Sheriff Joe: “I’m going to continue to enforce all our illegal immigration laws”

Trudging through the contagious insanity that runs rampant throughout government, I often feel as if the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Catching up on the news of the day and discussing trends in politics, it can be easy to feel exhausted by the antics of those who are supposed to represent us. Occasionally, however, I feel vindicated when a public servant has the guts to stand up against unchecked lunacy. In these rare to find moments, I feel relief to know that not all is lost.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in America”, has announced that following President Obama’s creation of an “anything goes” immigration policy, he will be bound by Arizona law, and thus, will continue with his controversial and effective immigration enforcement policies.

Of course, Sheriff Joe is best known for his many controversial methods of law enforcement. While he is constantly under attack by those that value the privileges of criminals over the enforcement of laws, Sheriff Joe has been re-elected every four years since 1992. His popularity amongst Arizona citizens has remained high, while his popularity amongst those in ivory towers, shielded from the dangers of living right on the border, has remained strained. His more notable controversies have included his zealous enforcement of immigration laws and his lack of frills regarding prisoner privileges, including serving bologna sandwiches, issuing pink underwear, and- my personal favorite- assuaging overcrowding concerns by erecting a “tent city” from surplus military tents that were good enough for our soldiers.

Obama, in a desperate attempt to buy Hispanic votes, announced yesterday that he will bypass congressional authority to halt the deportation of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and allow them to apply for work permits. His executive order is a direct reversal of his previous position on the issue of executive action for immigration reform. In 2011, Obama stated:

“With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed… Congress passes the law. The executive branch’s job is to enforce and implement those laws. And then the judiciary has to interpret the laws. There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as President.”

Alas, here we are. It is absolutely shameful.

While Obama’s blatant betrayal of his oath to uphold American law has rightfully outraged many, Sheriff Joe has stated his intentions to continue honoring his oath and upholding Arizona law.

“I’m going to continue to enforce all our illegal immigration laws,” Arpaio said. “I think the people of Mexico are going to feel, ‘Hey, come on in’ and we’ll get by with it, but it won’t happen in this county, they will be arrested.”

While political pundits’ comments regarding Obama’s pandering have been frequent and vivid, there has been little attention paid to those that still feel bound to uphold the law, regardless of political motivations. Those that value the sovereignty of our nation’s borders would love to see a strong enforcement of immigration policy, but we must be contented, for the time being, by elected officials at the local and state levels carrying the burden the federal government will not. While Obama’s proclamation was certainly a step in the wrong direction, it is satisfying to know that there are still public servants willing to do what we hired them to do.

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39 Responses to Sheriff Joe: “I’m going to continue to enforce all our illegal immigration laws”

  1. Joe Davis says:

    Obama just does what he wants. Some one should tell him that the laws of the land apply to him also. What hes going to have is a lot of americans that dont want to follow federal law. If trhey see him abusing the law, they will figure they dont have to go by it either.

    • Juanita says:

      Regardless of whether the sheriff likes it or not, federal law supercedes local law. The sheriff can continue to use taxpayer money to arrest immigrants, but under federal law they will not be deported. The sheriff should look for a different approach to stopping illigal immigration. I would certainly welcome and support that.

      • Vunderkint says:

        The problem here is that Obama picks and chooses the laws he will enforce and immigration laws are among those he refuses to enforce adequately, is definitely following an open borders agenda. People like Jan Brewer Arizona Gov. and Sheriff Joe see the truth of this agenda and take their duties seriously to protect Americans and by extension our nation’s security and sovereignty, states are sovereign to and I might remind you that the states created the federal government not the other way around. You advise the Sheriff to find different ways of stopping illegal immigration LOL, what would you suggest paying them to stay in Mexico or were ever they came from? Juanita, how can anyone hope to curtail gatecrashing illegal aliens when pinhead politicians in Washington are constantly sending the signal y’all come? I don’t think you understand this is a global agenda of a one world government to do away with international borders, do you know anything about the North American Union?

