Winning Wisconsin: The Reverend Jesse Jackson Crashes The Walker Party

Did you see Tiger’s epic shot today on his way to winning the Memorial Tournament? Well, that’s us in Wisconsin. The phones are off the hook in Milwaukee and we are still setting state records. Across the state today, over 100,000 calls were made and over 20,000 doors were knocked on behalf of Governor Walker. While the door knocks are being taken care of by a paid walk program, team “Deployment” carried the phone calls, racking up two times more calls than any other center.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will win this one… the only question is by how much. Internal polling has us up by 5 to 7 points. But inorder to make an impact and make the headlines of the New York Times we have to win by double digits. Anything else will be considered a loss by the liberals, and will leave a door open for yet another recount and possibly another recall.

To put it simply, if we don’t win by a commanding margin, I guarantee that you will see the following statement in some liberal rag: “$32 million wasted by Walker for a narrow win, while poor Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett had to fight the big money with only a few million bucks.” (Naturally Barrett’s DC money will not be included in this analysis).

Even though the Democratic National Committee has already written this one off and pulled out of Wisconsin completely, the Unions will fight us to the bitter end. Their entire mission, to command the lives of every worker in America, is at stake in this election and they know it. And because they don’t have the power to mount a competitive campaign, they are resorting to bleeding us dry. They are living off the fumes of their (none too commanding) Al Franken victory, and could very likely keep up their antics through the presidential election, occupying our donors and resources IF we don’t win by double digits.

It all comes down to the success of our Get Out The Vote effort, which has managed to be creative and unconventional and flawlessly executed (a combination that is a lot harder to achieve than you might think). Team “Deployment,” by far the most effective and functional Walker Team in Wisconsin is not calling 4 of 4′s (consistent voters), we are calling 1′s and 2′s (people who have only voted once or twice in the last four elections). Usually this type of outreach is reserved for outside organizations because traditional campaigns focus on getting out their own most reliable voters (the 4 of 4′s) in the last 72 hours.

But as unusual as this tactic is, the important thing is that we are calling while the SEIU drum circle has dwindled down to a mere three people today. Perhaps Barrett should have taken up Obama’s offer to come out and campaign for him… although, it’s definitely possible that our polarizing president would have hurt more than he would have helped.

In any case, Wisconsin’s status as the epicenter of the political universe was confirmed today by the appearance of both Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton causing a ruckus in downtown Milwaukee today. And of course our hotel, the Hyatt, has been the core of the epicenter. Our already-eclectic group of Roller Derby Girls, SEIU members, and a Beads and Buttons convention became even more eclectic (to put it politely) today, when Jesse Jackson and 10 cavaliers meandered into the lobby after his anti-Walker rally downtown.

After 5 minutes of incredibly awkward silence during which he stood over our table and watched his fill of the Heat game, I asked him if I could get him a drink. What can I say, I was brought up to believe that everyone deserves common courtesy! Surprisingly he said no, and when I asked him if he was sure, his answer was an emphatic “definitely not!” Later it occurred to me that some Reverends make a commitment to sobriety… and I don’t think it’s impolite to point out that having a proven taste for mistresses, manipulation, and money doesn’t help people remember that.

Fortunately, the Reverend did say yes to a picture, into which I proudly snuck in my Scott Walker Deployment Team Member lanyard and a big smile. While I’m sure he didn’t notice my sneaky maneuver, I was able to make quite a stir on Facebook where I titled the picture “The Newest Member of the Scott Walker Campaign.” Thanks Reverend, you made my day!

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6 Responses to Winning Wisconsin: The Reverend Jesse Jackson Crashes The Walker Party

  1. Constance Strait says:

    And a good photo shot, it is!!! I wish ALL in Walker’s Team BIG SUCCESS!!!!!

  2. Steve Zelinski says:

    There are two independents running in the race also, that no one in the National media seems to be mentioning. Dr. Hari Trevedi, who has his name appearing on the ballot, but is no longer campaigning, and Steven Zelinski from Burnett County, Wisconsin, who is running as a write-in candidate who hopes to appear as an “Independent” candidate in 2014 on the ballot. He will need 5% of the popular vote to achieve this.

  3. Which way will the Wisconsin Hunters Vote?

    Second Amendment Rights might swing some otherwise left leaning hunters in favor of Scott Walker.

    Go Scott Walker!

  4. Pairodocs says:

    Jesse and Al are two of the biggest racists out there today. They are always part of the problem, never part of the solution. “Reverend”. I guess that they attended seminary, but they sure don’t live up to that title. In my opinion, they have as much, if not more, racial hatred in them than any KKK member. They really are irrelevant. I wish people would give them the attention that they deserve. None.

    • Bob says:

      Rev. Al was “ordainded” a Baptist minister at the age of nine! Divinity school? I don’t think so. The only school he most likely attended was the same one Obama attended…The “University of Community Organizers” in Chicago.

  5. Billy and Jessie and Al stumped for Barrett and bashed an trashed Gov. Walker and the GOP, in the hopes of rallying the Liberals and Unions members to all vote and get a big win in WI: Years back in MN those three all attended a big rally for liberal Senator Wellstone and all gave big pep speeches and all looked good for them, they bashed and trashed the GOP then too, but it didn’t do any good the MN voters didn’t buy it, that Senator still lost and those three and the liberal Democrats looked foolish, they will all look that way again, after the voting ends the 5th……..

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