Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: But It Can’t Be Obama’s Fault Edition

Growing up, my father has always had the kind of work ethic that you can’t help but admire. But as a child, I quickly learned that he was not big on excuses. He could spot a flimsy excuse from a mile away and, just to shame you, would take up the task himself to show it could be done. These days I can see how he felt. The Obama Campaign is so quick to offer up tired, lame excuses and the media is all-too-happy to sell these lies, the political manure is getting waist deep and I’m channeling my father more and more with each eye-roll and head shake.

What has my eyes doing laps around my socket today is the latest excuse to come from the Obamaniacs at The Washington Post. Sensing that the public may need a brief respite from their favorite excuse- “It’s all Bush’s fault”, the folks at The Washington Post have provided another dodge for the Obama Campaign. They question whether or not it is possible for any president to succeed in this political world and, by extension, question whether or not we should be so critical of the man whom we hired to do what he said he would. Go ahead, scoff. I did.

Citing the face of modern journalism, Chris Cillizza, the writer of this piece, discusses the burden a president feels of actually being accountable for the things he says and does. Cillizza writes:

“The last week in politics is illustrative of the massive communications challenges a president faces. The week began for President Obama with news from the West Coast that his Commerce secretary, John Bryson, had been involved in a series of car accidents reportedly due to a medical condition. Elections in Egypt and Greece as well as increased violence in Syria drew worldwide attention. Then came Obama’s economy speech on Thursday and his administration’s shift in deportation policy for young illegal immigrants on Friday. And then there was the showdown with the Daily Caller’s Neil Munro in the Rose Garden.”

So, we are expected to cut Obama slack because it’s tough to explain the decisions of his administration? Oh, okay…

Cillizza at no point recognizes that if President Obama wishes to keep his job, with a string of failures under his administration, he has to be able to explain why he deserves another term and he must be willing to discuss the issues of the day. If all Obama is willing to do is offer excuses, then Romney is proposing what my father often did: “If you’re not going to do the job right, step aside and I’ll show you how it’s done”. It seems fair.

The media seems to forget that President Obama is accountable to us. We elected him. Now that he is up for re-election, the natural time to voice our discontent, we are hearing calls from the media to not be so critical.

While we are minutely critical now, it is beyond debate that Obama was granted a sort of latitude at the beginning of his presidency- at the pinnacle of Obama hysteria- that has not been granted to any president ever. For crying out loud, he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize within 12 days of ascending to our highest office without ever having done anything to promote peace… but hey, he has the potential to promote peace. Now that the either has worn off, we want more results and less excuses.

Cillizza’s argument is hardly a new argument. In 2010, Newsweek, a rag that makes Pravda look like The National Review, discussed with awe the glorious ways in which Obama dealt with his impossible job. It stated,

“Obama projects a demeanor of unruffled cool: he can handle the pressures and demands of the job just fine (how could he suggest otherwise?), and he didn’t run for office ‘to pass on our problems to the next president or the next generation.’ But the issue is not Obama, it’s the office.”

But this is an old excuse. I mean, 30 years old. In the January 13th, 1980, edition of The Washington Post, the same excuse was offered for Jimmy Carter, another failed president:

“Voters have lowered their expectations of what any president can accomplish; they have accepted the notion that this country may never again have heroic, larger-than-life leadership in the White House.”

Tom Wicker of The New York Times wrote three months later:

“In the same years when presidential politics changed so greatly, governing did, too. It got harder… The rise of single-interest politics and independent legislators has made it more difficult to put together a governing coalition; sophisticated new lobbying techniques wielded on behalf of virtually every interest group further complicate the task. And a strong argument could be made that the major issues-energy and the economy, for instance-are more complex than they were.”

