Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Joe Biden Hails Chinese Greatness


Shortly after having been elected as our nation’s first vice president, John Adams wrote, “My country has in its wisdom contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived.” Adams had a point. He constantly complained of having little to do with executive affairs and he was of no real importance to the administration of George Washington. But, to his credit, at least he kept his foot out of his mouth. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has excelled greatly at making an already insane administration look feeble-minded as well.

On Friday, Biden spoke with mayors from across the country at a national conference of mayors. While speaking with them, Biden felt the urge to boost the morale of these lawmakers by telling them just how superior Chinese cities are to ours:

“If I blindfolded Americans and took them into some of the airports or ports in China, and then took one of them to any of your cities in the middle of the night just so that they could see it, and then said, ‘which one is in America- which one is your city in America- and which one is in China,’ most Americans would say, ‘That great one is in America.’ It’s not.”

Now, nobody can be certain what he was thinking, but needless to say, his pompous provocation is not going over very well. His comments are not only asinine, but a firm confirmation of what critics of the Obama administration have been saying for years: that the administration that governs America denies the concept of American exceptionalism.

However, putting aside the insulting nature of his comments for a moment, it seems Biden’s analysis is inaccurate. While there may be tremendous building of infrastructure in major Chinese cities, they still leave much to be desired. Aside from the obvious limitations of living in a communist dictatorship, the cities are constantly regarded as overcrowded and heavily polluted.

In fact, just one day after Biden’s praising of Chinese cities, Chinese media outlets confirmed that one of Uncle Joe’s “great cities” is now enduring a thick, choking, yellowish-green smog that has gotten so bad, Wuhan officials are urging the young, elderly and those with respiratory problems to stay indoors. Citizens in Wuhan, a city in the province of Hubei, worry that the haze is chemical pollution from an industrial accident, while officials suggest it may be from field burning, but do not know. Say what you want about New Orleans; at least you can breathe the air.

Furthermore, while China prepared for the 2008 Olympics, officials had to mount a campaign to teach urban Chinese to not cut in lines, not shove and to not spit everywhere. Of course, the government could only do so much, so they eased their citizens into their new behaviors by issuing spit bags. In short: Chinese cities are obviously more classy than American, as well.

But, of course, Biden may soon be right. As the Obama administration wages war on capitalism, China tacitly embraces it. While the Obama administration, for some reason, has passed on the opportunity to create the Keystone Pipeline, China will be reaping the benefits of this tremendous windfall.

While Biden may be wrong in his declaration of Chinese supremacy now, we can reasonably assume that if given another four years, this administration will create a lesser America and China will shine by comparison.

What is curious, however, is that if Biden finds China so great, why is he slumming it here in America? Let’s all hope Biden embraces a rich life elsewhere and takes advantage of the tremendous opportunities China has to offer. I hear Wuhan is nice this time of year.

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15 Responses to Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Joe Biden Hails Chinese Greatness

  1. K L Rethwisch says:

    With great regret I must say that “Jo JO” makes less sense now that he did as a US Senator, and THAT couldn’t have been an easy task to accomplish. Also, with deep regret, I make note of the “pond scum”, once known as our “news” media, and its exceptionally low placement of the “bar”. I’ve seen “limbo” bars held much higher during dance competitions. Our Country is in MUCH greater peril than EVER before in its existence. I PRAY that the masses remove the blinders and SEE this peril before we pass the POINT OF NO RETURN !!!!


    • Dalle says:

      I am so disturbed at all of this…An actual american turning his back on his own country…..Where is congress? Where are there investigations…Why are not Biden and Obama held for treason…By our forefathers, they should be hung and held for treason.

      • carol says:

        I love America but you are not very informed if you think that we are superior to everyone else. Our infrastructure is inferior to many far east cities–with their excellent fast speed rails and beautiful modern airports, etc.
        Secondly, if you want to talk treason, let’s talk about the jerks who took us into an illegal war in Iraq and set our country into a tailspin! Why haven’t Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, and their other lying cronies been tried for treason!? Do you think they had your best interests at heart? Wars just help the rich get richer and we poor little peons take the brunt of it. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

        • Joanne says:

          Maybe, you should move to those countries that are so superior to ours. And the reason your butt is free is because our leaders are trying to keep terriest from attacking us. Be a true American or move out of this free Republic.

        • Lew says:

          FACTS PLEASE! OH I’m sorry DEMS don’t feel a need for facts do they!

