Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Feel Guilty For Being Born With A Certain Skin Color Edition

Define Irony: An ad campaign meant to discourage racism by working under the predicated assumption that to be born white is to be born into privilege, and that such privilege is inherently unfair, thus stoking the flames of racism.

A campaign sponsored by the University of Minnesota at Duluth, the NAACP and several other organizations, has begun to try to widen the racial divide in America. The “Un-Fair Campaign” has released ads aimed at inflaming racial tensions by presupposing that whites are born to a more privileged station than any other race of people in America.

The ads are a nauseating parade of guilty white liberals with writing on their face, espousing that they are privileged because they do not have to endure the stereotypical indignities that minorities supposedly do. Among them are, “[We're] privileged that we don’t get followed by security when we go shopping”, “Or pulled over when we’re in the wrong neighborhood”, and -my personal favorite- “We’re privileged because society was set up for us and our silence keeps it in place”.

“Set up for us”? I’m not going to argue that no white person has ever, since the days of Jim Crow, reaped the benefits of a lingering prejudice from an employer, but such discrimination is the exception, not the rule. Furthermore, at least such inequalities are not institutionally mandated. With racial quotas and affirmative action enforcement in America, discrimination against Caucasians is encouraged if not outright mandated. So, no, I don’t feel society has been “set up” for white people.

If someone said, “You are (insert race), that means you are (insert adjective)”, that would be the very definition of prejudice, right? Prejudice is to pre-judge based on impulsive, superficial or purely sociologically inserted notions of a group or subset of a group. So, if an ad campaign presupposes that being white is inherently unfair, I would suggest that that is the very definition of prejudice.

If the point of this ad was to aid in racial harmony, it failed miserably. It can only serve to validate prejudice amongst minorities towards whites and guilt-trip self-loathing Caucasians. There is nothing constructive about this campaign; it can only serve to widen the divide between races at a time when this country is being pulled apart at the seams in fifty different fashions. It’s erroneous in its base assumptions, damaging to society and comprised of lazy, obsolete notions of race in America. And for that, both the University of Minnesota and the NAACP are off my Christmas card list.

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3 Responses to Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Feel Guilty For Being Born With A Certain Skin Color Edition

  1. Joanne says:

    What can one say about liberals except they are mine less followers.

  2. Lunatic Fringe says:

    Sometimes I feel like the educational system, especially higher education is a lost cause. It wasn’t all that long ago something like this would have been considered a bad SNL skit.

  3. onnie walker says:

    the more education kids have anymore the more they re dummed down. they need to fire every teacher that teaches liberal nonsense.

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