our current president’s feelings toward our military are further influenced by his basic leftist orientation – having made the conscious choice during his college years of hanging out (by his own admission in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father), with Marxist professors, political rabble rousers and other malcontents and troublemakers, Obama came of age no doubt believing our military is an instrument of that favorite leftist bugaboo, “racist” American Imperialism, and I think he still believes this on some level).

    When the turncoat Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan murdered 13 U.S. soldiers and wounded 29 others at Fort Hood, former president and Mrs. Bush drove down the next day and spent many hours visiting the wounded, with little or no fanfare. Obama initially commented publicly on the afternoon of the massacre in the midst of some kind of already scheduled White House event for Indian tribes, which then went on as planned, leading some in the media to criticize him for an inappropriately, even bizarrely nonchalant tone. He did not get to Fort Hood until five days after the shootings, and while there was much praise for his eloquent memorial speech there, other media accounts called it “unemotional” and noted the tip-toeing around the obvious – the refusal to call this an act of Islamic terrorism. That was compounded by the administration’s later refusal to characterize this atrocity as such but to instead imply that it was simply “workplace violence” no different than something a fed-up postal employee or McDonald’s counter-person might to his or her fellow workers.

    And finally, military members themselves could tell the difference. There are numerous clips available showing enthusiastic responses by military personnel to visits by then-President Bush – versus the polite, though very tepid and unenthusiastic response Obama gets, most recently at Fort Bliss the other day. The military guys could tell who had their backs – and who doesn’t.

    • Carol says:

      A-men to your wise comments, you certainly hit the nail on the head. I wondere what President Bush’s first and second term would have been like had 9-11 not taken place. I believe we would all be on a different path economically and not under the stress of the past 12 years. If I recall correctly, the pilots of the planes that were involved with 9-11 had hoped only to put fear in us and didn’t expect the two towers to collapse completely. They were pleasently surprised, I am sure, and the loss of over 3000 lives that day was certainly a big coup for them in their minds. Now the one in the WH is to me no better than those pilots, only he is dismantling our country from the inside out.

    • Clara E. Fries says:

      Dear Sir,
      Thank you so much for your excellent piece. It was very well done with facts, not lies.
      It was an academy award in the political arena. I hope and pray, (yes, pray) that this country will do the right thing in November.

  19. Alan says:

    LOOK at the picture of the POTUS, and tell me what you see! You see the Commander in Chief of the United States of America and he DOES NOT have his Right hand over his heart during the National Anthem, this right here should tell you that he does NOT belong in the office that he holds.

    • Rick says:

      The picture was taken in 2007. I am sure he got a Pledge refresher course and his hand has been over his heart many a time since then

    • Paul Wesley says:

      Hey numbnutitus, photo from 2007. Not president. Keep your facts straight & real. As I discover who his associates were in his early years, I think he acquired Marxist philosophy. But as far as this photo, you have been suckered into thinking this is a current one and you think it is the Pledge of Allegiance when it is not. Keep it real and don’t be too eager to fall for the agendas of the rights & lefts. Just obedient pawns in a political system.

  20. Kelly P. says:

    I wrote a letter to George H.W. Bush when I was in 6th grade asking for advice (I had just been voted class president,) and I received a detailed, personal reply. How sad that the families of the fallen Navy SEALS were given such poor treatment by the Commander in Chief.

  21. David DeRousse says:

    That is indeed a sad commentary. What a stark contrast!

  22. Hey Facebook, exactly WHERE is the round of golf mentioned??? You posted it, you are responsible for it.
    george w. bush blah-blah-blah….ACCORDING TO THE WASHINGTON POST!!!!

    You people…..yeah YOU PEOPLE are so &%$#ing gullible you make me sick. You believe what you read and hear. You are a sad, SAD peoples.

  23. Oh yeah….another thing……..2,920 days in office and bush wrote 4,000 letters, visited 500 families and 950 wounded. NO WONDER HE HAD NO TIME TO BE ANY GOOD AT HIS JOB!!!!!!!!

    • Rick says:

      Well he had to do something during all this trips to the ranch in Texas. Seeing that he spent about a third of his time in office there

  24. jams van hoosier says:

    yes if he was unavailable they were auto penned .have bush’s checked and his personal aide probably signed his. the biggest joke in the world was when bush showed up on the flight deck in flight gear. it must have taken 45 minutes to get him in the g suit

  25. Neva Roady says:

    I cannot get the picture out of my mind of the President of the United States turning his back and not honoring our flag. Don’t tell me he loves America. I have never been a fan of Hank Williams, Jr., but he got it right when he said this President is a Muslim and he does not love America.

  26. Terry Kepner says:

    And does the author of this piece truly think that George W. Bush actually SIGNED all the letters sent from HIS administration to families of those who died fighting in the Iraqi war HE “DECIDED” we needed to start? Presidents have been using the auto-pen to sign documents since the device was invented. To single out Obama without mentioning the Republican presidents who did the same thing for something like this is hypocrisy of the highest kind

  27. James Sharpe says:

    I don’t know what rock you have been living under but to say that GW Bush is half as bad as Obama. If you’re talking about the lies of WMD as many purport, it has been proven that Saddam had WMD and sent them to Syria and that he planned to get them again. Congress had all of the same information that Bush did before they authorized war on Iraq Google “Agent that interviewed Saddam” and you’ll see that Bush’s claim of WMDs ws in fact very true.

