Occupy Cookbook Fails Due To Utter Incompetence

Wow, who would have ever thought a group of anarchists with tattoos on their necks, bums, and women who went $100,000 in debt to get lesbian studies degrees couldn’t even handle putting together a cookbook? You may want to say, “Pretty much everybody,” but c’mon, we’re talking about a cookbook here. It’s not as if they tried to create a bank or build a private space shuttle in Zucotti Park and fell short.

It was difficult to figure out whether the book should be inexpensive or a coffee table novelty, how to split profits and whether there should be profits, and how it should be organized.

“The last time I heard from (the organizer), he was still waiting for folks to submit recipes…Needless to say, the book never happened,” she wrote. But she hopes it will move forward with someone, some day.

“The Occupy Cookbook project ran into contradictions at every turn in part because the acts of preparing and serving food are so complicated, bringing so much joy and also carrying so much baggage. Cooking can be an art or a pleasure; it can also be sheer drudgery, a burden and an obligation. We all deserve to be fed but, in order for this to happen, someone has to be enlisted to feed us,” she wrote.

What kind of recipes would these idiots even put together? Potatoes Au Social Justice? Communist Tofu Surprise? It’s not like the Occupiers are cooking anything other than maybe Meth in their tents anyway. If they were honest, every recipe would read, “Waited around until food bought by unions or rich liberals was delivered to us. Ate. Ask the businessmen who were working while we were protesting how they made it all.”

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14 Responses to Occupy Cookbook Fails Due To Utter Incompetence

  1. Paul Harrington says:

    “Lesbian Studies”, Now there is a course of study I could sink my teeth into

  2. Auntie Establishment says:

    LMAO!!! This too rich!! (Pun intended) What a bunch of useful and useless idiots!! Cooking is too much work for them. So is writing a book. How do these people walk around with their shoes tied?

    Such lame brains.

  3. Rob says:

    What a trite piece of demagoguery…this “article” is a prime example of why our political environment is so poisoned. Instead of citing philosophical disagreements with the Occupy movement, and educating your readers on the principles of limited, small government, capitalism, free markets, etc., you opt for ad-hominem attacks and petty insults. While riling the masses with inflammatory statements may create more momentum in the short run, you will do the conservative, limited government movement more good in the long run to rise above bickering and name-calling and focus on educating about the issues, and making a case for your positions.

    • DrEvil says:

      Please, the occupy movement isn’t worthy of any sort of philosphical debate. They earned every insult hurled their way.

    • mark says:

      What philosophical debate? she admitted they were not capable of feeding themselves, how do you debate with someone who is that immature?

  4. Rob says:

    Shouldn’t the goal of this Party be to educate and win over converts to our philosophy of government and politics? Is that goal best served by insulting those we disagree with, or by challenging their ideas and showing them a better way? This movement has a choice; it can devolve into tribalism and demagoguery, or it can rise above the ad-hominem attacks that other groups settle for and, through respectful dialogue and education, win the long-term battle for minds that will make a real change in the future of government and politics in this country.

    • Brenda says:

      Agree with Rob. At least the occupiers are trying to do something, bring attention to the graft and corruption of the banks.

      • David says:

        Trying to get a free ride, is more like it.

        I do agree with Rob though. The idea should be to educate others on where they have been misled or misinformed. My experience though is that you can talk to you are blue in the face. Libs are very happy having their nose in Big O’s big O – regardless of ineptitude.

        • Barb says:

          We aren’t “jackass whisperers”. This group isn’t in danger of devolving into anything; they already consisted of tribalism and demagoguery. You can’t “teach” people who don’t want to learn.

  5. Maggie says:

    I know you mean well but there is no possibility of an intelligent dialogue with most of these folks. It appears they are looking for a cause,any cause so they came together with many causes and accomplished nothing but attracting contempt from hard working ,thinking people.
    I don’t know for sure what happened to these people in their lives that made them so hostile and unaccomplished.I do know it can happen to anyone of us under the right circumstances. However to glorify them as if they are something special is not going to help them or us. In my life I have met to many people who do good without a sign.If each occuoier went out into this world and actually helped one person they would grow and do more good than standing on a corner with a hostile, ignorant sign.

  6. Eric says:

    The people in the “occupy” movement are so completely sold on the idea of class warfare and redistribution of wealth that they will never be able to look at the conservative viewpoint with any objectivity at all, or treat it with anything but contempt. They have been programmed, and the program is like a SCATA virus that has taken control of the operating system at the hardware level, changing the very operation of the hardware itself.

    They don’t want to hear about the fact that their viewpoints are not new, have been tried, and have failed on every single attempt throughout history. Furthermore, they will never believe it even if they do hear you out.

    They chant social justice, fairness, and equality. They scream for the rights of the worker. They villify the producers in society. They claim that the poor are only poor because the wealthy are wealthy (which is as illogical saying broccoli tastes bad because asparagus tastes good).

    These are the very tenets espoused by every communist dictator during his rise to power, and are the opiate by which those dictators have sedated masses of people and convinced them that they will have a better life under the “new” leadership, with their visionary ideas, and their egalitarian ideals; only to find out in the end that the only equality they will see is equal misery, the only justice will be that which their dear leader imposes upon them under pain of death, and that fairness is but a fond memory from better days.

    We’ve seen the Occupy movement before. It’s been called The Workers’ Party. It’s been called the National Socialist Party. It’s been called many things that incite feelings of patriotism and vengeance in the minds of the proletariat. And it always ends the same: at best, an opressed and impoverished population with no one to turn to but their opressors for their very living, and at worst, the slaughter of millions. Often times – for example, the Soviet Union – it’s both of these.

    The “occupy” movement has the right idea with a book, but they should be reading instead of writing, and the subject should be history instead of the cullinary arts. Perhaps then they would be chanting “freedom, justice, and liberty” instead of singing at the top of their lungs as the death trains roll by, carrying the soul of America in its cattle cars.

  7. Jerry Stauffer says:

    My kindergarten class made a cookbook. Says it all doesn’t it.

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