Keep Your Guns Off Google!

A few years ago, I tried to sell a rifle, an M-1 Garand, in the newspaper (my state permits private sales). I placed the ad, but within hours, received an email saying that The Register-Guard would not run it. Their reasoning: you cannot sell an “assault weapon” in the newspaper. While my state has no prohibition on so-called “assault weapons”, those who have ever seen a Garand would know that it has none of the characteristics of one. It has no high-capacity magazine, no flash suppressor nor a pistol grip. Furthermore, it was not banned in the stringent “assault weapons ban” that haunted the 90′s. So, I asked the editor, why it had been banned. The man replied,


“We don’t use the assault weapons ban classification to decide what is and what is not an assault weapon. If we don’t know what a gun is that someone is selling, we look it up and if it looks really scary, like it could ‘mow somebody down’, we prohibit it.”

I’m not kidding. This is what passes as reasoned thought to the gun-haters in this country. Now, Google is joining others in being the gatekeepers of access to firearm dealers.

Google, whose mission statement claims it’s purpose is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” has banned the sale of weapons and ammunition within its shopping center. Thus, earning the ire of firearm enthusiasts and firearm dealers who find the irony of Google, a company who supposedly champions online freedom, prohibiting the sale of lawful items.


In an email sent to internet firearm dealers, Google wrote,

“We’ve given much thought to our stance on this content, as well as the potential effect our policy decision could have on our Merchants, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.”

Throughout this email, however, Google does not discuss why the decision was made. Certainly there are regulations in many states regarding online sales, but a blanket policy that aims to restrict gun sales across the board makes no sense. Fundamentally, at the heart of gun-hating politics is the lingering, erroneous belief that guns somehow are, inherently dangerous. As the bumper sticker says, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” It’s trite, but absolutely true.

In response to this ridiculousness, National Shooting Sports Foundation senior vice president Larry Keane wrote,

“Though Google Shopping works to aid commerce by making it easy to research products and pricing, Google’s new policy raises barriers to one of the country’s strongest economic trends—the robust sales of firearms and ammunition, one of the true bright spots in the U.S. economy. Firearms and ammunition sales are at all-time highs, accounting for a 30.6 percent increase in jobs from 2008 through 2011 and an overall economic impact of nearly $32 billion to the nation.”

As we see the correlative effect high per capita gun ownership has on crime deterrence, and in the wake of the 1990′s hysteria regarding gun violence, we are seeing society embrace more and more a “tolerance” of a right that was already granted to citizens. However, as more states pass concealed carry laws and Heller and McDonald have emerged triumphant in the courts, we are seeing calls from the left to stop guns at the source; the new wave of gun control is to restrict access to their purchase.

Google is built upon a platform of the exchange of information. It is built on, for want of a better term, freedom and access to information. When it functions as a gatekeeper as to what people can and cannot buy, it is not only hypocritical, it sets a dangerous precedent and serves as an affront to basic liberty.

For reference, has no such restrictions.


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47 Responses to Keep Your Guns Off Google!

  1. Shari Kalous says:

    WTH is this world coming to? Who do I bitch too and let them know I will not be using thier website anymore? THere are plenty of other search engines that are actually BETTER than google. I really want to know who I contact on this!

  2. Bobby says:

    I ‘m retired L E O ,I believe in the second admendment and private ownership of firearms ! You are a TRADER To the U.S. A. . And to what AMERICA ‘S LIBERTY MEANS !

  3. Jack C. Ivy says:

    If google feels the need to suckup to the international liberal gun ban community then I will use another search engine and google can go straight to hell with all liberals.

  4. armenia4ever says:

    Honestly, while this is somewhat ridiculous, Google is a private company. Should we hold it to the standards and policies it supposedly advocates? Sure.

    I was of the opinion that most of Google’s policies relate to that of online issues, rather then social issues, if one can actually call the second amendment that.

  5. leon says:

    Google you have just made the worse mustack you could of made now we are going to call for the removel of Google from the Net!!!!!!!

  6. Val S. Babcock says:

    Did you ever sell your M-1?

    • Val- Thank you for your question. Yes, I ended up selling it. I hated to part with it, it was a piece of history and was actually in great condition, but I never used it. Target shooting with .30-06 was just too expensive.

  7. tommy parker says:

    well i don’t need to use google ,think i’ll just delete itoff my laptop !!!!

  8. Yona Loriner says:

    very sad times for america.. we are going backwards in time, ppl forget the constitution..

  9. google is curupt and very dangerous.this is outragus.

    • terry the god says:

      Fro God’s sake man learn to spell the most simple words. No wonder the gun haters portray firearms owners as ignorant rednecks. Spell check is available if you are to stupid or lazy to do it yourself.

