Courtesy Of Twitter, The 10 Best #ObamaSeuss Tweets






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10 Responses to Courtesy Of Twitter, The 10 Best #ObamaSeuss Tweets

  1. Richard Hall says:

    I hate to give up Air Force One I’ve been ryden, but I might have to because of Vice President Biden!

  2. Alfrey says:

    Communities were organized through hope and change
    Come on, re-elect me; no need to explain.
    Don’t look at my record, Don’t hold me to my word
    That’s only done by racists who shouldn’t be heard!

  3. "just saying" says:

    Coming to America we will never know
    If Obummer was legal to run the “big show”

    We have our man this season to elect
    A real citizen candidate, without a doubt, all the know how!

  4. David King says:

    Biden said republicans want to put us in chains. But four more years of Obama we’ll all be in pain.

  5. David King says:

    A socialist country is my project. Now c’mon America show me some respect.

  6. B. Jarrell says:

    I’m blue, I’m blue oh what to do
    My fame is fading fast,
    My fans, My fans I’ve hoodwinked them,
    My lies they can’t get past.
    I’ve wallowed in fame these past 4 years,
    My wants were all obtained.
    But I’ve been found out, there’s no more trust,
    And I’m the one to blame
    I achieved new highs while in this place,
    They listened to my call,
    Now unemployment’s out the roof,
    And I’m joining them this fall.

  7. Robert says:

    no libs news care about what the facts are, that is why I am the best Taxxer.

  8. Alesha says:

    This isn’t how it’s supposed to go!
    The New World Order runs the show.
    I’m just the psychopath they put up front
    to take the beatings they don’t want.
    But they are unwise
    for they don’t realize
    this position they put me in
    gave me the keys to do us all in!
    And come November
    with the cold weather,
    if I don’t get to stay….
    I’ma blow us ALL away!!
    If I can’t have it, NO ONE can!!
    I think I can
    cuz I’m The Man,
    the son of Sam
    with the red right hand.
    Do you understand?

    It’s not rocket science, People!
    It’s simple MATH!!
    For being so stupid,
    you should suffer my WRATH!!

    c- Alesha B 8/21/12

  9. Mary Lou Corder says:

    Obama, Obama, you promised us hope, but four years later we are at the end of our rope. We now have idle cars in our lot and most can’t even afford a chicken to put in a pot.
    “We can, we can,” you continue to say as the knot at the end of our rope continues to fray. Day and night, you continue to spend refusing to meet with our elected friends.
    What is that you say, “We are doing okay?” Government under your rule will save the day because all those rich people are going to pay.
    I say, “Hope does not float without a boat.” Today, tomorrow, or next week Obama, Obama I have no hope in what you say; I can’t even afford a boat. Mr. Obama, you are done. However, never fear, Romney and Ryan will save the day because they will restore American’s GLORY and dry our tears.

  10. Jack Moberg says:

    Focus please on Mitt Romney’s money. Keep your minds off of my records, honey.

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