Chicago Politics Goes National: Obama Administration Plays Fast and Loose With Election Laws

Voter intimidation? No, we're just here selling cookies...Anyone who has been paying attention at all knows that the Obama Justice Department, headed by the infamous Eric Holder, has been playing pretty fast and loose with elections over the last four years. More sinister than any ambiguous charges of “hanging chads” or anything of the like, Obama’s Justice Department angles to create an election filled with ineligible voters and attempts to hinder lawful voters to the fullest extent allowable. It’s Chicago politics 101, and Obama’s taking a page out of Kennedy’s playbook. If only Kennedy had known that government could do the job better than the mob, he could have saved his dad a lot of money.

The first signal that we might have a despot on our hands was the Justice Department’s refusal to prosecute the Black Panthers that intimidated voters outside voting stations. The encounters, caught on film, entailed two members of the Black Panthers standing outside a voting station in Philadelphia, thumping batons against their hands menacingly and glaring at white people as they pass by. The Department of Justice brought action against the thugs, and when they didn’t even show up for their own hearing, the judge ruled against them. However, by the time sentencing came around, Obama had been sworn in, Holder had become Attorney General and the case was, outrageously, dismissed during the sentencing phase, sending the message that radical militants intimidating voters is okay as long as they are intimidating the right people.

Earlier this month, a federal court concluded that the Department of Justice had interfered with the Black Panther case and that such interference may have been politically motivated. In fact, in what is becoming a hallmark of this Justice Department, several officials began playing the blame game, and it seems someone might not have told the truth under oath. But, as this is the same Holder DOJ that brought us the travesty that is the Fast and Furious scandal, I don’t honestly expect much to get done in the way of finding wrongdoing. Four years after the incident, they are just now scratching the surface and contemplating that maybe something smells fishy here.

Of course, as Holder was held in contempt of Congress, irrelevant talking-head and former House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi insisted that his contempt charge had nothing to do with his treasonous betrayal of both law and ethics, but that the charge was a political witch hunt because the GOP was trying to thwart his attempts to provide a fair election. She stated,

“What we have seen is a shameful display of abuse of power by the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Instead of bringing job-creating legislation to the floor, the transportation bill, they are holding the attorney general of the United States in contempt of Congress for doing his job. It’s really important to note how this is connected with some of their other decisions. It is no accident. It is no coincidence that the attorney general of the United States is the person responsible for making sure that voter suppression does not happen in our country, that issues that relate to the civil liberties of the American people are upheld…Don’t forget: They’re going after Eric Holder because he is supporting measures to overturn these voter suppression initiatives in the states. This is no accident. It is no coincidence. It is a plan on the part of the Republicans.”

Nancy caught us. Our collective calls for Holder’s contempt charge stemmed not from his complicity in a false flag operation that left an American Border Patrol Agent dead; no, it was because the right-wingers have secretly been conspiring to disenfranchise voters and Eric Holder is just too darn good at providing secure, fair elections. Come on, Nancy…

Holder has been vigorously combating states that have laws mandating voters show IDs when voting. In combination with Obama’s “anything goes” brand of “immigration reform”, Holder’s crusade against voter ID laws signal an enthusiasm for supporting little or no accountability on election day to ensure secure, honest elections. While the left loves to pull out the rare outlier of someone, somewhere who has never gotten official ID, the crusade against voter ID laws is rooted in the Obama administration’s  desire to get as many illegals and otherwise ineligible voters voting. Ironically enough, the government mandates photo IDs for driving, getting on an airplane, buying a beer, buying cigarettes, gambling and, of course, seeing an R-rated movie. Even Obama mandates that people show ID when attending his rallies. Voting, on the other hand, should be run on the honor system? Try and spot the holes in logic there…

Now, the Obama Campaign is suing the State of Ohio to restrict the extra time given to military personnel to vote. In Ohio, a battleground state, military personnel are allowed to begin voting three days prior to the rest of the public. The Obama Campaign, while still paying lip service to the military about honoring their commitment to their country, is trying to stop this practice and is calling the law “arbitrary” with “no discernible rational basis.”

The National Defense Committee stated,

“[f]or each of the last three years, the Department of Defense’s Federal Voting Assistance Program has reported to the President and the Congress that the number one reason for military voter disenfranchisement is inadequate time to successfully vote.”

I truly find this objectionable on every level and hope this news gets spread to every veteran across America. I sincerely do not see the problem with giving an extra three days latitude for military personnel to cast their vote. If the Obama Campaign wishes to address election issues, I suggest it starts with the aforementioned egregious issues that wreak of election fraud.

I generally have contempt for those that try to custom-tailor the rules to narrowly fit their purpose. This administration is taking advantage of being the current regime to tailor the rules to fit their purposes, and it is not only unseemly, it is undemocratic and shady. Let’s send this crook back to Chicago where this kind of thing is more accepted; he can feel more at home and we can all sleep better at night.

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5 Responses to Chicago Politics Goes National: Obama Administration Plays Fast and Loose With Election Laws

  1. Martha Evans says:

    I absolutely agree with you on this Dustin!!! I think it is totally UNAMERICAN to tell our Military Men and Women that they don’t deserve 3 extra days to vote.They lay their lives on the line for this Country.I find it strange that he says they are no different than anybody else.Well not everybody else would run towards gun fire and bombs,but they do,and they do it willingly I might add.I can’t see any reason other than Political for him to want this to change.And we all know the elections are just around the corner.Why has nothing been mentioned til now?? Has anyone bothered to ask him that question??

  2. bob eier says:

    Obama is demonstrating his radical left wing anti-Constitutional,
    Stalinist socialistic agenda. He lacks honesty, integrity, morals. He corrupts the rule of law;”an old Indian saying is appropriate– He Speaks With Forked Tongue”[Snake lying lawyer]. He fits the ruling class of Animal Farm;[PIGS]. Vote him and his M.U.T.T.’s out.

  3. Mary. Ann Betz says:

    I really think. Id’s should be used. This is the way to help keep it husband has been dead for 8 yrs. he still gets mail from the goverment. They donot know what they are doing.need to get this fixed for NOV VOTING. THIS IS VITAL

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