Just like the previous excuses, I’m not buying this one either. We ousted Carter because he took us from bad to worse. An elderly Reagan then proceeded to handle our nation’s business for eight years and did a fantastic job. If playing hooky in the Senate for three years didn’t prepare Obama for the difficulties of the job, which I claim it didn’t, then step aside and let someone else have a crack at it. As luck would have it, we have an election coming up…

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12 Responses to Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: But It Can’t Be Obama’s Fault Edition

  1. just complete “ostrichism”…why do you left wing socialists make so many excuses for this little selfish man who wishes to buy out votes for entitlements at the cost of the economy and opportunity. His agenda will enslave all of us as dependents. your article is opinion journalism at it’s worst. Please stick to facts and look at the situation without your left-wing bias. His health bill has cost me 3 staff members, reduced my ability to care for my patients, and reduced my household resources by 1/3….is this progressive? I hope that we can fire this failure of a selfish would be king before our children will be forced to suffer from his empty rhetoric. He is an academic only and has no real solutions. conservative ethics create opportunity for everyone….except those who lean on the victim mentality. with respect, Kurt B.

  2. Kim says:

    Might I remind ALL Americans, that we did not go searching over the countryside, in every nook and cranny to find Mr. Obama.He ASKED for this job. He had been in the Senate for 2 years, in the ruling party of the senate, and not only knew full well what was happening, he was among those who voted against auditing the Fed, reining in Fannie and Freddie and auditing them, who voted with his friend Sen. Chuck Schumer to deregulate the very Wall St banks in the very areas we had a financial collapse two years later. Was this a conspiracy to get a Dem in the Whitehouse? How would I know?
    This is the same man who told everyone, from reporters of the Chicago Sun Times, to television show hosts for over a decade he was born in Kenya, who allowed his publicist to list him as bein g born in Kenya for 16 years and whose own attorney recently told a NJ judge that his birth certificate would not be entered into court records as evidence of eligibility, because,” it was not evidence of his actual place of birth”. Does this mean he was born in Kenya? I don’t know. But would there be a birther problem if he could just tell ONE story as to where he was born?
    This is a man who blasted Bush on what he saw as a lack of transparency, of executive over reach for firing DOJ attornies, for running up 5 trillion in debt over 8 years, etc., yet where is his transparency? Why has he added 6 trillion in debt in 3 years if it was so irresponsible for Bush to add 5 trillion in 8? Why is it okay for him to have his friends in Congress change the rules of Congress to ram through Obamacare against the wishes of Americans? To bomb foreign countries, after asking permission from the UN but refusing to discuss it with Congress? To refuse to enact laws, refuse to enforce laws, to executively make laws where one did not exist, to appoint people that Congress didn’t vote on, ,to arbitrarily decide to bankrupt coal companies, to arbitrarily take over GM, deciding which auto lines could be made and which would no longer be produced which shut down small factories all over the midwest who made those parts and shutting down almost 4,000 auto dealerships? To sue states for enforcing their own laws? For enforcing federal laws just because he doesn’t like them?
    And through it all, you in the media have made excuses for him, have denied he has done these things until you no longer could, have helped him blame Bush, blame Republicans, blame Christians, conservatives and anyone who disagreed. You have followed and sometimes led in the denmonization and dehumanizing of over 50% of the American population with words like evil, mean, greedy, selfish, bigoted, racist, backwards, ignorant, stupid, haters, warmongers, fearmongers, radical, insane, extremists, American Taliban, terrorist, economic suicide bombers, teabaggers, moron, homophobes, islmophobes, etc. etc.
    We no longer look to you in the media to uphold any form of ethics or decency. We no longer trust you, your pundits or opinions. We can see clearly that you have sold your integrity and to whom you have sold it.
    And we are tired of your pathetic excuses for a pathetic, no nothing, done nothing, devisive,petty little President

    • Donald Calder says:

      Good for you Kim. You get it. I believe the country as a whole gets it this time around. Mr. Obama’s arogance is apparent to most people now and he is finding it harder and harder to get support. That is why he resorts to Executive orders and appointments to push his agenda rather than Congress. We can all look to November with hope.

  3. Mary says:

    This is the best articule I’ read in awhile.If America does’t wake up we will be another country with a dictator

  4. Lunatic Fringe says:

    It seems that the job is only too big for Democrat presidents. I know, let’s just not elect any more Dems. That’ll fix the problem.

