Democrats Change Name of Stadium to Avoid Reminding People of Their Failures

Will you be attending the Democratic National Convention at Panther Stadium in September? No? Me neither. But, while there are several reasons why I will not be cheering the Democrats on at Panther Stadium, the most prominent reason is that the stadium does not exist.

No, you read that correctly. While the Democrats gear up for their convention at “Panther Stadium” in Charlotte, North Carolina, it should be noted that the stadium in which the NFL team, the Carolina Panthers play is called “Bank of America Stadium.” There is no “Panther Stadium”.

In a move that makes me shake my head at the absurdity of it, the Democrats have changed the name of their venue for their increasingly lame convention. Now, there are two possible reasons for this name change:

1) The comrades in the Democratic Party seem to be distancing themselves from any type of capitalist phrasing or terminology. Like Castro did when he took over Cuba, the Democrats seem to be eliminating things that smack of capitalism.

Or 2) The Democratic Party wishes to distance themselves from the bailout the government gave Bank of America after the government began twisting lenders’ arms into throwing out the old playbook of tried-and-true lending practices in favor of radical, unsustainable lending practices.

Of course, this new strategy, generated not from sound business practices, but social engineering, landed poor people into houses they couldn’t afford, creating a bubble that would burst. The taxpayers then fronted the bill for the toxic loans that should have never been given out in the first place, and the capitalist bankers were blamed by the Democrats who helped create the crisis to begin with.

Now, as the Democrats try to stretch a buck to put on a lackluster convention, the last thing they need is for people to re-associate the Democratic Party with the Bank of America bailout.

This whole thing would be funny if it weren’t so sad. The Democrats should just call the stadium what they want; it still won’t change the fact that two years of a Democrat-controlled Congress in cooperation with a Marxist executive did near-irreparable damage to this country that will take generations to fix. Changing the name of a stadium is not enough to undo the damage they have done nor disassociate the Democrats from their catastrophic policies, and November is just around the corner.

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One Response to Democrats Change Name of Stadium to Avoid Reminding People of Their Failures

  1. brian g says:

    Can we be certain its not a subtle nod to a certain militant group who use the same big cat and a color for their namesake?

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