California Welcomes Illegal Immigrants

Reason number 1,614,246 why I don’t live in California: the California Senate just approved the California Trust Act which prohibits the police from turning a detainee over to immigration officials for deportation unless the detainee has been convicted of a serious or violent felony. In short: While many states have been cracking down on illegal immigration, California has put out the welcome mat.

In what supporters are calling the “Anti-Arizona bill”, illegals are granted free passage as police will no longer refer offenders for deportation. Meanwhile, Arizona has aimed to crack down on illegal immigration by creating an unwelcoming atmosphere for illegals by retaining the right to check immigration statuses of those detained.

The state of California has a whopping $16 billion deficit. While Governor Jerry Brown has placated concerned Californians by claiming that he is committed to spending cuts, the state government has done precious little to rein in spending for a state that seems culturally and fiscally committed to liberalism.

I often view the issue of illegal immigration as an application of “lifeboat ethics”, a concept first discussed by Garrett Hardin. In this model, we can see the rational dilemma of sitting in a nearly-full lifeboat, wishing we could bring others on board. However, the concept of “the more the merrier” does not hold true for a society of finite resources. Bringing everyone on board who wishes to get in will capsize the lifeboat. Therefore, there must be some order maintained to decide who gets to be in the lifeboat and who doesn’t. And that is where legal immigration comes in. When California, a state with an enormously inefficient government with a longstanding history of massive social services and entitlement spending, declares to all illegals that it will provide sanctuary for all so long as they can get across the border, they are forcing the boat to capsize. With the boat already taking on water- i.e.: the $16 billion deficit- California has committed itself to further financial ruin.

California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a Democrat who sponsored the measure, noted,

“Today’s vote signals to the nation that California cannot afford to be another Arizona.”

Considering the state of California’s finances, I would submit that California cannot afford to not adopt substantive immigration reform like Arizona. Ammiano also stated,

“The bill also limits unjust and onerous detentions for deportation in local jails of community members who do not pose a threat to public safety.”

What Ammiano and the bulk of Democrats don’t seem to understand is that while many illegals may very well be good, hard working people, they simply are not “owed” a place here in America. At the heart of this debate is the fundamental false belief shared by liberals that everyone has a right to live in America. While many do not cause crimes or “pose a threat to public safety”, that is, really, not the point. Likewise, if I trespass into someone’s home, kick up my heels and watch TV, causing no other disturbance, I am still not entitled to stay there and my sneaking in is, in and of itself, illegal.

Since I believe in states’ rights, California is free to screw up their finances and their own state as much as they like. However, even I will admit to the need for a federal government, and maintaining porous security on the border, varying by states, is not good enough. The truly ironic thing is that despite the multitude of oversteps and usurpations of states’ rights by the federal government, one of the few things we, as citizens, ought to expect from them is to secure our borders, and that seems to be the one thing they are unwilling to do. In fact, they prefer to do exactly the opposite, as the Obama administration has recently circumvented Congress to declare that it is halting the deportations of illegals nearly altogether.

We have a process for immigration to America. In fact, many would suggest that that process needs review and that we should consider making the process easier. Fine. That’s a discussion worth having. But how can anyone, sworn to uphold the laws of their state or nation, believe that it is acceptable to arbitrarily enforce only the laws with which they agree? To circumvent common sense immigration practices in favor of cherry-picking what a state will and will not enforce is to delegitimize the entire judicial process. We must enforce our laws or amend them legislatively to fit our principles and vision of government.

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  1. Yumi says:

    is true. After the Revolutionary War, the govt. was broke and the British had burned down the cptaail , etc. buildings, I forget right now where they were at the time. The UK loaned the colonies the money to rebuild and they signed a Treaty , the insisted on the Washington DC area and also wanted the corporation of the United States to be seperate from the United States of America, aka the states. That is why it is in BRITISH COLUMBIA. Yearly the Queen got paid X amount of tax revenue per said treaty. I have tried reading the original treaty.. it is laborious work using legal terms that takes a special law dictionary to understand. We are slaves to the UK. We indeed, do not own the property we live on and pay/paid a mortgage on,and taxes yearly, and are tenants. All you have to do is look at your Deed and you will see that. I had looked at our Deeds before and never questioned the jargon, but now I know the truth. It is all a great sham. Google this phrase Is the Unites States a colony of the United Kingdom?You will get the information that this nice, but deluded person speaks. I spent over a month reading this stuff on squib, and that isn’t easy at my age and with my bad back, but I wanted to know the truth..I got terribly angry, the American Dream was comopletely shattered for me. I am 65 and it was hard to take, but I have yet to find a legal way out. (( When I try to tell others about it, they are either complacent, or don’t believe it. Or they don’t want to.The US ( as we think of it ) was again broke after the Civil War. Another Treaty, more loans.. it just gets worse and worse the more I read about it. We owe the Queen ( according to info I have accumilated recently) 7.4 Trillion dollars. She didn’t come recently just to visit’ the President after all these years of not coming to Amerika. She was on a mission for their money.She did not get said money, btw. They also are in bad financial straits. It no longer makes any difference what party you belong to, and has not for over 30 years, matter which party affiliation you have, it is all the same and the Congress/Senate is in on the fix. Ever wonder why so many lawyers become politicians? ;^)The day the Supreme Court ruled that corporations had the same rights as citizens, was the final blow .( to me )Bottom line.. don’t believe in Santa Claus, or the American Dream.. they are both a LIE. I look almost daily for a way to fix the problem of the corporations and wall street take over of our nation to no avail.Don’t give your money to these deluded charlatins. I honestly believe that they know what is going on , and beleive what they are spouting, but it is impossible. Do some research.. just google the name James Timothy Turner. He is the supposed President of this new Republic. I suggest you spend your money instead on stocking up on food, worry alot about what will happen when the Nuclear plant in Japan really blows, which it appears is going to happen as time runs out. Build a Greenhouse to grow your own food. Take care and Love your family. The corporation of the United States has been taken over by the Military Complex and wall street. To quote the great George Carlin, loosely,They don’t give a shit about us and they haven’t for 30 years !!The last person who tried to shut down the Fed, JFK, was assasinated a few days after giving a speech at Columbia U. about the Fed and his intent of absolving it. So, if JFK, the last great President of the United States can be eliminated, so can we. We are indeed serfs as Jesse says. Things are even worse than most citizens know. We owe China mega bux. We owe Japan mega bux. No one wants to buy a piece of the American Pie anymore. They are waging/ starting wars all over the middle east with their shadow govt and psyops. It is a matter of time before someone retaliates. DO NOT WATCH MSM. It is more propogandaized than ever before. I quit watching ANY US news over 2 years ago. It is useless drivel. wall street merchandising, plain and simple. I hate eating crow, but given the odds against me, I don’t know what else to do. I still wake up every morning. (I am sorry to paint such a picture, but after months, years now of reading I see no way for the American People to win the war against us by our own govt. and military complex . I still look, but to no avail. I won’t even go into China and the fake gold bullion the US paid them with and they found out about it as the Russians told them of the scam of using tungston steel as it was the same weight as gold.I won’t go into the fact that the shadow govt. is spening trillions of dollars to surroud’ both China and Ruasia with military bases. That the Sea Eye Aye is the biggest drug dealer in the world and has been since Viet Nam when they shipped drugs in the coffins of our dead soldiers!!The Bush’s and Rev. Moon and their land in Paraguay, conveniently situated over a large aquifer, and a large natural gas deposit and a military installation on said property . The Bush-Clinton Haiti Fund , but the Haitians got very little of it. Everywhere I look there is rampid corruption. I don’t like the Alex Jones’s personalities, even tho most of what they say is truth. You have to be grandiose with your personality to stay alive today if you buck the corporation.. journalists get killed’ often these days, the real journalists.. not the smiling faces on tee vee reading the cue cards and trying to sell you the slant and all the products they push. Most people believe all this crapola. I wish somethimes I could be that stoopid and not know what I do and learn more and more of. Guess I’m just not made that way, I have to search out the real story like Andy Rooney says call it a character flaw . Enough.. I spouted off and got it out of my system for a short while. It actually feels good to talk to a box like this and hope that ONE person will see it and say I’m not alone, there is someone else that sees . Take care, you are the only one that can or will.

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