Julian Assange’s Supporters In A Nutshell: Assange Should Be Able To Get Away With Sexual Assault Because We Like Him And Hate America

Many liberals love Julian Assange because they hate America and he disclosed top secret American documents. How many people died because of what Julian Assange did? We don’t know for sure and intelligence agencies around the world have reason to stay quiet about it, but we do know he put information out that should have enabled repressive governments to identify spies and enemies of the regime.

Now, Assange is in Britain, holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy.

The furor over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s future entered stalemate mode Friday as he remained holed up in Ecuador’s London embassy, his home for nearly two months, following an extraordinary display of brinkmanship between Britain and the South American country.

The lanky Australian is the subject of an international tug-of-war, with Swedish prosecutors seeking to question him about alleged sexual misconduct and Britain refusing to let him travel to Ecuador even though that South American country has offered him asylum.

Britain says it can’t allow Assange safe passage because of the European arrest warrant demanding his return to Sweden — and has said it may use a little-known law to revoke the Ecuadorean embassy’s status so that Assange could be taken into custody and extradited to Sweden.

…Amid the ferment, two Swedish women accused him of sexual assault; Assange, who denies wrongdoing, has been fighting extradition to Sweden ever since.

Assange’s supporters are raising holy hell about the British wanting to capture Assange, but at this point, what they’re opposing is Assange having to go on trial for sexual assault. Granted, those are not the only charges that Assange will eventually face, but when you make espionage your stock and trade, you shouldn’t be surprised if the governments you try to hurt push back. One way or the other, Julian Assange is going to be made an example of, and that’s exactly how it should be.

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2 Responses to Julian Assange’s Supporters In A Nutshell: Assange Should Be Able To Get Away With Sexual Assault Because We Like Him And Hate America

  1. SirGareth says:

    We have a compliant press, they lie to us to support the administration. We need a 4th estate which is now dead in the USA. The charges are politically motivated and this is a might makes right action.

    We have a secret government, it is awash in who is paying who off with our money. This cannot work in a government of the people and by the people, but it works well in tyrannical dictatorships.

    The man was not bound to obey US laws since he was never on US soil. There is no standing of the federal government in this affair. I guess Obama could send a predator missile into the Ecuadoran Embassy in London but it might cause a diplomatic kerfuffle Downing Street. It works OK in Pakistan.

    The rape charge is nonsense, it was trumpet up to illegally extradite him from Sweden to the USA. The aim here is to put him where the sun never shines, and legalities are unnecessary when you let the air of a a tyrant’s tires. I still don’t know what the Feds have on the Swedish regime but they have the goods on the people in charge in Sweden or they would never cooperate. They sold steel to the worlds enemies in WW-II (both Germany and Japan).

    This is not about right and wrong, just raw power.

    • Starling says:

      Assange is a manipulative coward. He and his supporters are a disgrace to the rights of two Swedish women,whether trumped up or not he has to obey to the to the laws of the land.
      There is absolutely no evidence that he will be extradited from Sweden,some of the conspiracy theories/counter arguments on his rights are near ridiculous,imaginative but ridiculous. The women working for the CIA,US having a hold on Sweden,his right to have freedom of speech? Who’s suppressing him?
      I don’t believe a word that comes out of any politicians mouth but similarly I don’t believe a word that comes out his either.

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