Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: “It’s Not A Tax”

I remember clearly in high school, my friend turned to me and asked, “Do you think crazy people know they’re crazy?” I gave him an odd look, and he continued, “Do you think they say something, and then kind of review what they said in their head and think, ‘Man, that’s crazy’, but they’re already committed, so they stick to it anyway?” I told him I didn’t know, but I’ve thought about that question a lot lately.

On that note, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee Chairman has said some things lately that, if she were to only listen to herself, she would see that she’s really just proving the right’s point. But, despite the Obamatax ruling, the Dems are committed, so it’s full steam ahead with their special brand of faulty, contradictory logic.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer discussed with Wasserman Schultz the implications of the IRS, the organization who’s existence is rooted in the collect of taxes, collecting the tax from the individual mandate along with other taxes. He asked,

“[The individual mandate tax] is, in fact a tax. It is administered by the IRS. It will be collected on April 15th. Why can’t you acknowledge that it is, in fact, a tax?”

To which Wasserman Schultz replied,

“Because it’s a penalty, it’s not a tax. It is a penalty that if you decide to be irresponsible and continue to refuse to carry health insurance… then you can do that. We’re not going to actually require that you have health insurance. What we’re saying is that if you choose not to carry health insurance, than you will be assessed a penalty that will be assessed on your tax return, and that affects about 1% of Americans who choose to do that.”

Oh, okay. That clears it up.

As far as I could tell from her evasive response to the question, it is a penalty because… well, because she said it was. It’s a penalty in the same way we have an income penalty or a sales penalty. By this logic, income tax is actually a penalty for those who make money and sales tax is actually a penalty for buying a product. Please, wouldn’t it be easier for the Dems to play the hand they’re dealt rather than insult all of our intelligences by attempting to redefine what a tax really is?

Blitzer wasn’t buying it either. He later asked,

“Why is the IRS administering this if it is not a tax? Isn’t that their job to impose taxes, to collect taxes, to punish people who don’t pay taxes?”

Sensing the interview was wrapping up, Wasserman Schultz was less interested in answering the question than getting her talking points out there.

“Because, administratively, that is really the easiest, the most basic way to do it… This healthcare reform law is about people, not about politics. The Republicans are obsessed with making sure they can beat Barack Obama and deliver him a defeat at any turn, and rather than focus on job creation, and for the 129 million Americans that live with a pre-existing condition, we find that outrageous.”

Got it. Holder facilitates international cartel violence and Republicans have a vendetta. The Justice Department facilitates voter fraud and Republicans are on a vendetta. Obama circumvents the legislative branch and grants amnesty to illegals, and the Republicans are on a vendetta. And, of course, Obamacare is upheld on a flimsy constitutional basis that allows its existence only if the individual mandate is a tax, and the Republicans who question why the biggest tax increase in modern history to hit the middle class is occurring, and, well, they are, of course, on a vendetta. Anyone who questions the insane policies bringing this country to ruin are on a vendetta!

The Democrats are playing a shell game with the issues. When it suits them, the narrative of the Obamacare catastrophe is skewed to where the individual mandate is a penalty. When it is pointed out that it is unconstitutional as a penalty, then it’s a tax. The Democrats need to get their story straight and make a decision; do they want to be the party that pushes a law, even though the highest court in the judicial branch claimed that such a law with a penalty is not constitutional? Or, do they want to be the party that has the judicial branch on their side, but is responsible for foisting the largest tax increase on middle America in recent history, when our economy is in ruins?

I guess I’m no closer to my answer. Either crazy people don’t know they’re crazy, or my friend was right, and once they say something that makes no sense, they’re committed and must stick to it.

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35 Responses to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: “It’s Not A Tax”

  1. This fraudulant party has to be disposed of this year. They are crooked and deviant to take over the our country and destroy our rule of law, the Constitution. This is “taxation without representation”. Yes, it’s time to stand up like the patriots of the past against this tyrannical loyalist government!!!

    • Charles A. Giambrone says:

      Yes Virginia! Tax is a penalty. Therefore refuseing to carry health insurance is a tax. hahahaha! And believe me nothing in this life is free and freedom is a myth…
      I’m not saying that it is right.

  2. Ralloh says:

    I couldn’t agree more. There is something definitely wrong with these people. You could not have said it simpler. Is it that genetic defect thing? You just want to look at a person like her and say, “Are you totally out of your freaking mind”?

    We have got to beat them with a landslide in November. Liberalism has got to be destroyed once and for all. Our country and our lives depend on it.

  3. D says:

    Even Debbie’s hair is unbalanced!