  28. Carolyn Shank says:

    Shame on you, Robert. You have let your anger outstrip your brain in this blog.
    It is obvious you have plenty to think with, but you are just too hot
    be rational. Of course it matters whether or not a Commander in Chief has the common courtesy to recognize the individual personal sacrifices of those serving under him. He will send them into harm’s way. Not to acknowledge and respect them as individuals is to be less than human. These men, and their families, give all they have without asking why. They are the best of the best America has to offer. That Obama is so petty, himself, to deny their descendants the courtesy of a personal tribute and his signature, is pathetic. The Seals are an important symbol of what America stands for. Obama, on the other hand, has shown himself to be a symbol of all that is NOT classy; the crass and artless American without a heart. He is a no-body.

  29. Just Remember November 6th, VOTE him OUT!!!!!!!!!
    Also if all you people that see this go See the MOVIE 2016. It will bring all this together. I did not vote for him because I followed him & found that he was not going to be who he tried to get the voter to know. There must have been stars in all the folks that voted for him. He wants to destroy thaUSA as we know it. EVERYONE PLEASE JUST LISTEN TO WHAT HE IS SAYING & WHO HE HAS ASSOCIATED WITH!!!!!

  30. Donald W Bolt says:

    It is a disgrace that our American President will always make time to boost his campaign or raise money for his own agenda. But if it takes time to visit a hurricane area, families of fallen heroes or just be civil to the pains of our fellow Americans, he does not have the time. I want a new President , one who respects the principles of our founding fathers and the care and treatment of our citizens.

  31. Paul Michel says:

    Did I miss where you cited your source? Or are you just making stuff up as you go along?

  32. Rick says:

    Ok go ahead and write a letter to 30 people you don’t personally know. How freaking different is each letter going to be? Not that much. You think Romney would have done anything much different? The hell he would have. People on the right are just so damn eager to criticize Obama over the most trivial things. Like people never mispronounce words? Heck, I know I have. And transposed numbers. And forgotten things that I wanted to remember-welcome to being a human. Maybe if Bush kept his eye on the ball in Afghanistan instead of diverting armed forces resources to Iraq, our troops could have already come home from Afghanistan.

  33. Paul Michel says:

    Just who are you anyway? You sound like a little punk that pulls **** out of your ass. And what are you implying about Obama when you say he has time to send condolences for a rapper but not for a SEAL? I personally don’t think that statement bodes well on the question of your character.

    • Rick says:

      Condolences were sent. It makes sense to send the same condolence to all the SEALS. It comes back to knowing someone. So he wrote Heavy D-maybe he actually met the guy and/or listened to his music and that music made an impact on him. Kenny Chesney’s music has made a great impact on me and I have met him. I have never met a SEAL. And while I can appreciate, IN THE ABSTRACT, what they do, in my day to day life, they really don’t have much impact.

  34. molly says:

    My fear: Obummer will win fraudulently…..Someone reassure me that this will not happen….please!!

  35. Cheryl Vernon says:

    It is very simple, Mr & Mrs OB do not like America I have read and watch tapes on them and in my mind they both would rather we be oh I mean they “Know in their minds” that we are very stupid people and they can bend us to their will and way of thinking. I love America, our Flag and our Freedoms, I am Proud of all our men and women that serve to protect us and America, I am sorry they have to die for us but again I am proud of them and they family and friends that they have given us there sons, daughters, wives, husbands and sweetheart so we can live in a land so lovely and do what ever we want. To the people that bash us I say shame on you, you too can have a life like us if you work hard and get the RIGHT PEOPLE in office. I have no problem with Mr. OB color he is just not seasoned for the office and I think he needs to put HIS church on the back burner when dealing with us. We are a nation of all different beliefs and our other Pres. did not shove there beliefs down on us like this man does. I have more feelings on this matter but I have to go pay my High bills so I can live on what is left of our money. Mr. Pres. Please step down and let some one else realy try and help us our of YOUR MESS.

  36. Robert says:

    Lol, This article isn’t even accurate, or factual in any part related to Obama. He can cite his sources for information regarding bush, but no sources listed for his knowledge of what obama has done as far as letters go. Have to love people that make things up.

  37. Vivienne says:

    I just hope everyone wakes up and Trust in God not in Obama. It’s about time you realised he is a Muslim. He is definately out to destro America. Like ALL Muslims are. Remember 911..PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA>

    • Hammer says:

      9-11 Happened under BUSH, not Obama. I did vote for Obama and proud of it! Keep all republicans away from our govt. The 47% don’t need gop help.