  10. Elaine Burris says:

    I believe wholeheartedly in the second amendment. I will only let go of my firearms when they pry them from my cold dead fingers. I will not get on google again because of this.

  11. james hayes says:

    all political b. s.

  12. Paul Harrington says:

    What did you expect from the Register-Guard Editor??? He’s a unbiased american journalist one of many dumb “excrements” in the business. A journalism degree ranks right up there with PE, basket weaving or Black Studies not the hardest of the disciplines. Hell I almost got one but my parents got married/

  13. Bonnie says:

    Really Google? I can get to utube vids of crack whores and stupid tricks but if I want to sell a gun or even buy one I can’t find it thru google? You are being rediculous…criminals won’t go thru google, they will buy one off any street corner. All you are doing is hurting all the gun businesses and let me tell you….we need all the jobs we can get even if it is gun shops and such. GROW UP!

  14. Jeanne Aydt says:

    First of all, thank you for this article, and thank you for bringing to our attention another attempt at those who wish to limit out freedoms. My next concern is…now I need to trash my “gmail” account. I have no desire to keep Google as my search engine nor as my email address if they blatantly make stupid remarks and rules as not allowing the sale of hand guns or any gun on their shopping sites. I am making this vow to stop using all GOOGLE services, and am truly disappointed in their decision. I will use Bing and will probably purchase a “ email address. Thanks again.

  15. Taffi Smith says:

    Google is a private company in America. That said, it can do whatever it wants without giving reasons…their policy is whatever they want it to be. It’s call freedom. I would rather deal with a company that doesn’t sell guns, than one that doesn’t give a hoot one way or the other. Surely, there are other companies on the internet that will sell anything for a buck…it’s that simple.

  16. Donna Goranson says:

    Keep your political veiws to yourself, and let guns be sold via Google. Otherwise, I will discontinue serching Google. If you are so leftist, get out of the media as “an open media”. Cause you are not!!! Actually, I will be letting all my address book not to use
    “google” and sell any stock they may have. This is very disturbing to me. Where is
    freedom of anything today.
    November is coming quickly.

  17. John Gailey says:

    Well I guess it’s Google no more. Too bad political ideologues have to interfere with common sense.

  18. Jim Johnson says: offers the same service as craigslist, but unlike craigslist they do actively permit the sales of firearms and ammunition with no restrictions on “assauly weapon” type firearms.

  19. jan & jeff rogers says:

    Googles to Liberal for us, changed to “Bing” a long time ago

  20. Stephen Leek says:

    I use Bing for all inquires except for Google maps. Thanks Bing for keeping freedom alive.

  21. Ben says:

    Google choosing to do what they want with the shopping site they privately own is an exercise of basic liberty, not an affront to it. I disagree, and hope they’ll listen to both owners (both buyers and sellers) and change their policy, but it’s not for anyone to try to dictate what services a private business will offer.

  22. Joe says:

    Google is in good company in their ignorant assessment of firearms. They make about as much sense as the laws in California, which include some of the most ignorant decisions about firearms imaginable. It would seem that with firearms at least, one needs absolutly no knowledge or experience with firearms in order to make totally arbitrary decisions and rules that effect us all. The funniest to my way of thinking is their ban on 50 Cal rifles. Typically, guns are banned because they’ve been shown to have been used in certain crimes. At 25 pounds, the average 50Cal is more often than not, simply a 1000 yard plinker for those enjoying that sport. They are quite powerful with substantial felt recoil so most drugged up gang bangers couldn’t even lift one, much less shoot it. Long range shooting competitions are denied this truly accurate and fun firearm because of a bunch of nose picking socialists that only know the weapon by reputation. Yes, yes, it could be used to kill police officers by shooting through their cars, but then so could almost any high powered rifle shooting armor piercing ammunition, including most 60 year old service rifles most of which are on the market sold as deer rifles today.

  23. Allan Cartlidge says:

    It just strikes me – as a Brit – that there are just too many gun obsessesed people in the world! How does the author of this article imagine that the rest of the world – most of which has strict gun licensing laws – manage without the freedom to purchase guns at will? No you are right – guns on their own do not kill – but weapons of any type in the hands of irresponsilble people who seem to think they look tougher when carrying one – are DANGEROUS!! I believe GOOGLE are right not to encourage these sales – especially since it is illegal in some – dare I say it? – enlightened States anyway.

    • Rick A. Wiley says:

      You Brits are exactly why there is a second amendment to our constitution!

    • David in MA says:

      and, how is your crime rate today,

    • Snailmailtrucker says:

      Just one question Mr. Brit.

      How much do you enjoy being overrun by your muslim terrorists immigrants?