        Elected officials including Obama take an oath to fulfill certain duties and are accountable to We the People, Obama has violated his oath of office repeatedly and as far as I’m concerned should be impeached but that’s not going to happen because the corrupt Democrats control the Senate and I don’t think the Republicans have the spine to do what’s necessary. This whole illegal alien problem comes down to two things, Republicans want cheap labor for their business special interests the Democrats want future Democrat voters that are ignorant and easy to manipulate that’s why they want the illegals numbers to swell and fight against cleaning up the voter rolls so noncitizens cannot vote in our elections. We are up to our necks in political corruption and enough is enough, God bless people like Sheriff Joe would have the moral character encourage to do what needs to be done for the good of Americans! Mexico has resources if it wasn’t for the vast corruption that has destroyed a middle-class people of Mexico could have a good life there, maybe instead of coming here and sending the money back they should rise up and clean up their own country of corruption. As Americans if we don’t do something about the corruption in our country are middle-class will be destroyed as the welfare state bankrupts us and if we don’t take back our government soon were done!

  2. Stuart Heinrichs says:

    Obama is a sociopath. He probably has people posting on the conservative sites from prison. Swinging a voting deal with a bunch of rapists. He will let them out if they help him win the election. AMNESTY. He will put them in charge of his personal police agency. Oops, Hitler already did that. The Gestapo.

  3. Dennis says:


  4. william.E.Harrison says:

    we need a president like joe that honors the american people and fights for his country goes to the hospitals of are fighting men who suffer from war stop the illegals entering are world that take everything hand free bring the United States back were it should be ty joe

  5. Sheriff Joe for President!

  6. Joyce Atkins says:

    Sheriff Joe continue with your great work. These idiots in Washington will be fired in November and you will still have a job and uphold the law. Thanks for being a great American!!!!!

  7. dan r. mosely says:

    I think Mr. Joe should do what he has to do for the better of his state.GO FOR IT MR. JOE.

  8. I think the sheriff is right. I wish we had one here in Miss, Oboma is a lier in ever he turns. They jobs away from Americans, who work like the blue collar.They are hurting bad because they have lost every thing. People coming across the border get free medical care most people don’t here don’t have healthI

  9. Gloria Crouch says:

    Good for you Joe! Obama is NOT God even though he thinks he is. Keep upholding the law you took an oath to uphold. There are thousands of people out here that are behind you. We are sick of the way things are going and want our country back! Thank you for having a backbone to fight the hard fight. We love you!

  10. I think the sheriff is right. I wish we had one here in Miss, Oboma is a lier in ever he turns. They jobs away from Americans, who work like the blue collar.They are hurting bad because they have lost every thing. People coming across the border get free medical care most people don’t here don’t have health Insurance. The ones who come across the border are treated better than true Americans white, black native I

  11. Dennis Williams says:

    Sherrif Joe for Head of the Department of Homeland Security.

    • onceproudamerican says:

      Homeland Security is the modern version of the Nazi SS.

      It serves no purpose not already performed by our military and other departments, other than to destroy the Constitution. Eliminating is the first order of business for representatives who honor their oath to the Constitution.

  12. Sheriff Joe Arpaio,Of Maricopa County , Arizona.Was and Is Elected By The Voteing Citizens of Maricopa County To Perform His Official Duties As The CONSTITUTIONALLY,Elected Official,To Enforce The Constitution And LAWS Of The County Of Maricopa,And The State of Arizona, And The United States of America…BUT AS USUAL,In Local Politics There Are Those,Who Support You Until You Begin Doing Your Job For,Which You Are Elected,Prefering You “Don’t Rock The Political BOAT!,,Just Look The Other Way,And “MAYBE “IT WILL GO AWAY!!!,IT WON’T!, If Left Alone ,It Festers Like A BAD SORE…..Save The LEG And Treat The SORE…..STICK With The PROGRAM ,Sheriff JOE …WE OLD Lawmen Support YOU!.

  13. James B Husband says:

    Amen to the Sheriff of Arizona Joe! I am with you! I pray for more men like you that take a stand for what is right foryou America! Bless You In Jesus Name! Sincerely, James B Husband

  14. Go Sheriff Joe. a lot of Americans r with you.

  15. Jim Brown says:

    Obama by his own admission is breaking the law. I did not know that the president was allowed to just break the law with impunity. We need to disinfect the White House
    as soon as possible. It’s like watching a Three Stoggies as gangsters movie. The moronic is the new normal.
    Keep up the good work Joe.[A real American]

  16. Earl Savage says:

    Joe, I’m with you. You are an AMERICAN PATRIOT. Keep on doing what you are doing. We are under seige by a man who is supposed to be a leader and an example to the AMERICAN people he serves. He is not a leader of the people he serves. Keep up the good work JOE. We need a man like you for our PRESIDENT.

