Winning Wisconsin: Call Center Ninjas Versus Drum Circle Drones

We made history in the state of Wisconsin! Never before has a single call center pounded out as many calls as team “Deployment,” with a grand total of 31,610 calls! Not only did we break a record as an individual team, it was also the biggest call day in the history of the state party.

In my years of activism, I have never been a part of a more organized and well executed GOTV program as this one… I would say it’s much more Scott Brownesqe and much less Sharron Anglular, if I may make the comparison. But I have never seen so many highly educated people seem so ready for a cocktail when, in the last hour of frantic phone banking, we hit and exceeded our far-out goal of 30,000 phone calls.

The energy in the room was contagious, I never thought that after all these years working in campaigns and avoiding the phones at all costs, I would end up genuinely enjoying spending hours cold-calling. Today especially, our calls went out to non-voters, specifically people who did not vote in last year’s governor’s race. Luckily the reception we received from these non-activists was surprisingly warm. Out of my almost 300 calls, there was only one person that actually said they wouldn’t be voting in the recall… and we later confirmed that she was in fact from Mars.

As much as I am loving being here in the epicenter of American politics and meeting so many people whose stories all cross paths because of one election or another, it is sickening that we are having to do all of this work just to keep a could-not-be-more-legitimately-elected Governor in office. Please remember he originally won by more than 7,000 votes, and even with the re-count he only lost 200 votes. Can the SEIU not understand that the people of Wisconsin want a leader that gave them the Budget Reform they were asking for?

Never before has the rest of the country had to stand up and fight for one state’s freedom, but the conservative grassroots have proven that we’re up to the challenge. SEIU watch out because we are HOT! Speaking of which, of course a certain union just had to be our neighbors at the Hyatt… I mean, weren’t the roller derby girls bad enough? Word on the street, no other hotel wanted to take them (no, not the roller-derby girls).

As far as I can tell the SEIUers have been rather tame (if not well-behaved), and don’t seem to have organized much of anything beyond a drum circle. I know, these are clearly some disciplined, intimidating opponents we have! My impression that our union foes can’t match our drive and seriousness was confirmed stuck in an elevator mano y mano with one. Him in his purple gear and me in my Scott Walker crisp new long sleeve (which I was in desperate need of considering my lost baggage from Southwest still hadn’t arrived), I couldn’t hold myself back in the awkward silence that followed when the elevator doors shut. “Oh no, you are from the SEIU,” I yelled, raising my hands in mock surrender. “Don’t hurt me!” He just gave me a strange look and laughed. I even got a parting unsolicited high five from him as I got off on my floor.

Meanwhile, our side remains in high spirits, as we’ve embraced the “work hard, play hard” approach. This being the hot spot it is, the state party chairman and regional political director from the RNC visited our site and joined us at the carousel bar on the top floor after our 12-hour work day was finished day was over. It’s really impressive what great treatment we are getting (yes they hooked us up with an open bar).

I will close out on one great point that’s been made on the historic nature of our battle. Wisconsin has come full-circle in leading the battle for union rights in the 50s to now reigning in the mess of collective bargaining, which does nothing but steal opportunities from others. It’s not the next election we should be worried about, it’s about the next generation. How we perform in Wisconsin is a blueprint for the rest of the nation’s labor laws, be assured that team Deployment is on it!

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3 Responses to Winning Wisconsin: Call Center Ninjas Versus Drum Circle Drones

  1. argetm says:

    The same SEIU that got to run the Nevada election that put Dingy Harry back in the senate? Wonder how he is doing with his desired high speed rail from LA to Las Vegas. Not exactly because there is no space for a terminal in LA so you would have to drive an hour or two to get to the proposed terminal. Might as well drive all the way and save on the rent-a-car.

  2. Dorene Hague says:

    Wanted so bad to be with and help. Daughter had her twin babies May 21st. I was unable to commit to the cause. Congrats on your efforts, hard work and success! Sounds as though it was hard work but very rewarding especially when the polls close tomorrow and Scott Walker it declared the winner. Awesome job everyone!

  3. Jeannine DLy says:

    We are so proud of everyone!!!!!!!
    From the state of Indiana-Lead the way to to truth and justice.

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