        • donnieboy1 says:

          Carol, you sure don’t sound like you love America. If you are so proud of the Far East, why don’t you pack up and go to the Far East, as far away from Americe as possible. We don’t need you here to run us down. God Bless this great country , AMERICA.

  2. Patg says:

    We have an idiot as chief executive officer of this country, and then we have joe. Unfortunately this is one of the only times I can truly say Barrack isn’t the stupidest fool in the world. He is second to joe.

  3. Melissatx says:

    Anyone remember “The Effects of Gamma Rays on the Man-In-The-Moon-Marigolds” by Paul Zindel? He is our Betty the Loon.

  4. Nancy Cusio says:

    no shock after watching Biden in the senate and his hair transplants readying to run for president never made it. How he got picked after brain surgery is beyond me. That is what we have running our senate and executive branch. Wake up folks soon it will be our last chance to turn our country around . We are not a democracy like they want and not progressives new name for socialism. We are one nation under God a REPUBLIC. Read your constitution. Now I know why for a decade no history taught no social studies our young voters are clueless. Our text books have changed History. sad sad. I am happy I am on the other end and can leave any day to a better place with God. God help the rest left behind.

  5. Richard says:

    The funny thing is joe is just an insurance policy for obama, who in his right mind would try to do harm to our president (boy that hurts me to say) when the next in line is a boob like biden.

  6. Michael says:

    Birds of a feather flock together!

  7. dude says:

    So if they are so great in China move there since your not happy here.
    And those airports and lovely humanless cities being built with
    american tax dollars are just waiting for you biden button head.

  8. Lawrence Ekdahl says:

    First of all, there is some truth to what vice pr. Biden said. I am not angry that the chinese people are doing well economically. This is agood thng, however they are still under acommunist dictatorship and have no real freedom. The chinese economy is growing and will surpas theUSA very soon. Why? Because we are discarding capitolism for fascism and will soon be a 2nd rate nation. We are in the process of discarding the true christian religion for religion of all kinds, some purporting to be christian. How long GOD allows this to go on without bringing judgment on America I don’t know, but unless we repent of our many terrible sins,this country is doomed.

  9. David169 says:

    I have been to China at least 20 times in the last 8 years on business. What Biden failed to say is that although China has a communist government they have a streamlined capitalistic economy. The government tried to run everything in their beginning and every intrusion was a disaster. They tried to run agriculture and 300 million people starved to death. They tried to run the factories and the buyers vanished.
    Finally someone had some common sense and realized that the farmers were the ones who could best run the farms. They also realized that the captians of industry were the ones to run industry and so on. They have succeeded because in China the government stays out of the businessmen’s faces and allows them to operate and fuels growth by low interest loans to qualified ventures.
    On this side of the Pacific Ocean our government is regulating business to death and can’t understand why the receipts to the treasury are down 50% and falling. I read an article that stated that the regulations that were pased last year alone will cost business 1.7 trillion dollars just for compliance.
    I think the Chinese have the right answer. Let farmers run the farms, let industrialists run industry and let the oil companies run the oil industry,etc. ( let them drill, do you think if China found a large oil field onshore or offshore they wouldn’t be readying to drilll it the next day!)
    If Biden wants to know why our economy is failing he doesn’t have to look any farther than Washington DC. We don’t have new and modern infastructure because our government has given those funds away in entitlements. Wouldn’t it be better to have the most modern infastructure and jobs rather than the stagnation and poverty caused by entitlements.
    The Chinese also do not mindlessly throw money at every situation like our fed does. They actually examine the problem and institute a long term cure rather than the quick fix that leads to a bigger problems like our fed does.
    The drug problem in the US is totally out of control and is destroying the country. Our government will not cure the problem. Do like China does. When they catch a user they dry them out and incarserate them long enough to convince them to never use drugs again. They execute each and every drug pusher. They still have drugs but at such a low level it almost doesn’t exist, because they know if they are caught they will get a trial on Monday , an appeal on Tuesday and an execution on Wednesday.
    And lastly they execute politicians and government officials who use their office to line their own pockets. I’m sure you remember the dog food contamination, you don’t hear about the official who looked the other way anymore because he was executed on the same day another high government official was executed for allowing a pharmacutical company to lower the strength below the stated amount of some of the products they made.
    Every Washington politician who has used insider trading would be executed if we ran our government like China. Can you imagine what it would be like if we had honest politicians (at peril of their life) who actually worked with the productive sector.

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