Calling For Obama To Ban Assault Weapons Via Executive Order At The Huffington Post?

Is there anyone on the Left who actually cares about the law anymore or is the Left fine with a President asserting dictatorial powers as long as he’s a liberal? Judging by this column at the Huffington Post by Robert David Jaffee, it’s the latter.

President Obama has said that he would rather be a good one-term president, than a mediocre two-term one. If he really means that then, in the wake of the massacre in Aurora, Colo. that has left at least 12 dead and 58 wounded, why doesn’t President Obama issue an executive order banning assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines?

…President Obama, sophisticated man that he is, knows that, and he also knows that if we are ever to end these massacres, he is going to have to issue an executive order banning the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines.

Barack Obama is not “El Presidente.” He’s not “Dear Leader.” He’s not a dictator.

Under the current law of the United States, assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines are perfectly legal. Barack Obama has no more power to change that without the House and Senate going along with him than he does to give work permits to illegal aliens or, for that matter, than Mitt Romney would have to ban abortion or union participation in elections via executive order.

Going outside the rule of law as Jaffee suggests here to give the President dictatorial powers he clearly doesn’t possess under the Constitution is extremely dangerous to the health of our republic. Even liberals should know better.

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11 Responses to Calling For Obama To Ban Assault Weapons Via Executive Order At The Huffington Post?

  1. Top Cat says:

    If Obama issues an executive order to ban so called Assault Weapons, it will be after he gets re-elected. Note: the media keeps calling this weapons Assault Weapons. These guns are sem-automatic rifles, not Assault Weapons at all. Assault Weapons are automatic rifles used used by the military and police. They are illegal for citizens to own.

  2. Blogengeezer says:

    Robert Mugabe used his ‘Autocratic POWER’ (Executive Order) to control guns. He and his UN Supporters, deemed it necessary for the ‘Common Safety’ of all ‘Subjects’… of one time prosperous Rhodesia. We all,… at least All who did their studies and paid attention,… know what a disaster that was. Zimbabwe was the ‘slaughter central’ of Africa during ‘it’s time’. Uganda and Idi Amin followed the very same protocol with close to a million butchered. For some strange reason, the ‘Blue Helmets’ seem to have no way to solve these historical ‘arguments’ that they Create.

  3. Breeze says:

    Pass any law you want. I will not sit by and let the government take my rights away. It is our right, and duty, to overthrow any corrupt government that tries to do so. They will not be prying my gun out of my cold, dead, hands. I will be prying their gun out of theirs.

  4. Mery says:

    Why do people “need” to be suecre in their papers and persons? Why do people “need” to peacefully assemble or petition the government? Why do people “need” a speedy and public trial? Why do the powers not delegated to the United States “need” to be reserved to the States or the people? Why do people “need” to choose the color of shoes they wear or the model of car they own and drive? In fact why do they “need” two cars? Why do they “need” a car with a V8 when a V4 would do just fine? Why do they “need” an SUV instead of a VW? Why do they “need” four doors on the car? Why do they “need” a CD player when an AM radio would suffice? I’m not sure we do “need” that. So let’s have the federal government decide. When they’re done with that they can decide if we “need” cigarettes, alcohol, porn, sausage, Celine Dion music, flavored condoms, Geico insurance, razors with 4 blades .. hell, maybe all restaurants should be Taco Bell while we’re at it. What do you think Ted?

  5. Chris Creed says:

    AS a subject of the peoples republic of Massachusetts(And former gun owner and FFL dealer),you DO NOT WANT gun control laws like this state. I was changed with a crime (so they could take my guns and close ONLY gunshop in Boston)…..the case was dismissed and they still took my guns . THEY CAME to the house armed and took them. WE have permits in this state BUT the local chief says yes or no and its NOT a SHALL ISSUE STATE so no is no AND he does not have to provide a reason . Guys I have to laugh……..I said the say things you all do …..cold dead hand and all that shit. Fact is I am a law abiding citizen and could bring myself to shoot at the police when they came to the house to take the guns. DO NOT think fighting when they come will solve the problem. Sounds good but at the end of the day its makes you a killer and not a winner . FIGHT THEM NOW…….DO NOT GIVE THEM A INCH….SPEAK OUT

  6. Eileen Hetherington says:

    President George W. Bush issued over 240 executive orders during his tenure in the White House. A quote from one of his aids “stroke of the pen, law of the land”. He set a precedent of unimpeded power grabbing. Obama has used the executive order more sparingly and judiciously.

  7. Big Al says:

    All polls show a plurality of Americans want more restrictions on who can own a gun and a ban on types of bullets, clips, etc.
    A slight majority want bans on certain types of guns.
    The only group in disagreement are a minority who can’t provide a reason against it that seems rational to the majority.
    But that minority heavily influences a majority in congress.
    That means that the congress (Government !!!) is acting against the will of the majority of American citizens. Where is the outcry from our patriots ???
    Who can act on behalf of the majority of Americans the stop our government (Congress) from preventing stricter gun laws?
    The president and his executive order, that’s who.

  8. c.reed says:

    obama could confiscate all guns . let eric holden sell them to the drug cartels. use the money to pay off the national debt so we can support more social services for all the illegal immigrants who possibly voted illegally for obama.

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