Define Irony: Bill Maher Accuses Republicans of Racism for Criticizing Obama’s Job Performance

Woah! I'm just a comedian!Want a good laugh? Okay, Bill Maher, the biggest racist to wear a suit since David Duke, has decided that the best way to shift focus off of his racist rhetoric is to simply resort to an old classic: the “I’m rubber, you’re glue…” defense. Despite his recent, subtly racist remarks and his not-so-recent, not-so-subtly racist remarks, Maher lobbied accusations of racism at the Republican Party for having the audacity to tell America that, “We tried” Obama, it’s time for a change. You know- the kind of message a campaign ad is supposed to have.

On Friday night, Maher did his usual, tired schtick and discussed the issues of the day. He considered a recent ad put out by the Republican National Committee discussing the failed promises and policies of the Obama administration. It stated,

“President Obama came to the White House with big plans. He’d half the deficit, strengthen the economy, lower unemployment. What did we get? National debt over $15 trillion and climbing, unemployment over 8% for forty straight months, and ongoing economic crisis with no end in sight. He tried. You tried. It’s okay to make a change.”

When the ad stopped, Maher claimed, “I find that to be a subtle, racist message.” To which National Review writer Reihan Salam exclaimed, “What are you talking about?”

Maher then qualified his belief by saying,

“I never heard this in an ad: ‘You tried. He tried. Black people are lovely, but this president-ing thing really isn’t for them… It lets people off the hook for saying, ‘You know what, I tried the black thing, it just didn’t work out.’”

When Salam corrected him and claimed that America tried the young, exciting, charismatic thing, Maher went to the only move he has when countered; he dismissed it with a snide look and a lame joke to distract the audience from the fact that Maher continually makes claims, and refuses to discuss his character assassinations in any meaningful way. Thankfully, Maher is still on television because without him, in order to get this level of keen political insight, one would have to travel down to the local dive bar to hear a loudmouthed middle-school dropout, six beers deep, tell you his half-assedly formulated opinion.

Now, before people say, “Greg, he’s a comedian,” allow me to clarify. I am fully aware that he markets himself as a comedian when it suits him. He’s a political commentator that dabbles in comedy. He invites people to discuss topics, and when he’s countered, talks over them, sneers at the camera and makes a lame joke to assert dominance in the conversation. He is a different breed of liberal comedian than, say, George Carlin, for example. Maher’s political asides are not aimed at provoking thought while moving a “bit” forward; his program is a round-table discussion to discuss the issues of the day. He is a political commentator when he introduces a topic, and when he encounters resistance, switches to a “comedian” role to escape legitimate political discourse.

What upsets me is the struggle for dialogue in which America is engaged. I don’t care if Bill Maher, Chris Rock, Michael Richards or any other celebrity is racist. They’re as free to be morons as I am to disregard what they say. What I do reject, however, is the hypocrisy of the left that feels they are the deciders of what is, and what is not, racist. Bill Maher makes “jokes” about Obama fulfilling the worst stereotypes of the black community, fabricates racist viewpoints to put in the mouths of Tea Partiers that reflect his twisted racial views, and actually has the audacity to call out Republicans for making an ad that is exclusively issue-oriented for being “racist?”

Obama is a terrible president. His economic policies are failures, his corruption runs deep, his personal character leaves much to be desired and his foreign policy makes Jimmy Carter’s seem strong by comparison. There- I said it. Let the name calling begin…

I refuse to back down from the same liberal attack that has been haunting the right for decades. This is America and an open exchange of ideas is needed for our Republic to truly represent the will of the people. We must be able to discuss issues and point out flaws in our current president without having our character drawn into question.

We can’t let them paint the narrative of their choosing. We must do more than roll our eyes; we must be willing to debunk claims as they get filthier as we near election time.

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3 Responses to Define Irony: Bill Maher Accuses Republicans of Racism for Criticizing Obama’s Job Performance

  1. Lemrob says:

    Who even waches this guy? Why is he still on television? Biggest race baiter of them all.

  2. Elizabeth Ann Cohen says:

    Why, oh why, oh why, do we listen to the biggest asshole that walks the face of the earth, why, oh why!!!??? I, as a Jew, would rather be in a room with David Duke or any member of the KKK than with this man. He is racist, he is mean spirited, and he IS NOT EVEN FUNNY. Come on America, why, oh why are we listening to this jack ass?????

  3. Elizabeth Ann Cohen says:

    Oh and by the by, when a liberal jerk like mr. bill gets caught with his pants around his ankles, he has to hide his shame, get it his shame?

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