  4. hard to believe she is still in the gene pool

  5. BillyPenn says:

    She is just another in the long line of libtards who have failed to read the court’s decision.
    If it is a penalty it’s not constitutional. It’s only because it is a tax that makes it
    constitutional. Makes for great election fodder.

  6. Ronnie says:

    So if the highest court in the land says it’s a tax guess what it is ? That’s the only way we can pass it, they said, if it’s called a tax cause a TAX would be unconstitutional. So they pass it as a TAX not a penalty, because we can’t pass it if it’s a penalty because it would be unconstitutional.
    You where all jumping for joy that they saw it that way, as a TAX I mean, now your claiming it’s a penalty cause it sounds better than a TAX cause a TAX would have been, you guessed it, unconstitutional and your up for re-election this November. I guess we have a bunch of freaking idiots that passed this thing and you all need to go including the 5 idiots that ok’d the new tax , by the way was unconstitutional in it’s self cause that’s not the way the argument was presented. Why isn’t some one challenging that?
    It’s a freaking TAX you bunch of morons live with what you wanted and come November I’ll do my part to see that your gone. Don’t get me wrong most of the health care bill I liked but you just had to screw it up didn’t you.

  7. Kinney says:

    It is becoming time for real Americans to stand up and take our country back. Our founding fathers had the balls to stand up to England and create this great country. We owe it to them, ourselves and future Americans to eliminate this tyrannical socialist government at whatever cost it takes. If Obama and these liberals are allowed to be re-elected, you can count on the end of the United States as we know it. So stand up, forget about political correctness and if someone gets offended, and let’s make this country great again.

  8. Pointdan says:

    Hey Nov 6th – hurry up and get here. “We The People” want to retire these
    serial LIARS called Democrats. I believe we will annihilate the Democratic Party
    in Nov 2012 and for the next 40 years.
    It is one thing to be a stupid liberal, it’s a whole other thing to be a SERIAL LIAR.
    We don’t like LIARS. We don’t like SERIAL LIARS. We don’t like DEBBIE.
    Let’s Go TEA Party !! Game on. The time to mobilize is drawing near . . . . When do we march on DC ??? See you all there.

  9. bobby miller says:

    well i guess when i get to that point very soon my unemployment runs out and i have to take one them wonderful jobs their party claims to have implemented and can no longer afford my already outrageous health care my wife and i will be penalized /taxed GO FIGURE

  10. Backgammon says:

    This woman is truly a dolt! She has been asked to leave several Temples in Florida.
    I still do not understand why the Jewish population supports a party that does not support Israel? How does that work?

    • gail sanders says:

      I’ve wondered how that workd also. But I hope they’re waking up right about now!!! Listened to Pam Geller the other day on World net Daily. Smart spunky lady….

  11. Joseph Jr. says:

    There isn’t a school out there that can fix this defect of a human being. I bet in the next few days she will turn what she said around and explain she meant it isn’t a ” tax” in the normal sense of what a ” tax ” is. It is a ” penalty” ahhh ” tax ” . Idiots. They can’t even get it right when they win. I hope the loss of the Presidential election this November puts them all in the nuthouse. It would make this a saner world.

  12. Carl Deal says:

    I don’t understand Obama care much better than the legislators who passed it or the President who signed it but whatever we call that blasted tax/penalty, we taxpayers will have to pay dearly for it. My plea is that we do not make the same mistake Nov. 2012 that we made in 2008. We may not get another chance.

  13. Maggie says:

    I have this dream that Justice Roberts appears and says”OK,so it is not a tax,then it is unconstitutional.” Done !

  14. Neva Silva says:

    I have only one thing to say-AMEN

  15. Dianne says:

    I think she used the wrong flavor of kool-aide……………this one not going down so easily.

  16. Ed Jaeger says:

    Well to be honest, I’m OK with them claiming it isn’t a tax. If it’s not a tax, then it’s not Constitutional (per the SCOTUS ruling). The only thing that “makes it Constitutional” (again according to SCOTUS) is the fact that it’s a tax. Would be nice if someone in DC would say fine, it’s not a tax and (yet again according to SCOTUS) since it’s not a tax, you can’t do it.

