Obama Attacks Romney-Ryan Campaign, Pot Calls Kettle Black

The Obama Campaign has wasted no time trying to seize the high ground in the wake of Mitt Romney’s announcement of Paul Ryan as his running mate. Within a day, the Obama Campaign started off with their typical mudslinging and, of course, got started early with an outright lie.

Ryan, whose budget proposals have been the only budget proposals that address the need to reduce our national debt in any meaningful way, is being targeted by the Obama Campaign for his radical stance. I am certainly not surprised to find that the current administration finds the concept of government attempting to live within their means and institute fiscally sane policies to be “radical.”

The Obama Campaign tweeted a picture juxtaposing a disjointed Romney-Ryan duo with a suave, all-business toughness of the Obama-Biden team. With an arrow pointing to the Romney-Ryan duo, the ad claims, “This team wants to raise taxes for 95% of Americans.”

With an arrow pointed towards the Obama-Biden partnership, the ad claims, “This team is fighting for the middle class.”

I suppose the intention of the ad is to persuade middle class mouthbreathers with the attention span of a squirrel, because they are the only ones in the country that could possibly believe that A) The Romney-Ryan Campaign is looking to increase taxes on 95% of Americans and, B) That Obama and Biden are the true advocates for middle-class-America.

The Obama Campaign is in a tough spot as they hurl towards the November showdown; before Obama can legitimately discuss what his administration would do, should he win another term, to fix the problems in our country, he must first be willing to discuss the problems that he helped create with fiscal recklessness.

Obamacare, the colossal catastrophe of healthcare legislation that was jammed down Americans’ throats, has now become Obamatax. And the government-mandated extortion that is the individual mandate serves as the largest tax hike on the middle class in recent history. I’m not certain Team Obama should be painting themselves as fiscal warriors for the middle class when they’re responsible for this tremendous burden.

Representative Marsha Blackburn wrote,

“[Obamacare] will hit 50 million Americans every year. The ripple effects will very likely increase premiums by billions of dollars a year for families and small businesses across the country.

The $8 billion ‘Obamacare’ fee on insurers will increase Americans’ premiums by $10.6 billion in its first year, estimates Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a former director of the Congressional Budget Office .

That tax will be particularly hard on the poor and middle class — the very people that were supposed to benefit from the law.

In 2014, people earning between $10,000 and $30,000 will pay almost $2.8 billion in higher health insurance premiums. People earning between $30,000 and $50,000 will pay $2.2 billion. (This does not include the proposed government subsidy.) People earning from $75,000 to $100,000 will pay less than $1.5 billion, and the numbers only go down from there.

While insurers will be forced to collect the tax, the bottom line is that all Americans will ultimately pay the tab — the people already struggling to pay their grocery bills, car payments and mortgages during one of the worst periods of economic growth in recent memory.”

Obamatax notwithstanding, the Obama Campaign can hardly be said to be “fighting for the middle class” when we see a national average unemployment rate of 8.3%. In fact, the unemployment numbers just continue to clime as July saw the unemployment rate climb from 8.2% to 8.3%.  Furthermore, these numbers do not accurately reflect the actual unemployment numbers as they are adjusted to discount people who have been unemployed for so long, they are no longer considered to be looking for work. When we add them to the mix, we see an unemployment number of around 15%. No, Obama and Biden are not fighting for the middle class; and if they are, they’re doing a lousy job.

Now that we have established that the Obama Campaign is full of it, (as if you needed me to tell you that!) let’s take a look at Romney’s tax proposal. His plan calls for:

-Make a permanent, across-the-board 20 percent cut in marginal rates

-Maintain current tax rates on interest, dividends and capital gains

-Eliminate taxes for taxpayers with adjusted gross income below $200,000 on interest, dividends and capital gains

-Eliminate the death tax

-Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax

“Cut” rates, “eliminate taxes”, “repeal” taxes- I cannot find any place where there is a call for tax hikes. In fact, it doesn’t even outline any “special” treatment for those much-loathed rich folk- it provides tax cuts to the lower and middle class in the form of a zero tax rate on interest, dividends and capital gains, thus fostering growth in the lower and middle class. This proposal looks to foster economic growth through the oh-so-shocking and discarded principle of letting more people keep more of their money.

It should be noted, however, that while tax cuts are a good step towards breaking the government’s dependency on other peoples’ money, I cannot advocate strongly enough for a simplified, streamlined tax system. As fiscal sanity may soon be returned to Washington, I hope to hear that discussion gain traction.

The Obama Campaign’s slogan is “forward”, because they sure as hell can’t have us looking back and seeing their dismal record of failures. However, as their plan for the future is the implementation of the same failed policies that got us here in the first place, they can’t really afford to run on a platform of ideas; all that leaves them with is simply making up lies and hoping they’re perceived as truths.

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3 Responses to Obama Attacks Romney-Ryan Campaign, Pot Calls Kettle Black

  1. Robert Hauser says:

    The actual jobless rate in America according to Blanchard & Sons is 41%—-figures lie and liars figure and nobody does it more flagrantly than the Dept of Labor with their la-la land stats.

  2. Lunatic Fringe says:

    And remember tax cheat Timmy. When asked by a Republican congressman what the administration’s economic plan was he replied “we don’t have a plan but we don’t like yours”. That’s true leadership right there.

  3. Dustin says:

    Before Obama:

    I had a good job
    My industry was doing well
    My refrigerator was full
    I could fill the tank in my car
    Our constitution was intact.

    After Obama:
    None of these exist anymore.
    remove this racist, socialist LIAR!
    ‘Nuf said.

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