Gun Club Shows How To Deal With Gun Turn-Ins

As I trudge through the bad news and analyze the deep, widening gap between how conservatives and liberals see the world, I can often get frustrated. But, every once in awhile, I see something that restores my faith in our cause, and I am renewed with a vigor to fight the good fight.

I recently wrote about Chicago’s ridiculous “Don’t Kill a Dream, Save a Life” program that prompts people to relinquish their firearms in a gun turn-in drive. In exchange for their Second Amendment right, those who obey the dictatorial policies of Chicago get a snazzy $100 MasterCard gift card. Personally, if I were going to sell my rights along with my means of self preservation, I would charge a lot more than $100; but hey, I guess in Chicago, it’s a buyer’s market.

Still, while I rolled my eyes at the concept, something unexpected happened. The pro-Second Amendment group, Guns Save Life,  attended the gun turn-in, relinquished “rusty, non-firing junk”, and capitalized on the program, earning $6,240 in gift cards. Now that’s making the best of a bad situation!

Unfortunately, not everyone shares my delight at this “monkey-wrenching” of a gun turn-in. Melissa Stratton, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, stated,

“We host the gun turn-in event on an annual basis to encourage residents to turn in their guns so we can take guns off the street and it’s unfortunate that this group is abusing a program intended to increase the safety of our communities.”

I’m sure Stratton feels a little sheepish because those that run the program were outsmarted, but save the sour grapes. Nobody is abusing the program. Instead, the Guns Save Life group is helping produce a safer community by re-investing that money into the community to undo some of the damage the Chicago Police has done by twisting peoples’ arms into relinquishing their guns in the first place.

Most of the money Guns Save Life has brought in will go towards buying rifles and ammunition for an NRA youth camp in Bloomington, Illinois. That’s right, the money raised by turning in hunks of scrap is being used to foster responsible gun ownership and usage.

The rest is expected to go to an indoor shooting range to aid responsible firearm ownership. Best of all, the Guns Save Life group is considering donating the money in the name of Rahm Emanuel, the gun-hating, leftist mayor of Chicago. I’ll confess, I laughed out loud when I read about it.

The whole concept of a gun turn-in makes no sense. The disarmament of the law-abiding public that has grown weary of jumping through hoops to keep their firearms, while the criminals are free to keep their illegally-obtained firearms, leaves the public vulnerable. While gun control is an old issue that we continue to fight, a new battle has sprouted up. As Chicago and D.C. have been told what’s what by the Supreme Court, we are seeing a classic temper tantrum manifesting in the idea of de facto gun control. Whereas the writing on the wall suggests that outright prohibition is getting more and more difficult to enact, gun-hating cities and states are doing what they can to hassle people, and force them to jump through hoops to get them to finally relinquish their rights “on their own”.

I trudge through a lot of headache-inducing leftist lunacy each day. Sure, we conservatives win our fair share, but it’s always nice to see us beat the left at their own game.

We can all do something. While recently, many leaps have been made to preserve our right to keep and bear arms, such progress has come as a result of the hard work of gun rights groups. To educate yourself, join, volunteer, or donate money, please visit a website for any number of gun rights organizations. Many states have their own gun rights groups, so be sure to check if your state does so that you can help shape gun laws that most affect you.

The National Rifle Association

Gun Owners of America

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2 Responses to Gun Club Shows How To Deal With Gun Turn-Ins

  1. Rose says:

    LOL. Too funny!

  2. Criminal will always have guns, they have no intentions , to purchase these weapons legally..Criminals are not purchasing these weapons at Gun Shows,or your friendly firearm dealers who are mandated by law to record & identify the buyer.Criminals will not leave a paper trail for Law enforcement to follow. No record of any City/County police background checks done , weapons are stolen everyday by daylight residential, Vehicle burglaries, and for quickly exchange for narcotics or profitable quick cash .Today gunowners are carring their weapons , and the intruders are now dieing dayly , a burglar is face to face with a well armed citizen .If a person is brave enough to enter your homeby force, he is old enought to die. I believe our Law books can afirm this type of necessary action that is deemed necessary.
    My question & concern is How much money did our govermennt recieve,for the weapons send to Mexico ?/who got paid, Where did the money go? perhaps if Holder releases the required forms need by Congress to complete their investigation, and not have to hide under the presidential rope.

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