Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Ed Schulz Grieves Wisconsin Edition

On Wednesday, Liberal puppet Ed Schultz bemoaned the crushing defeat dealt to union supporters in Wisconsin. While it certainly comes as no surprise that Schultz would be upset about the victory of fiscal responsibility in Wisconsin, he took it in a weird direction.

Schultz began his diatribe exclaiming his astonishment that, according to NBC polls, 27% of union members and 38% of union households voted for Scott Walker.

Schultz stated:

“27% of union members said, ‘Hey, he’s our guy! He’s taken our voice away in the workplace, but he’s our guy!’ amazing!… This guy has gone after your wages, he has gone after your pension, he wants to limit your voice in the workplace and union families in Wisconsin, you voted for him?”

It seems Schultz can’t fathom a world where not everybody in a union loves being forced to be in a union in order to work in their chosen profession.

I honestly don’t know where this myth of Walker’s stripping workers of their voice came from. The collective bargaining restrictions weakens the unions’ ability to enforce the collection of dues and, if anything, gives workers a larger voice in the workplace as they have been unbundled from collectivist work practices. Under the system of entrenched unionization, workers are heavily accountable to unions, paying them thousands of dollars each year for the privilege to work and being forced to participate in many jobs that all but mandate union membership. I would submit that union members who voted for Walker may not wish to be under the “protection” of unions much like Cubans floating on a home-made raft no longer wish to be under the “protection” of Castro.

Then Schultz, explaining how such a thing could happen, followed Obama’s lead and insinuated that the Wisconsin results were products of the ignorant, cheese-eating hillfolk that clung to guns and religion as a means of political understanding:

“Wait a minute… wait a second… that’s right! President Obama brought this up years ago on the campaign trail when he said folks in rural areas cling to their guns and their religion and he was criticized for it. Example A right there [pointing to Scott Walker].”

Overall, Schultz’ on-air temper tantrum is a core sampling of the kind of sour-grapes reporting that is going on across America and will be for some time. While the head-spinning of Liberal pundits is an added bonus, the real satisfaction comes from seeing that fiscal sanity prevailed in Wisconsin and seems to be spreading. With such great results in Wisconsin, there is already much speculation about this indicating good news for Republicans in November and even more calls of, “The sky is falling” from the media. So, in the meantime, I’ll be gripping my rifle and bible and waiting to watch the hilarity ensue in November.

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21 Responses to Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Ed Schulz Grieves Wisconsin Edition

  1. Daniel Bente says:

    I’d say the “voice” of the Union Members that voted for Governor Walker were pretty clear. They chose fiscal responsibility for all over personal interest. They are willing to sacrifice a part of their pensions/pay in order to ensure the continuation of their State and by extension OUR country. IF more citizens had the guts/will to take that stand maybe we could actually take back Washington from the establishment.

  2. Craig Br says:

    Someone needs to tell Schultzy that it’s not about wages, or benefits, that some people will give these things up if it betters the state and country for the future. Self-abosrbed liberals and the “Me, me, me” attitude!

  3. Larry Cummings says:

    Unions without exception are run by a bunch of thugs.

  4. Tex Sanity says:

    Ed… seriously. Drink some Koolaid and go sit in the shade. Your thought that the voters were just too stupid to buy into more liberal, union propaganda…is so far off base. They were too SMART to buy it. Unions had their time and place. Union are bankrupting Europe, we have to stop the insanity now.

  5. Charlie Cook says:

    I love it.

  6. Christopher dodd says:

    Unions facilitate mediocrite, especially in the public sector.

  7. Union members are learning that they are better off keeping those union dues for themselves.

  8. Arabian Stallion says:

    Better a good job and a good salary for all than a layoff for some and more money/benefits for others. Why can’t liberals understand that broke means broke and no money means no money? When a system is broke (and broken), it’s time to make some tough decisions to fix it. Governor Scott Walker had the intestinal fortitude to do what needed to be done. Get over it, whiners and back stabbers! Your conspiracy did not and will not work.

  9. Devildogger says:

    How long until this clown and that angry dude Maddow are off the air?

  10. Cammylynn says:

    I love how ‘clinging to guns and religion’ is supposed to be a put down. Isn’t that what our Founding Fathers built this country on? Inalienable rights that they specifically forbid those in government from encroaching upon? Yes, sir, all Americans SHOULD cling to their guns, their religion (whatever that may or may not be), their free speech, their freedom from unlawful searches (that’s for you TSA and spying drones), etc. It’s amazing how blatantly this administration shows complete contempt for the very Constitution they swore to uphold and defend. Almost every program and law that comes up is blatantly unconstitutional, and yet, our ‘public servants’ representing us in DC follow along blindly.

  11. K L Rethwisch says:

    Mr. schulz is persona non grata !! He’s MIA in the battle of wits. He is an ill-mannered buffoon whose knuckles probably drag the ground as he walks. Moreover, he is a feckless dolt with no redeeming value. Aside from the foregoing I really don’t like him.


  12. Employees in three Texas counties have had a great experience with privatized social security accounts. Thirty (30) years ago, they opted out of federal social security accounts, and invested those monies into a private retirement plan. Those employees are now enjoying the benefits of much higher monthly benefit checks from their private plans. In some cases, the monthly benefit checks from the private plans are, literally, two times higher than the payments that they would be getting from Washingont, if they had used the federal social security system.

  13. Lunatic Fringe says:

    These days unions are only about padding the bank accounts of the union thug bosses and Democrat politicians.

  14. JPolk says:

    And Obama wasn’t criticized NEARLY enough for his slight to rural Americans. The media, who likely largely agree with him, let that go like commercial during American Idol.

  15. Tom says:

    Is this guy related to Debbie Wasserman-shultz? Two peas in a pod and a waste of good oxygen in my book. MSNBC must be extremely “hard-up” to have crazy man Shultz and “Mr” Maddow doing their pathetic bidding that they call “news”. I have never watched more than 2 minutes of either show but that was enough to make me want to puke. What a couple of buzzards these 2 are. How can they show themselves in public, or for that matter…anywhere. Only a mother could love someone like this.

  16. mark mikels says:

    a lot of you seem to be missing a a couple big points. i am a union member for the last 30 years, and i fully support governor walker. he did not go after ALL unions, it was PUBLIC employee unions, the ones paid with taxpayer dollars. here is the difference, my union negotiates wages with the contractor paying them. if we negotiate too high, we price ourselves out of jobs. public employee unions do not negotiate with the payer, us tax payers. they negotiate with the elected officials who depend on those unions for reelection. unions serve a good purpose, those that are not just about wages, but also who help protect people who are in dangerous occupations. seiu and public employees are in it just for wages. i would ask that not all unions be lumped into the same group as some of these sorry unions.

    • Mommz53 says:

      Well said and bravo! But you left out one important point. LOCAL unions are a God send. The Internationals are nothing more than PAC’s. They are the ones who monopolize trade and manufacturing jobs (for example, the Sheet Metal Workers here in Indiana – they own the State and the State cannot get a contract without union workers, and the Federal Government REQUIRES union workers in order to grant a contract).

  17. Ken Groat says:

    Public sector unions should not be permitted unless the taxpayers can sit at the bargaining table.

  18. I can’t believe this dinosaur is still babbling and trying to get people to listen to him.This whacko should have retired in the 90′s. OK ED, heres how it really is, No one wants your stinky Unions because,,,, well, they suck! “but, you want-a know whats cool?”Watching you squirm, every time them UNION BOSSES snap their fingers.”Dance PUPPET dance. Now that priceless.

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