    • Shank says:

      Of course a Brit would be anti-gun. After 230+ years they are not over a bunch of Americans telling their king to shove it and kicking his army out of the country. The left here wants to disarm the population so they can have the kind of country they want. The ONLY thing keeping an all out assault on what little freedoms we have left is an armed population.

  24. Ralloh says:

    What can you expect from a bunch of genetically defective liberals. I have as little to do with Google anymore as I possibly can. They are rapidly becoming the dictator of the internet, and I don’t like that.

    • William Howard says:

      You are so right. These are the same leftist who tried to acommodate the Chinese in restricting their people’s accesses to information.

      They restrict gun information and yet allow all the sickest perversions out there. Typical of the left.

    • Joe Davis says:

      Absolutly right ! Dont use these people for anything. Anytime a company turns thier back on you , simply dont use them, and tell your friends what was done to you.

  25. Claude says:

    Well, the M1 Garrand is undoubtedly an effective tool to “reach out and touch someone.” I support the rights of Google to run or not run ads at their whimsy. It is a sappy notion to do so in this case, but I support Google’s prerogative on this one.

    • Rick A. Wiley says:

      I agree with you Claude. They should have the right to censor the use of their services…….just as I have the right to do business with some other provider.

  26. Rich says:

    It’s these liberal idiots that are going to cause the downfall of America. They will be responsible for the first dictatorship in this country and the elimination of all our “Bill of Rights”. Bloomberg, Brady Fools and incompetents have no clue what they are doing.

  27. jeff lorenz says:

    Google is getting out out hand and as the commenter before me said so well. I too avoid using them and am thinking maybe dropping my android phone i do not beleive in supporting any company or person that stands against what i stand for especially on political or religious views because those views come from your core and i don’t associate with people or businesses that have a rotten core

  28. Joe Davis says:


  29. Aurietta Maverick says:

    WTH!?! Google srsly needs to back off people’s rights to sell arms. Google is a good company. But it associates with ppl who are against liberty and justice for all. More importantly that company that banded the use of selling firearms (other than Google) cannot and should not band it based on the fact that a firearm is “scary.” Cars can be “scary” if they are used like missiles to run ppl over with. Hell, anything could be scary if it used incorrectly. But I’m getting off topic. The point is that firearms are a means of protecting one’s self and selling them should not be seen as promoting violence. Even if firearms were banned, they would have to band the use of knives, construction tools, cars, and so on. Because they can all “promote” violence. Then it becomes a society of putting safety above common sense.

    • abc says:

      There is no right to sell arms. Only a right to bear arms.

      • David in MA says:

        And I bet that when you exercise your right to bear arms you end up with a sunburn.
        P.S. Wear a hat, maybe the heat it helps retain will help your brain function.

  30. Katie McLean says:

    I join Shari K. about better search engines than Google, Wilbur B. about Google being dangerous, Jeanne A. and Donna G. about trashing my “gmail” account for a different search engine, with Taffi S. and Ben and Claude about freedom and Google’s right to set their own policy (and my choice not to allow them to affect my so-called freedoms under the current environment of ever-pressing liberalism), and I’m with Jeff L. who said he doesn’t believe in supporting ANY company or person that stands so far from my own personal core views! So there, Google, and Time-Warner, and AT&T, who have all been possibly “hacking” all of my sources of communications. I resent your invasive techniques enormously, and will proceed to eliminate each and every one like you! Everyone, please share more conservative-leaning search engines and avenues through replies here. Let’s keep this going and spreading!

  31. fnsmoak says:

    I no longer use GOOGLE. I’m using BING, or some other search avenue. Thanks GOOGLE, for making up my mind for me. Since I also am a 25 year veteran of the Information Technology arena, and constantly field questions of preference by private and commercial individuals, I am officially advocating ABG – “Anybody But Google”.

  32. David in MA says:

    It seems that what the fools at google have not learned thru history is
    that once marxists like obozo no longer have any use for them (after they have helped a dictator gain power) they are first taken over by the dictators information
    czar and then they are illiminated because they are no longer a help, they are now a threat because they know how to overthrow a sitting government and might help to remove the very dictator they helped into power.,…bye bye google!

  33. Snailmailtrucker says:

    REMOVE everything Google from your computers !

  34. toto says:

    Being an imbecile is the new “smart”.

  35. Jim says:

    Just did a search on Google for an AK47 and found over 30 pages of adds for them. I think this article is not telling the whole truth, but we still need to be vigilant to make sure our rights are not taken away!

  36. Jim Monaghan says:

    You’ve convinced me . . . I’ve thought for some time that GOOGLE wold bite us in the rear end someday . . . and that day is here. After reading your comments, I will no longer be using GOOGLE. God bless, Jim

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