Popular Oregon State University Professor Fired For Global Warming Skepticism

Seldom does anything happen in Oregon. And when it does, it’s always ridiculous, uninteresting or otherwise just plain weird. We recently had a man contract the bubonic plague from a cat. See what I mean? But I’ll take weird over infuriating any day.

Oregon State University Chemistry Professor Nicholas Drapela has been fired from his teaching position that he has held for ten years with absolutely no reason given. His termination comes after he has voiced his skepticism regarding man-made global warming.

Drapela has a 4.3/5 rating on ratemyprofessors.com (a very good rating considering the difficulty of the subject), has published several textbooks, is a senior instructor and has received the Loyd F. Carter award for his exemplary teaching abilities. To Drapela’s knowledge, he has not been linked to any wrongdoing, and his termination does not appear to be from budgetary considerations, as the chemistry department has announced on its website the hiring of four new professors for the 2012-2013 year. On paper, Drapela seems quite adequate to keep the job he has held for the last ten years. So, the question remains, why was he fired?

Drapela doesn’t know:

“The fact of the matter is that it is now two weeks since I was fired and no one has had the cajones or the common courtesy to even tell me why. I have spoken with the Dept. Chair (Rich Carter) who fired me, and he refused to tell me why. I spoke to the Dean of Science (Vince Remcho) and he couldn’t tell me why. I spoke to HR who set up a meeting with me, then cancelled it an hour before. Then I went to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (Becky Warner) and she sent me back to Rich Carter, the chemistry chair.”

Drapela, who has four kids, one of which has a rare blood disorder, has recently purchased a house. He was given no severance and was not granted the traditional courtesy of allowing him to finish out the term so that he may look for another position. In fact, according to Drapela, he was lured to the department chair’s office with a fallacious story and was asked for his office key.

Dr. Gordon Fulks, a fellow anthropogenic (man-made) global warming (AGW) skeptic, claims Drapela’s dismissal was as a direct result of his stance on AGW. Drapela began giving talks and voicing his critiques of the science behind AGW in 2007. Such critiques often cite the large amount of grant money afforded to institutions to promote global warming “science”. True scientists like Fulks, who has never accepted a dime to promote or oppose any theory, claims in an open letter that an agenda has no place in scientific discovery:

“Under those currently in charge, OSU climate research has grown to be a huge business, reportedly $90 million per year with no real deliverables beyond solid academic support for climate hysteria. A small army of researchers ponder the effects of Global Warming on all sorts of things from tube worms living along the Oregon Coast to butterflies inland. When the climate refuses to warm (as it has for the last twenty years), they just study ‘warming in reverse!’ Most of us call that “cooling,” but they are very careful not to upset their Obama administration contract monitors with politically incorrect terminology.”

Despite being a blue state, Oregon is fairly conservative, with Eugene, Ashland and Portland leading the way in liberal politics. To be frank, I halfway expect this kind of thing from the University of Oregon, my liberal Alma Mater; but Corvallis, where OSU resides, is known for being fairly conservative. That is why this cerebral bullying is so alarming; as we may roll our eyes at this kind of hypocrisy at Berkeley, we accept that Newspeak is taught there and free thought is not welcomed. With a conservative state school in Oregon falling victim to this kind of academic fascism, we now realize that no place is safe to attend that won’t function as an indoctrination center. Indeed, the war has come to our doorstep. Luckily, we can help stop it.

More than simply complaining, I suggest we do what the liberals fear most; I suggest we educate ourselves in the very subjects they aim to restrict. Furthermore, I saw we call out hypocrisy when we see it.

To educate yourself, please view Dr. Drapela’s PowerPoint presentation on Anthropogenic Global Warming.

To find out more about academic freedom, please visit Students for Academic Freedom, an organization created by David Horowitz to combat indoctrination on campuses.

To contact chemistry department chair Rich Carter: Email: rich.carter@oregonstate.edu or phone: 541-737-9486

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9 Responses to Popular Oregon State University Professor Fired For Global Warming Skepticism

  1. Shane Robinson says:

    Not to be too harsh, BUT, the liberals infer that us Liberty
    Conservatives are racist and don’t believe in personal “Choice”, so WHY
    is it okay to take away an academic view that merits consideration – by actually firing

  2. Great post Greg! This action screams lawsuit and/or the stripping of federal grant money. Nothing in his slideshow was as preposterous as the nonsense coming from the global warming alarmists.

    Good lawyers in the liberty and conservative movements who I’m sure would be happy to help this professor.

