John Boehner Owes Conservatives An Apology Over His TARP Comments



Did you think we shouldn’t have handed hundreds of billions of dollars of your money to well connected corporations and bankers who wanted capitalism on the way up and socialism on the way down? Did you oppose TARP? If so, there’s someone out there who thinks you’re a blithering idiot. Unfortunately, it’s not Barack Obama; it’s John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House.

BOEHNER: I mean, I think that (Paul Ryan’s) a practical conservative. He’s got a very conservative voting record, but he’s not a knuckle-dragger, all right? He understood that TARP, while none of us wanted to do it, if we were going to save — save our economy, save the world economy, it had to happen. I wish we didn’t have to do it, either, but he understood that.

TARP didn’t save our economy or the world economy. In fact, Boehner himself originally opposed the TARP package that passed and only folded like a sheet when he started getting blamed for McCain’s bumbling on the issue. In fact, the majority of Republicans in the House voted against TARP (91 for and 108 against).

Maybe inside of the D.C. bubble, where John Boehner spends most of his time, TARP is considered a wild success. In the rest of the country, where people who work for a living resent being forced to bail out a bunch of irresponsible corporate fat-cats, TARP is considered one of the many disastrous decisions made by the idiots in D.C. over the last few years. If John Boehner thinks all of those people are knuckle-draggers, then he’s probably not the best man to lead the GOP in the House.

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3 Responses to John Boehner Owes Conservatives An Apology Over His TARP Comments

  1. Steve Burke says:

    He’s right! Things would be a world worse if the money had not been spent.

    • GameGenie says:

      Wow, well-developed counterfactual there. The truth is that nobody can say for sure what might or might not have happened if Congress hadn’t handed played TARP the way it did. And it doesn’t really matter either way: there are still way too many Americans with no reason to believe that the economy has been saved at all. Arguing that the status quo is better than some strawman nightmare scenario says more about your opinion of the status quo than the facts.

      I recommend reading “Bailout” by former Special Inspector General of TARP Neil Barofsky. The guy in charge of oversight for your beloved program (a Dem too!) wasn’t a fan… neither am I.

      But hey, that’s just one fictional character’s opinion…

  2. Lemrob says:

    Boehner needs to apologize to the American people for a lot of things. No backroom deal with Dirty Harry and for not going after Holder.

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