Dems Divided Over Demonization

In a move to further solidify his role as the Democratic Party’s red-headed stepchild and purveyor of rational thought, Newark Mayor and leading Democrat Cory Booker was drawn into a Twitter discussion with liberals who were in no mood to hear a voice of reason.

After receiving a tweet that said: “I believe that romney lies about everything…romney lies….he cares about nothing cept winning..romney is an evil person”, Booker replied:

“I hear u. But b careful. We can disagree with Romney & win the election without demonizing him.” and “Never let a person twist you into something you are not. Match lies with truth, darkness with light, hate with love.”

While that may sound downright reasonable and dignified to someone governed by thought over feelings, it seemed to enrage those that belonged to the “torch and pitchfork” crowd.

Once the conversation devolved into references to Governor Romney’s Mormon faith, Booker then cited problems within the Christian faith and asked that Romney’s faith stay out of the discussion. After Booker was chastised for “defending Romney”, Booker tweeted:

“Sorry u think I was defending him. I thought I was defending civility & honorable conduct.”

Of course, conservatives praised him for his conduct and tarnished his liberal cred by asking that he switch parties. Booker, not wanting to appear as a turncoat, tweeted that Obama is trying to save an economy driven to its knees by irresponsible policies.

Booker has recently been in the news for his willingness to spit out the liberal Kool-aid to break party ranks and speak the truth. He has earned the ire of the left by denouncing the Obama attack ads on Romney and his tenure at Bain Capital. In fact, the once rising star in the Democratic Party is now “dead to [them]”, according to a source inside the Obama administration. Until his political exile for dissent, Booker was a likely candidate to be the housing secretary, should Obama receive another term. That should be a lesson to all who challenge our dear leader.

Ironically enough, in the days after a lone, apolitical whack-job shot Representative Gabrielle Giffords, it had been liberals calling for more civility. But now that a Democrat, too young and naïve to know that the left does not actually practice what it preaches, is calling for civility and truthfulness in its discourse, he’s a political pariah.

Though it has already been said, if Mr. Booker ever wishes to defect, there’s plenty of room for reason and thought on our side.

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  1. Constance Strait says:

    Mr. Booker ~ You want more proof, as to WHY You ought to consider a CONSERVATIVE position; read the book: “Conduct Unbecoming” by LT. Robert “Buzz” Patterson. IT speaks volumns

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