  3. John Svengali says:

    If man-made global warming is such “settled science,” why does it require Obama regime commissars to maintain the orthodoxy of this mythology?

    The left’s schemes are invariably diabolical and all about power grabbing. Power is the ultimate goal that is facilitated by their phony causes. Non-adherence is heresy and punished by excommunication from the new state religion where its secular creed is established in the academy.

    At my college commencement in 1983, Dr. Helen Caldicott, the nuclear freeze advocate, spoke and polluted an otherwise happy day for me with her nonsense. I am still proud to this day to be the only one in my graduating class to remain seated during an inexplicable standing ovation for her. If United States policy makers had done then what she wanted, our country would have unilaterally disarmed and the Soviet Union would be alive and well today. Eastern Europe would still be enslaved. Liberals are simply hysterical asses and as Mark Levin calls them, “masterminds.” Unfortunately, there isn’t too much “mind” to be found in their masterminds.

    The academy should be an open forum for free speech and contrasting ideas of intellectual merit. Today’s colleges and universities are bastions for only leftist thinking and expression. The public schools are also indoctrinating young people and narrowing their awareness of free-thinking concepts. Institutions are being bought off by grants that fuel the new state religion of climate change science, no matter what the evidence reveals.

    The country is already at the stage of cultural civil war. There is an inexorable bent toward socialist dominion over the private sector and the private person. Our forefathers would have fought to defend against such intrusion that we now take for granted as inevitable “progress.” The population is largely comprised of blissful idiots who are clueless as to tyranny and liberty meanings. There is still a substantial part of our population who know better and who would fight. It may come to a fight. The questions I have are: Is there enough left of America to fight for? Who will step up to do the fighting? Do you want to be a free citizen or a subject of the state?

  4. dan r. mosely says:

    It ‘s realy semple, vote them out this November.if everybody go ‘s to the poles this November and votes obama out we may be able to fix this wrong that’s been done to our country.VOTE HIM OUT NOW.

  5. Doyal A. Patterson says:

    I think this horrible just because you don’t agree with the GREAT ONE you are a menice to society, or if you are a Christian you are wrong on every thing you beleive,
    Global warming is a mith just look at the weather a hundredd years ago and ther is very little if any changge, after all GOD is still in charg.

  6. trants4md says:

    I am so tired of closed minded morons who listen to fools and become one without doing their own research, I would recommend a book to them “Unstoppable Global Warming – Every 1500 years” Singer – Avery A guide to 200 to 300 pier reviewed studies by Climatologist and REAL Scientists from around the world over the last century that prove them wrong. They are right, it is settled science, only the outcome is not as they believe.

    I would like to add another recommendation, Roy W. Spencer’s ‘Climate Confusion.’ Roy Spencer is a Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. He has a PHD in Meteorology and a former Senior Scientist for Climate at NASA. A co-developer of our original weather satellite ‘precise temperature monitoring methods’ at NASA and a person the current data is disbursed too and studied by.

    A studied person knows a fool when he meets one, I have met Universities full of them. So anal to be part of the ‘first to know,’ they will follow any new idea without the least amount of personal study. Ordain it fact because their friends believe it!

    Sad, but the vast majority of those who hold professorships have failed to study anything since they got that antiquated sheep skin in ‘closed mindedness!’ Blinders on mouth wide open!

  7. Rosanne Klass says:

    Plase inform Dr. Drapela that (in addition to David Horowitz) he should immediately get in touch with F.I.R.E. — the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education — a 501 (c) (3) foundation whose mission is to defend & sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities, including freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, and more — “the essential qualities of individual freedom and dignity.” Its lawyers have been effective in a number of cases at major campuses.
    601 Walnut Streeet, Suite 510
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
    Tel: (215) 717-3473
    President: Greg Lukianoff.
    Director of Legal and Public Advocacy: Will Creeley

  8. Kip Anderson says:

    The article and comments of both professors are based upon speculation alone.

    It may come out eventually, but like anybody on contract on an annual basis, he really doesn’t have recourse to force an explanation as to why it is not being renewed.

    One should probably wonder what if any “climate science” a professor of “chemistry” should be prof-erring to his captive grade-dependent masses however. If he was teaching climate science in Chem 101, there’s your reason. That said, it is not uncommon for public universities to stir the knowledge pool of PhDs in this way. There is no tenure. There is no promise of employment beyond each contract. Those are the ropes and he knows it!

  9. Carol Tandy says:

    Time to send a donation to this Professor….just like the bus monitor, he deserves our support….. What this country/world is coming to!!!

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