A Smashing Success: Unity Rally 2012 Illustrates New Face of Politics

Dustin Stockton addresses the roaring crowd at the Unity Rally 2012

I’ll be the first to admit that I was naïve in my understanding of what goes into putting on a Tea Party rally. For many of us, this was one of many rallies in which they were involved. For me, it was an odd amalgamation of contradictions as it was both exciting and daunting. The end result was that we were able to provide an opportunity for thousands of people to hear messages that are important for our cause and, more importantly, for our country. It was very rewarding.

The Tea Party Unity Rally 2012 was a smashing success, and we have the efforts of hundreds of people to thank. Aside from our own staff, hundreds of volunteers, security staff members, vendors and numerous others contributed greatly to this unabashed success.

Before going to bed Sunday night, I read what the media had to say about the rally. Most was good, some was critical, and some had their facts wrong. The staff and I laughed as I read to them Fox News’ mentioning that Michelle Bachmann had addressed a Tea Party crowd of roughly 500; 500 was less than one section. Our ticketed seating was over 1900, with many others in standing room only. While we have no way of knowing exactly how many were in attendance, we estimate over 2100. The online presence was over 50,000!

The mainstream media has tried to create news; it has attempted to create the illusion that the Tea Party is less relevant than it was in 2010. It’s not. The Unity Rally 2012 signaled a maturing of this legitimate movement. While we will always be flag-wavers and willing to address city halls and the White House alike, the Tea Party Movement has gained such a foothold, that the GOP must cooperate with us or die off. The Republican Party is out of ideas as RINOs lose favor with the public. America is not interested in the same, recycled ideas as always; America needs real ideas put forth by those with real convictions. The Unity Rally called for a cooperation with the GOP to purge socialism from government. It also stressed the importance of cooperation within the Tea Party Movement as we progress from an upstart, grassroots movement to a political powerhouse that is delivering results. How powerful is the Tea Party? Romney picked a fiscal conservative as his running mate; Romney received the message.

The rally was phenomenal. It was truly inspiring to see so many people come from all over to join together to unite in a common cause. For more information on this event and the Tea Party Movement, please visit TheTeaParty.net

Herman Cain capped off the night with an enthusiastic speech that left the crowd cheering


(From left to right) TheTeaParty.net founder Todd Ceffariti, TheTeaParty.net's Operations Managers Kris Hall and Jennifer Burke


Michelle Bachmann is received by a roaring crowd of Tea Party patriots


TheTeaParty.net Founder Todd Cefaratti speaks to the enthusiastic Tea Party crowd


The Tea Party Nation Founder Judson Phillips speaks to the Unity Rally 2012 crowd


Conservative Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin Rebecca Kleefisch answers reporters' questions just after her speech




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2 Responses to A Smashing Success: Unity Rally 2012 Illustrates New Face of Politics

  1. Ronald J. Ramos says:

    Do we not — all of us — know full well what the Democrat party has become?
    Seriously, I thought it was pretty well established that the mainstream Democrat operatives/surrogates are vulgar, hateful hypocrites who project his/her inner contradictions and self-deceptions on his/her enemy. Right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but we know this, right? We know what we’re dealing with.
    In a post yesterday I commented that the hate and vitriol routinely displayed by forum posters and tweeters on the left, are not that far from the behavior of the Westboro Baptist kooks. Each day I am more convinced that there is no difference.

    Obama campaigner Stephanie Cutter claims the Republicans hate women.
    How could she have accused rapist, womanizer, bimbo-eruption prone, cheater, who disgraced the oval office, committed perjury, was impeached, loss his attorney’s license, paid $850 thousand dollars settlement to one of the rape accusers, and lied to the American people. The one and only serial cheater Bill Clinton: How was he chosen to be the Nominating guest speaker at the Democrat Convention?
    I believe he is the one who hates women, waged war on them! Where is the outrage? Just watch the women cheer for him. What hypocrites. It’s astonishing AND sickening…

  2. Janet McCarthy says:

    Is the tea party supporting Mitt Romney? Is seems to me a greater poll number could be gotten if the tea party would come out and endorse Romney. Thanks for the info. I am online a lot and I did not even hear of this rally, any ideas how I could have heard about you? If I didn’t and I consider myself fairly well read and up on issues how would the rest of America hear about you?

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