Biting the Hand That Feeds You: “Occupiers” Turn on Obama

Welcome to Obama's AmericaSure, it was all fun and games for the left when the Occupiers were targeting the right with their unique blend of anarchy and calls for Marxism. Now, the left’s favorite Frankenstein has turned on it’s creator- a fact that brings this author endless delight.

Occupy Portland and Occupy Oakland have taken up residence in Obama Campaign Headquarters in their respective cities. The Occupiers who have hosted the takeovers have made demands related to the incarceration of Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier currently facing trial for providing classified documents to Wikileaks. The demands include that,

“President Obama apologize for statements they said he made regarding Manning’s guilt, that the president ensures soldiers are free from pre-trial punishment, alleging that Manning was held in long periods of isolation, and that Manning be pardoned.”

Actually, that makes sense. While it is absolutely contemptible that a person would pass along classified documents to make political gains, Obama is actually the right person to talk to for clemency. His administration is responsible for several leaks, including the leak of classified information on the bin Laden raid to movie producers, thus endangering the lives of soldiers.

The Occupy “movement” is a disjointed coalition of groups of various levels of commitment to radicalism. They seem to have no clear, unified goal or plan outside of destruction of the status quo with no concept of any practical application of any of the previously-failed left wing ideologies they seem to admire. They further have no regard for private property, the rule of law or any structured institution. They can call themselves whatever they want, but they are, by and large, anarchists.

Granted, these are generalizations, and as I said before, there are varying levels of commitments within the groups. However, the fact remains that the advocacy of tearing down social structures and functions of government without any coherent plan, remedy or proposed idea of what to change means that this “movement” serves less as a legitimate call for structured reform and more of a manifestation of rage. It’s kind of like a kid having a full-blown temper tantrum in the candy aisle because they’re not getting everything they want.

If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, watch this video of Nancy Pelosi “blessing” the Occupiers and praising them for their “focused” attitude and “effective” means of protest.

When the “movement” sprouted up, the left jumped for joy as it seemed that they might have an army of grassroots advocates for their fiscal ideas. However, though the mainstream media did everything they could to continue to try and bolster that perception, it soon became abundantly obvious that these were transients, kids, radicals, drug addicts and bona-fide Marxists that made up the vast majority of the “movement”. Any legitimate, realistic calls for fiscal liberalism were drowned out by the surrounding radicals.

But now, Frankenstein is pissed off and turning on the Obama administration. I’ll admit, the Obama administration did not create the Occupy “movement” outright, it just further destabilized an ailing economy, engineered class warfare and validated radical politics as a legitimate mode of obtaining their goals, thus creating an atmosphere where such radicalism could thrive. “No, officer, I did not trample that woman to death; I merely yelled ‘fire!’ in a crowded theater, whatever happened after that was out of my control.”

This is not the first time that Occupiers have turned on Obama. Earlier this month, Occupy radicals took to the streets in Oakland, and shouting, “Fuck Obama,” smashed large windows at his Campaign Headquarters. 

The myth of the legitimate Occupy “movement” is getting harder and harder to keep afloat by the left. Especially as the anarchists turn their rage towards Obama, it’s becoming more and more clear the truly radical nature of the Occupiers.

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One Response to Biting the Hand That Feeds You: “Occupiers” Turn on Obama

  1. edward says:

    Some of us recognized the OWS movement for what it was LAST YEAR. The pissy over privileged demanding more privileges.

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