  38. dave says:

    While I agree that this is typical of a prez that don’t care, remember one thing about saying the seals are the best we have. The seals, green berets, rangers and all special forces from the army navy and marines sneak in when the enemy doesn’t know they are coming. Air Force para-rescue goes in WHEN and WHERE the enemy expects them and still gets the job done. That my friends is real expertise.

  39. Carol Harris says:

    I wish George W. Bush was running for president again so there would be someone worth voting for. Lord please help us whatever way it goes.

  40. Carl Brown says:

    When you read stories like this keep in mind an apropos Mark Twain quote.

    “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the TRUTH is still putting on it’s shoes.”

  41. JW says:

    Would everyone out there just get out and VOTE. This nonsense will stop in a heartbeat. Go out and VOTE!

  42. DM from Alabama says:


  43. J Miller says:

    Before any one even considers running for the Presidency, He should have an extensive Military Background. I would feel much better going in under someone
    who at least has a clue. Nobamy, No way.

  44. James Miller says:

    To be President, he should an extensive Military background first. Would ou rather serve under some one with a clue ? Or some one like Numnuts with out a clue?

  45. Tim Parker says:

    George W. Bush used political influence to gain a pilot training slot. He refused an order to obtain his annual flight physical. he failed to serve his five years flying in accordance with his commitment at the time he went to pilot training. he achieved a miserable 200 hours in the F-102 and never upgraded to flight lead. He topped it all off by failing to complete his basic commitment after he moved guard units.
    When he was President he glossed over intelligence to the contrary and scared the American public into believing Iraq presented a threat to the United States. Under such a pretense he then obtained Congressional approval to invade Iraq and under his leadership, failed to plan for the occupation of Iraq. The rest is history. He can write letters every day of his disingenuous life because those 4400 deaths and 33000 wounded are on his miserable soul.

  46. Patrick Berry, TSgt., USAF, (Retired) says:

    Tim Parker, you are half right about the story of George W. Bush. He was a Reserve pilot of the F-102 Interceptor. The rest is stupidity, and you should be ASHAMED that you make up LIES about a President, who served us in the military, and, as our

    Now then, we can go into the Facts, which I may have understated here, but which
    you can verify on the record:

    1. States fund Guard pay and mission expenses. There were over 200 Reserve Pilots, but, in the change of aircraft, many pilots were not of the youth, and had aging and marginal abilities, to qualify to upgrade to the new Interceptor, and mission. Flying acrobatic interceptors is “no country for ‘old’ men”.

    All Americans should salute the men and women who have endured the hardships
    necessary to be combat ready, no matter which branch of service. I salute you all.
    But, then, I have the Right to do so, for I served on active duty for two decades.

    2. Guard aircraft were outdated, and retired, until, before most of those pilots were complete in their Guard time, but, had completed their flying hours, there were only two aircraft remaining in inventory. With maintenance schedules and limits on flight hours for those aircraft, most pilots who had completed their hours, could be discharged early. That saved many states millions in their budgets!

    So, if you weren’t so conniving in your propaganda, sir, you would be termed an IDIOT! But, it gets better!

    President G.W. Bush had to make a decision about Iraq, based upon the best intelligence that all of our allies and our own assets provided, and that was that Saddam Hussein had the weapons of Mass Destruction, in stockpile, that he had used on Kurd villagers.

    Satellite photo and “other” recon. showed missiles similar to known types that could
    reach our allies. All the intel pointed the leaders of nations who agreed to enforce the U.N. sanctions, towards that all the steps that led to the invasion of Iraq.

    Brilliantly planned and executed, the conduct of everyone was above reproach.

    Socialists who now desire to revise history are trying to do so to put all of us who
    saved our allies from the world’s 4th largest war machine, in a bad light.

    Well, we patriots who served America, her allies, and the ideals of Freedom, object to your deceit about all that America accomplished! America is a World Leader and supports world peace through the U.N. All that we have done is in compliance and
    support of U.N. objectives.

    Tim, you must want isolationism, so that in your mediocare mentality, some kind
    of “feel good” emotion is satisfied. That doesn’t work in the real world, where
    even the poor nations can have dictators and weapons of mass destruction.

    But, how could any sane patriot possibly imagine what some liberal socialist stink wad really knows of history, or of military power, as one facet of diplomacy?

    After you served in the military, and got some experience, I would buy you a cup of java, and listen to your experiences, probably mirroring my own, on 5 continents.

    Until then, why don’t you study some history, learn it, enjoy the peace provided
    by heros, to drink your coffee, in silence?

  47. Ruth says:

    Robert Hauser: You are so filled with hatred that you can’t see a forest for the trees. Hate comes from the devil and you are spreading it around big time. Christians have love and tolerance for their fellow man. I can pray to God to forgive you, for you know not what you do, but your requests and comments go directly to Satan and he loves you for your hatred.

  48. Hammer says:

    The lies from the right are just astounding. The President may have sent “form” letters but he calls each and every family who loses a loved one in Bush’s war. Bush never wrote personal letters, are you kidding? someone else did that for him. And he should write personal letters because it is HIS FAULT any of these solders died. He started these wars. You think your lies can win for you, but the truth will prevail. Obama 2012

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