Letter From Tea Party to Congress: We Don’t Want Your Cotton Candy Bullshit!

Last week’s Supreme Court decision on Obamacare was a devastating blow to personal liberties. And while the right spent the day trying to create a faux silver lining to regain our trust, I began to think about the part the spinning Republicans played in this fiasco.

I realized that one of the main goals that members of Congress have when they first arrive in DC is to represent the people. But when they get there they begin to realize the power they can amass and begin to take part in the ever insatiable appetite of the political machine. They begin to desire to become fat with power and the only way to accomplish that is to feed upon the personal rights of the people whom they were sent there to represent. When I walk the halls of Congress, pass through the Capitol and walk First Street in front of the Supreme Court house I imagine members of all three branches of government grazing upon the freedoms of Americans, getting fatter and more brazen with each passage of law and decision.

Last Thursday night the Tea Party.net and four other national Tea Party organizations gathered with 7 Congressmen to discuss the Supreme Court decision with members of the Tea Party across the nation. At some point I realized listening to some of the Congressmen… they don’t get it, they just don’t get it. The discussion was filled with canned responses and sound bytes. One Congressman in particular said something about the Constitution that still rings in my ears and was the pivotal statement to pierce my psyche. His words rocked right past our moderator Rusty Humphries, right past Tea Party Nation Founder Judson Philips (who couldn’t hear due to severe congestion) and socked me right in the face. It was a miracle that I didn’t haul off and sock the guy for not even trying to play it off that he understood the audience he was speaking to. As you can see I could hardly sit still as KrisAnne Hall of Unite in Action and Stephanie Scruggs of 912 National rebutted the Congressmans statement:

50% of the people don’t believe in the Constitution. Is that enough to sacrifice our founding document?

I realized right then and there what was happening. Congress once again was going to come in and give us our sleepy medicine, pat us on the head and say “don’t worry; we will take care of you. You don’t need the Constitution when you have us holding down the fort. You really shouldn’t put all your eggs in the Constitution basket anyway”. Well I have a response to that: We don’t want your cotton candy bullshit anymore!

You want to be in office you are going to have to fight for your life and you will have to be transparent about who you really support. We are not going to listen to your properly constructed fluffy messages and empty promises dripping with sweet guile. We reject the cotton candy that you are pushing to the American people like a dealer does in front of the elementary school. If you are going to make secret deals, trade your ideals for chits or political favors trying to pass it off as being pragmatic and principled, hire establishment consultants to make the decisions we sent you there to make… you will no longer use the Tea Party as your springboard.

The Tea Party has a simple litmus test:

*Make sure you have signed the Tax Pledge put out by Grover Norquist.

Taxpayer Protection Pledge Signers for the 112th Congress

*The second is simple when you have done the first, shoot a quick video saying that you WILL Repeal Obamacare and send it to me at UnityRally2012@gmail.com .

To signify you’ve passed the test, the Tea Party will give you a flag, a symbol that you have put the peoples’ rights ahead of your own personal rise in government. The Gadsden flag is a warning symbol to all who attack the peoples’ rights and ignore the power of the masses.

Those who believe that Washington DC is a safe haven for corruption and continue to trust that a clique of establishment cronies will guard them from the fiery sword of truth, are wrong. We are coming for them and we promise you that if you choose to stand on the side of the people and fight for our country, like the people of Moses in Egypt who painted their doorways with the blood of a pure sacrificial lamb, we will do everything in the People’s power to ensure that the destroying angel passes your office door on November 6, 2012

Sorry Mom and friends, I know you don’t often get to experience the sailor side of me… but there comes a time when a woman has to stand up and tell it like it is.

Join America and Unite!


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4 Responses to Letter From Tea Party to Congress: We Don’t Want Your Cotton Candy Bullshit!

  1. Who was that young man in the suit? He looked like a child sitting up there. Oh, and GOOD JOB, Stephanie and KrisAnn and Tiffiny.

  2. pearl says:

    Who was that little douche bag who said that 50% of Americans don’t believe in liberty? I think the only ones who don’t are in CONGRESS, and I am SICK OF IT! The lying traitor Republicans just approved another Omnibus spending bill after they signed a pledge promising not to do so. My congresswoman, Ann Marie Beurkle was one of them. I am incensed that they have the gall to say to our faces that they will not do what they promised to do. They are lying snakes and I am almost convinced now that their is no possibility of a political solution to this situation. If we can only get a tiny handful of representatives to do their jobs, then the only chance we have is to dismantle the entire rotten edifice while we still have the means to act in our own interests. This will not be much longer because those weasels are, even now, plotting to take our guns and what remains of our free speech and then we will be completely at their mercy.

  3. Mike Stitcher says:

    I e-mailed my congressmsn, Phil Roe, about the same thing as this blog. He sent out a July 4th statement that was full of obfucation’s and absolute timidness about this Obama Care being the law of the land and all we can do is try to work around it. Not in those words, but that was the essence of what he did say. I told him the same thing that everyone should tell their representative’s and that is, either appeal the whole thing, or get out of the way so, someone can. He went in as a conservative and now sounds just like the rest of the republican leadership. I am sick of the republican leadership wanting Obama to win, but get control of the senate and hold the house. They are more for Obama than Rommney and they have to be defeated when they come up for reelection. It is time to be loud about repealing this mess and freedom restored. I do not think there is more than a few that actually want to fight Obama to get it back. They are whimps, and actually imbarassing themselve’s the way they are so cowardice. Hey REpublican’s get some back bone and fight for us not your wanting to be liked by the Democrats. You do not see any of them being a whimp or looking like a bunch of monkey’s begging for a banana. We simply do not have representative’s that have a fire in their bellies to fight for us the voter’s wanting our freedom back.

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