  5. Juanita says:

    Until we have more people that look at the big picture this country is not going to get any better. It is not one president or one congress or senate that has gotten us to the sorry state we are in today. This has been happening for many many years. Look at history. Who was president when jobs started being taken from this country enmass, look at who was in office when the unions were weakened, look at who was president when deregulation of wall street and the financial instututions first began. Look at who was in office when we started going into debt at an alarming rate. Look at who was in office when the “Bracero program” was eliminated and illegal immigration started to explode. Just wake up and look at the big picture. It is not Obama or Bush or Clinton. It is all of them over a thirty to forty year period.

    • Donald Calder says:

      You make a good point Juanita. These problems are not the responsibility of any one president or political party but the decline of the United States can be directly traced to the rise of liberalism in the 1950′s and on. Debt was never a problem until we began spending unthinkable amounts of money on programs that didn’t work and that the government had no business trying to influence. Social and economic prosperity is the pervue of the private sector. Prosperity is driven entirely by the private sector and if the government did not take from it’s citizens the very means to address these issues then we could handle them very well, with efficiency and fairness for all people. If the government staid out of the way of business there would be sufficient growth to bring back the American DReam that each succeeding generation of Americans would be better off than their parents generation. That dream is what we have lost to liberalism and that is why we must just say no to Mr. Obama and all of his crowd in Congress.

  6. HotRod says:

    The actions of this president are intended to do nothing but inflame, as such we that disagree with the policies of the progressive democrats cannot be pulled in to a trap. This administrations’ best chance of survival is to create a crisis in which an action is used by this administration to call for marshal law and stop the electoral process. Dont be pulled in . The left will begin a campaign to promote civil unrest in late July or early August, their mission , a break down of government function , blamed on conservatives, but pursued by the WH . At the appropriate time ,the all powerful Oz bama will unleash the National Guard to “protect ” national interests . The election will be postponed do to fear of “widespread voter fraud” . In this time executive orders will be the rule of law. The scenario above is only conjecture , but dont be surprised when the OWS thugs are back in the news in a few weeks. Be prepared and keep cool , and this socialist egomaniac will implode under the weight of his on arrogance. God Bless America

    • SCOTT says:

      However,lets all make a push for Democrats to be a 3rd party,votes for either Libertarians or Conservatives every year,getting the coountry back on track will not be done by the political snowball of Reps. or Dems. it hasn’t since 1987,and will not if these parties have their way,all these parties do every time is prodauce aneconomical and ethical avalanche,as the snowball keeps rolling and getting larger,crushing the American Dream with Lies,deception,and excuses

  7. Ken Reid says:

    In my view, the ONLY thing preventing outright civil war NOW by those who see the “writing on the wall” at the over-reach of this administration, is the “possibility” of correcting “our problem” in a few months! But either way it turns out in November, be prepared for outright “civil unreast”, to put it mildly, no matter which side “wins”! Be prepared for, #1, crys of widespread voter fraud, ie, the election of 2000, or #2, a refusal of the current administration and their minions, to accept the results! I submit that the only reason this administration is still in power is because there are still a vast numbr of us who “believe in the system” to cure this current “experiment in change”! Absent a radical return to the values that worked for America quite well for over 200 years, I predict that what used to be called the vast “silent majority” will find their voice, as in the Tea Party movement, to say enough is enough! But don’t count on that sentiment to be shared by the “entitlement society” currently slopping at the government trough! They will not go silently “into the night”! As we have seen all too frequently, when these folks fear the loss of their “freebies”, violence is their answer! God help us all!

    • Robert says:

      So if the country were to do what you said we would look at the past 200 years – each time the economy tanked the corporate tax rate went up to 90%. So we would need to return to that. There would be no more subsidies to big oil or many other corporate interests because that is not historically how this country dealt with things. The tax rate on the wealthy would also increase since they are the lowest in history. Crooks of all kinds would go to jail – including wealthy people – because that is how it used to work. If someone broadcast lies on the airwaves they would be arrested for slander – instead of it being called commentary. TV would not allow it.

      It’s ironic but if we were to do what you talk about it would damage badly the status of the wealthy and corporations that conservatives covet so much. I’m all for it but I suspect if this is the return to our historic past that would happen you would no longer want it.

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