Citizens Send a Clear Message to the UN: Keep Your Hands Off Our Guns!

Well, it looks like our Second Amendment rights will live to see another day. The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which was designed to complicate the process of the import and export of firearms has been defeated.

The United Nations committee tasked with the job of drafting the final version of the treaty to present it to member nations has broken down and the treaty is dead. The treaty was touted by globalist gun-grabbers as a means of regulating the sale of firearms to countries, and nothing more. However, the National Rifle Association relentlessly pursued the matter and spoke out on it’s true intention of curtailing Americans’ Second Amendment protections. The NRA noted,

“…the most recent draft treaty includes import/export controls that would require officials in an importing country to collect information on the ‘end user’ of a firearm, keep the information for 20 years, and provide the information to the country from which the gun was exported. In other words, if you bought a Beretta shotgun, you would be an ‘end user’ and the U.S. government would have to keep a record of you and notify the Italian government about your purchase. That is gun registration. If the U.S. refuses to implement this data collection on law-abiding American gun owners, other nations might be required to ban the export of firearms to the U.S….

Exports could also be blocked if they would ‘support’ or ‘encourage’ terrorist acts or ‘provoke, prolong or aggravate acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace,’ or could be used in ‘gender-based violence’ or to inflict ‘human suffering.’ Anti-gun activists here and abroad have long claimed that gun ownership in general does all of these things, so any of these provisions could be abused by foreign governments to shut off exports to law-abiding Americans.”

As I discussed earlier, when the treaty was being drafted, the nature of the treaty was not a direct assault on American firearm ownership; instead, the end-run around our Constitution was far more sneaky and rooted in a gradual infringement. Globalists who resent our private citizens’ ownership of firearms aimed to cut off our supplies at the source and create a de facto international arms registry. Thankfully, those that value freedom stood up to the globalist bullies.

The NRA exerted tremendous pressure on legislators, speaking out and letting them know that Americans are watching and are not happy with this violation of our national sovereignty. Furthermore,  Kansas Senator Jerry Moran and 50 other Senators led the charge by submitting a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton outlining their unwillingness to bend on this issue. The letter stated,

“As the treaty process continues, we strongly encourage your administration not only to uphold our country’s constitutional protections of civilian firearms ownership, but to ensure – if necessary, by breaking consensus at the July conference – that the treaty will explicitly recognize the legitimacy of lawful activities associated with firearms, including but not limited to the right of self-defense. As members of the United States Senate, we will oppose the ratification of any Arms Trade Treaty that falls short of this standard.”

Senator Moran further stated,

“Our country’s sovereignty and the rights of American citizens must not be infringed upon by the United Nations. Today, the Senate sends a powerful message to the Obama Administration: an Arms Trade Treaty that does not protect ownership of civilian firearms will fail in the Senate. Our firearm freedoms are not negotiable.”

A number of factors caused the demise of this treaty. The NRA made the political atmosphere toxic for any legislator that would sacrifice American firearm rights to yield to globalist demands. Furthermore, senators and representatives took a firm stance against the Obama administration’s willingness to sell out its citizens in favor of currying favor in the global community.

Most of all, it was the relentless voicing of concerns from the people that compelled both our legislators and the NRA to act. Congress, in conjunction with the powerful gun-rights group, acted upon the demands by people like you and me. On, almost 83,000 letters were sent out, demanding action by our representative and senators. Our government has become increasingly deaf to citizens’ cries for representative democracy. In these times, it is important to remember it is the vocal groups, the Tea Party and the gun-rights organizations that are the true bastions of representation in government. Thanks to the spirit of constructive protest found in the Tea Party, we finally have a voice in Washington and, it seems, the world. To those who signed the petition, thank you. Though we did not move Congress to act by ourselves, we all helped in this fight. Let us not forget the power to be found in grassroots organizing.

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4 Responses to Citizens Send a Clear Message to the UN: Keep Your Hands Off Our Guns!

  1. SirGareth says:

    The NRA is perhaps the only outfit in Washington DC that still represents the citizens.

    It is the mostly widely supported lobby in the USA and the Kleptocrats in DC fear it more than witches fear water.

    Unlike the NEA, the ABA, and the rest of the leeches, the NRA is looking for no handouts from the DC Kleptocrats; it works only to preserve our diminishing liberty.

    • Robert Hauser says:

      The NRA is far from the only show in town…a far more effective and honest group is the NAGR headed by Dudley Brown. DO NOT support any so called “pro gun” group honchoed by one Alan Gottlieb—all he does is pocket the contributions and dues money and has never once filed a case on behalf of gun owners—he was exposed as a fraud by Dr. Edw Fields i n THE TRUTH AT LAST.

  2. Robert Hauser says:

    Hilarity Clinton, Obama and Schumer the Tumor need to get their faces very forcefully shoved into the grim reality that we aren’t surrendering our right to keep and bear—-with this victory we have given them and the Brady Bunch and all the rest of these subversive bastards the commute salute and Dear God does it feel good.

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