  17. Bebe says:

    Wasn’t it Massachusett’s health plan that was the model for Obamacare? What did Mr. Romney call it Regardless what he called it, it existed and not very many people were taxed or penalized or suffered any consequences. So when the other party takes his idea and adopts it for the country, he suddenly rejects the whole plan because the “other guys” like it. I liked the plan then and I still like it now; Mitt on the other hand liked it then but now he’s trying to completely disown it.
    This is all just typical of Willard’s so-called campaign tactics and partisan mentality and if that’s not pure craziness I don’t know what is.
    So, OK everybody…..let’s move on to the next issue; Who cares what you call it. If I didn’t already know you all were Republicans, it wouldn’t be very hard to figure out. You all sound like your illustrious leader who keeps harping on certain aspects of the issues long after he’s lost the battle. Drop it already… it’s been passed as a law, now live with it.
    ……. and to Bobby Miller — if you have to take “one of them wonderful jobs” just be glad that you’ll have an option to having to fork out your hard earned money for your “already outrageous health care” —- you’ll now get it much more affordable and maybe even get subsidized but you my friend will not get taxed or penalized unless you refuse Obamacare …maybe you should just call it Romneycare and it may be easier for you to swallow.

    • Bebe- Thank you for your response. While nobody is attempting to defend the Massachusetts plan on which Obamacare is based, the fact is that the plan was a bad idea then as well as now. We object to the federal adoption of a bad idea. We further reject the means by which it was passed. “Don’t read it, just vote for it!” was the battle cry du jour, and it was an affront to the legislative process. Town hall meetings were frustrating to Americans because nobody would listen to us and mocked our lack of political efficacy.

      Furthermore, while we hate to see a state make a bad decision, it is unacceptable to see a national individual mandate. The beautiful part about America is, at least in theory, when a state becomes insufferable as a result of bad decisions, (Massachusetts has had plenty. They kept re-electing Ted Kennedy for crying out loud!) people may leave to another state in the union that still embodies free ideals. That is why people are fleeing California like a sinking ship. There are simply different rules for federal government and state government, and Obamacare is a bad idea for both, but thoroughly unacceptable for federal implementation.

      As for “letting the decision go”, I agree. There are two problems, though. The Supreme Court says it’s a tax. So it’s a tax. That means Obama must accept responsibility for implementing this tax. Furthermore, he must accept that the Solicitor General argued that it was a tax to SCOTUS. If Obama wishes to dispute that it is a tax, he may do so. But he must accept that his Solicitor General was wrong, and accept responsibility for imposing the tax on the middle class. Further, he must accept that Obamacare is unconstitutional, if the individual mandate is a penalty, and render it void. It cannot be both a tax and penalty, and he is playing both sides, wishing to have his cake and eat it, too.

      And second, we will be happy to drop it once Obama figured out his story and sticks to it AND as soon as we stop hearing about Citizens United. If we are to accept SCOTUS decisions, liberals need to stop delegitimizing the Court when it suits them.

      Thanks again for writing,

      • Phil Schrader says:

        What is it about Citizen’s United that you like? Is it the fact it allows the richest people in America to buy the election and take the power away from the grass roots every day citizens who in fact are being disenfranchised? I can’t see anything positive in that scenario.
        As relates to the Affordable Health Care Act, when you no longer had the mantra of the law being unconstitutional then the political rhetoric shifted to the debate on whether the mandate is a tax or a penalty. If there was no penalty, then how could the mandate be enforced? I personally believe that the cost of healthcare for the uninsured is paid for in the end by those who do have insurance in the form of higher charges by the health care providers and in turn by higher insurance rates for us all. This fact nothwithstanding, even if you disagree with the individual mandate, why immediately come out with a hue and cry to repeal the entire bill, which contains some provisions that will benefit many American citizens? The bill is not perfect but it is a start on reform that is sorely needed.

        • Sarah says:

          You should claim the pro-rated amuont you paid on the old property and any pro-rated amuont you paid on the new property (often in advance of the year-end billing), then remember to make any necessary adjustments after official tax bills come out and get re-divided. In theory, you paid the taxes by giving the money to somebody else (or putting it into escrow for taxes) and you are allowed to assume they actually made the necessary payments to the necessary authorities. A lender holding tax escrow should give you an annual statement of taxes collected, held and paid out.

      • Vijay says:

        I didn’t get to vote but totally agree with you. Taxing cnopumstion is infinitely preferable to taxing work and investment.Expect the Deficit Panel to recommend huge VAT taxes on top of income taxes. Obama’s spending is far too much for any VAT tax alone to pay for. For that matter, it’s far too much for any combination of taxes to pay for. Monetization or default is inevitable.

    • Kinney says:

      Here is another one of Obama’s sheep. What makes you think health care will be “much more affordable”? With Obamacare, medicare will cost more, it will be harder to find Dr.s that will accept it and the Gov’t coverage you will have will not come close to covering what is needed due to medical boards “Gov’t stooges” deciding what you will be covered for and for how much. You don’t think you will have gov’t coverage? You bet you will because employers will not be able to afford to cover you therefore, hello gov’t coverage. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!! Stop believing the crap spewed by liberals and by your muslim in charge.

