Leftists Protest Political Fundraiser, Ignore Obama Hypocrisy

What is the difference between a campaign contribution and political corruption? Political corruption is the term used for campaign contributions to a Republican candidate. No, that’s not a joke. That is actually how the left defines it. When President Obama accepts humongous checks from celebrities and unions, they’re campaign contributions. When the Koch brothers contribute to the Romney Campaign, it is the symbol of the reviled, corporate practice of buying a politician. Yet, as hard as I look, I fail to see the distinction.

David Koch, co-owner and executive vice president of Koch Industries is throwing a fundraising party for Governor Romney’s Campaign today. Several groups from the leftist lunatic fringe are crashing the party and staging a protest outside the private residence. All the old favorites will be there. The protest will be put on by Moveon.org and joined by Occupy Wall Street, The Long Island Progressive Coalition, Greenpeace, Strong For All, United New York and many other organizations. And, as if their credentials were not impressive enough, they even got Andy Stepanian, a full-blown convicted terrorist to join them!

Yes, it will be a party for the wealthiest Americans, protested by the craziest Americans.

You may know David Koch as a billionaire who has donated to Republicans, Libertarians and others who value common sense and fiscal sanity. While he and his brother, Charles, have earned scorn from the left that would love to see their wealth redistributed, the Koch brothers have stuck to their guns and continued to fund causes and campaigns that they feel will foster freedom and economic growth through incentive-based capitalism.

Ironically enough, the protest is being put on by Moveon.org, a group that owes it’s continued existence to George Soros, a billionaire that supports leftist causes and campaigns, which includes giving millions to Moveon.org. And somehow, they either don’t see the hypocrisy or choose to ignore it; either way, it’s ridiculous.

The protest will include the usual theatrics mixed with some new tricks to show the sophisticated nature of the cultured left. There will be a plane with a banner flying overhead that reads, “Romney has a Koch problem”, and outside the group will be driving what they call a “Romneymobile Cadillac”- whatever that is- with corporate decals on the side.

Andy Stepanian, an animal rights activist so extreme, he makes PETA look like Michael Vick, will be in attendance at the protest. Stepanian is a writer for The Huffington Post, which describes him as a “social justice activist” and the head of Sparrow Media, a group that aims to promote “revolutionary activism”. Stepanian was also convicted, along with six others, of terrorism and internet stalking in 2006. It’s fitting that he should attend as he serves as a classic illustration as to what depth of character the Occupy movement and other progressive organizations embody.

The Huffington Post has touted the protest and chimed in, saying,

“No, Mitt Romney’s Koch problem isn’t what the Koch brothers are doing for him — it’s what he’ll do for them, and the possibility that voters will find out.

Romney’s approach to the economy boils down to this: the ultra rich deserve even more advantages, and the poor and middle class should foot the bill. It’s how he approached his job as a vulture capitalist at Bain Capital, buying up companies, laying off their workers, outsourcing their jobs, and saddling them with debt, all so he could extract wealth for his rich investors.”

There’s just no reasoning with some people. First, the left should really learn to run away from the topic of Bain Capital, because, like a hot stove, every time they touch it, they get burned. Bain is a success story that spawned other success stories. Not every company survived, unfortunately, but the left will spin just about anything. They say Bain didn’t do enough to save the companies that failed and that they only care about profit when discussing the ones that flourished. Furthermore, the hacks at The Washington Post claimed that Romney was responsible for outsourcing during his time at Bain. This has proven to be false, and even though The Post has backed away from their claim, the liberal media still pushes the falsehood with a reckless disregard for the truth. I submit that what irks the left and their media outlets is that Romney is pulling ahead in fundraising while Obama begs for table scraps.

While Obama hob nobs with celebrities at $40,000 per plate dinners and fundraises at a feverish pace, the media has remained largely silent. While Emigrant Bank, a small bank owned by an Obama bundler, a person who collects campaign contributions, has been the sole exemption from the bank-killing restrictions in the Dodd-Frank Act, the media reports nothing. While Obama fundraises and auctions off every last scrap of dignity the Oval Office had to secure donations, the media was nothing but crickets chirping. Based on this response, I can only conclude that political corruption is a term to describe Republicans receiving donations, and a campaign contribution is the money given to support a Democrat.

In a classy move defending the protesters’ rights, the Koch Companies Public Sector responded to the absurdity of the protest, saying,

“We have seen media reports about the protest being organized by a convicted terrorist and a number of fringe organizations.

We respect the protestors’ rights to free speech and to peaceably assemble. These rights apply not only to the protestors, but to those who are hosting and attending the fundraiser.”

It is ironic that the pretext for the protest is supposed ‘outrage’ at the role of money in politics. Considering the record-setting fundraising by President Obama reported all over the media, the hypocrisy of the Left and their attempts to mislead the public are obvious. There is a double-standard at work and the message from the Left is that fundraising for their preferred candidates is fine, but donations to those with differing points of view are somehow immoral. The left’s outrage is selective and hollow.

Indeed, the gloves are coming off. Consistency in reasoning is taking a backseat to the end result being another four years of socialism and unabashed social engineering that is bound to spell doom for the American experiment.

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3 Responses to Leftists Protest Political Fundraiser, Ignore Obama Hypocrisy

  1. Lunatic Fringe says:

    Sorry, if you’re looking for consistency in reasoning from these asshats you’re going to be sorely disappointed. I’d bet 16.2 trillion dollars that President limp wrists and his various bureaucracies has destroyed far more jobs that Bain Capital.

    • ConfusedAmericanCitizen says:

      It is my understanding that Bain Capital and those similar to it are hired by floundering companies to make the hard decisions that they have had a hard time making in order to stay solvent. Some hired a company like this in time and some didn’t and went under even with the help and then it was Bain’s job to make it as painless as possible. Actually, it’s looking more and more like WeThePeople need to hire such a company because we have hired people that are incapable of making the hard decisions and it’s getting even later and later. We we call too late? I pray every night that it isn’t……..

  2. sharinlite says:

    Dustin….we all, bloggers, websites owners, Tea Party members need to bombard the media on all fronts and point out that this coming week, I believe, the Progs are hosting their own “bilionaires” meeting in Sun Valley Idaho…how about we all write, call, blog, and comment on that score? We are too quiet writing to each other…we need to get ourselves out there!

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