Fast And Furious: Join Me In Calling For A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Eric Holder

Thanks to the hard work of responsible reporters like Katie Pavlich of, most conservatives have associated the words “Fast And Furious” with scandal for some time now. But because the mainstream media has refused to cover the story, effectively colluding in the White House coverup, the story is only just breaking into the popular consciousness. And now that Americans are being clued in to the depth of the scandal, they are aghast at the picture it paints of the Obama Administration.

Let’s recap: Attorney General Eric Holder has perjured himself before Congress and, through his reckless and illegal acts, abetted the death of Border Agent Brian Terry. America’s top law enforcement officer has infused Mexican drug cartels with weapons to further their bloodletting on both sides of the border, and has also attempted an end-run around the Second Amendment by mounting a false-flag operation to attempt to paint lawful gun owners and dealers in the Southwest as the source of the violence.

The Watergate scandal forced the resignation of a sitting president. As outrageous as that betrayal by our government was, at least Watergate didn’t leave an American law enforcement officer dead. This scandal and the complicity of Holder and the Obama administration in covering up their roles in Agent Terry’s death is reprehensible and unforgivable. Though Holder remains steadfast in his arrogance, feeling safe in the belief that executive privilege will save him, he is wrong. We citizens who have had enough can do something about it!

Congressman Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee led the investigation of this scandal, requesting documents, subpoenaing Holder, and ultimately pushing to hold Holder in contempt of Congress for repeatedly thwarting his pursuit of the truth. Meanwhile, President Obama has chosen to protect Holder, extending executive privilege to his discredited Attorney General.

What Obama either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care about, is that the deliberative process privilege granted to Holder did not protect him from being held in contempt of Congress and it cannot protect him from prosecution. Nor should it. And to be sure that Holder and Obama are held accountable for their actions, the people should let their voices be heard. has formed a petition, demanding that an independent special prosecutor be appointed to investigate and prosecute Eric Holder.

You can read and sign that petition here.

More than merely venting frustration, when you sign this petition, you are demanding your voice be heard as it sends out three emails (one to each of your Senators and one to your Representative) demanding the prosecution of Holder. Almost 400,000 letters have been sent out already! There is no donation needed to be part of this fight, only your willingness to speak up against this outrage. Of course, any donations are greatly appreciated as they help continue the fight against an arrogant, out-of-control government.

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3 Responses to Fast And Furious: Join Me In Calling For A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Eric Holder

  1. Lunatic Fringe says:

    This scandal makes Watergate look like nursery school nap time. Watergate didn’t have a body count. But, if the mainstream media doesn’t cover it the low info people won’t even know about it. We have to raise enough hell about this to force them to cover it. Brian Terry’s family deserves at least that. Go sign the petition!

  2. D Mann says:

    Hey Stockton. Over at Wonkette the consensus is that you acquired your blue teeth from going down on Phyllis Schafly.

  3. Constance Strait says:

    Thank You, sincerley ~ an opportunity,in that, for OUR voices to be heard !! I am a proud Conservative, G-Mother, a Patriot, an American, who also an active Tea Party member!! I am PROUD!

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