  18. Don Kelly says:

    The court says it’s a TAX lady, that’s WHAT IT IS not What you think.

  19. Mike says:

    Does DSW really think she herself or any of these other posers are more intelligent than John Roberts. I dont agree with the decision, however as Mr. Roberts noted, it is up to the people/voters to decide. And decide we will!

  20. karen says:

    obviously Bebe is just that –a baby—–he/she needs to pull head out of butt and see how far down the path The Chosen One…or Lord Barack, has led us…..say what you will about Bush and Clinton and so on back down through history….this jerk doesn’;t even pay lip service to caring what the people who have to pay for his crap think…..It is a tax, always has been a tax, just another way to force us who work for a living to pay for those who don’;t….as well as forcing us all to pay for those who won’t. Sick and tired of liberal bull****……not keeping my mouth shut no matter who I am talking to….guess it’s time to start my blog back up too……

  21. bob orourke says:

    obamacare is just another tangential issue. In a nutshell the real issue is: If you believe, by virtue of your failures that you have the right to stick your hand in the wallet of those who, by virtue of their choices, are successful then vote Democratic. If on the other hand you believe you are responsible for your own life and are entitled to your achievements vote Republican.

    • Miranda says:

      You get $1000 per child. As far as child care costs, it depends how much you spend in child care. I think it needs to be at least 8-10k in a year (not sure on corcret number).

  22. Allen says:

    The vile Wasserman-Schultz, the community organizer’s Minister of Lies and Propaganda, certainly fulfills that role nicely. Hopefully, the voters of south Florida will come to their senses and dump her!

  23. Frank says:

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Can you believe this Yenta? She is so farchadded that it isn’t funny. Where in the world did this kvetch come from? Dang girt wake up. You are one fugly angry power grabbing narcissistic shove it down your throat menchbag politician.

    Obama care is a tax not a fine. If it were a fine it would be illegal for Congress to enact it. As a tax, they can shove it as far up as they want and don’t have to kiss us or give us a jar of sanded Vaseline. She is so full of it that her eyes are brown.

    She was caught with no way out… Red handed, guilty of not knowing the truth. Oh but wait, there’s more! Like those goofy infomercials if you choose two you get egg rolls. Sorry Schultz, you lose.

    How much longer does she have in office? Wow… Like Pelosi both of them need to be fixed and sent out to pasture. And then she’s the Democratic what again? That should please the liberals a whole bunch.

    I’m not particularly fond of Blitzer but he did a good job on this one.

  24. Sue says:

    By any other name it is still a TAX.

    I believe i heard that those voting on Obamacare couldn’t read the 2500 or so pages until they had voted yes for it. What kind of government does that. Last week most of the so called educated news people who attempted to read and understand it, could not make sense of it. What a mess!

    The unemployment is being manipulated to make it look better than it is. I know as i was laid off with several others. I can’t believe that anyone would want to be on this long term. The problem is the unemployment is so high, that employer’s can offer so much less pay, sometimes less than what the unemployed are receiveing on unemployment, of which many are finding it hard to survive. These are good families trying to pay their bills, but are often one payment away from bankruptcy. There are those, who are employable, but can’t find jobs, and not receiveing, or denied payment.Older people forced to take early retirement, because they can’t get employment.

    Obama made so many empty promises, but had no real leadership experience. He has played to the world[ who mainly love him], but has let this country down. He must secretly be embarassed. I don’t know who would want to take this mess on. It will take a great person to turn this country around. There are some good men that ran for the Republican nomination. I loved Herman Cain, but think that Mit Romney is the best candidate. He has proved himself to be a great leader, compassionate, and honest. They had to go back 40 years to find something he did that would taint his reputation. If he gets elected, it will be hard for all of us as he tries to sort out this mess, but if we feel that we are going in the right direction, he will have the country’s support. I want a leader not a speaker.

    How did AMERICA go from being the greatest country in the world, to being the laughing stock of the world. Don’t get me started on all of the foreign aid, what happened to taking care of your own first, then reaching out to others. Many countries have become wealthy on the backs of America. Germany being just one of them.

    All i can say is make sure that you vote in November, and do what you can to make sure that those around you are registered, and also vote.

    I feel that i should mention that i am not an American citizen, but would be if i could get off this unemployment and raise the $1000 it would cost to become one. My husband and children are American. I have spent many years with the US military overseas, and seen my husband, and others deploy.When i am in my car and a patriotic song comes on, i turn it at full blast, sing along and get choked up. It is time to become a citizen. [Having a yard sale Saturday]

    God Please Bless America, we really need it right now.

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