  17. Jan Logsdon says:

    Let us get back to being Americans instead of members of the One World Government.

  18. Jane Smith says:

    Go Sheriff Joe. a lot of Americans r with you.

    Sheriff Joe should not stand alone, he should be a role model for others who are in a position to enforce the law and stop the immigrants from taking what rightfully belongs to the American people. Our blood was shed to keep us free and part of that was from my family. It is offensive that we have Americans with no health care and so much is given to the immigrants. Go Joe and lets stop supporting those who have not earned it by blood, sweat and tears.

  19. Cecilio Mendez says:

    What the hell all the other border Sheriffs are waiting on? I wish Mr. Arpaio was a younger person and decide to run for President. I am sick and tired listening and tolerating the anti-America MSM and the Soro’ites. God and the Constitution are behind those who dare to defend America. What are we waiting for?

  20. versie Pate says:

    GOD Bless Joe Arpaio: I am 86 years old and untill this person !!! Obama became the President of this great country, I believed that the US Congress was the one to make laws by and for the people. Obama keeps changing and breaking our laws. WHY oh!! WHY Can’t Obama be impeached ???? Can anyone tell me ?? I am a mother. grandmother and a great grandmother, and I fear for my children and for all Americans. IMPEACH that man. Thank you Sheriff Joe Arpaio, In the name of JESUS I pray that GOD will Bless you. Psalm 109:8 LET HIS DAYS BE FEW; and LET ANOTHER TAKE HIS PLACE. His time is up. GOD Bless America

  21. Michael Burdette says:

    Not just Obama but all his supporters are a bunch of idiots. If you think think our muslim president is even close to being right you are as stupid as he is. Add everything up muslim name wants to help mexicans more than Americans. Gonna fine you if you don’t have healthcare. The man is a fucking retard.

  22. Michael Burdette says:

    Obama is a muslim retard.

  23. Jeannie says:

    You GO JOE!!!!

  24. Lance Smith says:

    Way to go Joe!!

  25. Rich Beckett says:

    Bravo Joe

  26. Earle Masciantonio says:

    Since I first heard of him I hoped that more Law Enforcement Officials would follow his example. Especially on his ideas on the Penal system and its purpose. I don’t mind immigration, but it stands to reason that if you don’t staunch a flood all you hold dear can be washed away, and I see that happening more and more here in our ‘English’ speaking country, our culture is being eroded and destroyed by another countries interlopers, and who we are is no longer American, (a mix of all races and cultures) but Hispanic with no wish to integrate. It is scary.

  27. Dennis Hastings says:

    If Mr. Arpaio was president as opposed to Nobama, law abiding citizens would be so much better off. Criminals, punks, gangs and illegals would be wearing pink outfits, rounded up, put in tents, fed baloney and we could rid our society of those that don’t respect it…and that includes Obamy and all his Czars.

    • justin says:

      I agree.

      I guarantee that if one of joe’s haters had a family member killed by an illegal or former prisoner who got a free ride in jail they would immediately change their tune.

  28. justin says:

    It pissed me off that the illegals get free healthcare while our poor citizens have to do without because they cannot afford it.

    I see why people would rather come in illegally. Free healthcare.

  29. michele styers says:

    I worked as a correctional nurse II for years in his sister state.. Nevada Keep this man in office. Sheriff Joe is firm, fair and consistant. He treats all the same. .. you do the crime you sprend the time and if you don’t like it, don’t come back. He is a great American. Keep up the fight Joe.

  30. Modesta says:

    Hey Jo, we need a President like you, how about It. I think your an upfront guy and have a lot of gutz!!!

  31. Louis A Liguori says:

    I made a statement that it would be nice if Govenor Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio were running New York so we can clean it up and you should see the shit load of emails I received from these liberal dirt bags here in NY, they love it that our country is turning into shit, we will take it back and you whom oppose us will be paid back in full. Not a threat just a Promise.

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