Democrats Turn On Each Other


As a divided enemy is easier to defeat, it has been satisfying to see the hilarious fracturing of the Democratic Party in recent months. Like high school girls angling for the same date to the prom, these leaders are turning on each other at an astounding rate.

Cory Booker, Newark’s Democratic Mayor and former rising star in the Democratic Party violated the cardinal rule of Democratic Party politics: he broke rank and criticized the anointed leader. Citing the success of private-equity firm Bain Capital, Booker showed disgust for the mud-flinging ads attacking Romney’s tenure at the company by calling them “nauseating”. According to the New York Post, Booker had been angling to become the housing secretary for Obama, should he be re-elected. The Post claimed that a ranking Obama administration official has claimed that Booker is now “dead to us”.  On the bright side for Booker, however, political exile is a lot kinder punishment for dissent than a trip to the Gulag.

A week before Booker’s inconvenient truth, former “car czar” Steve Rattner earned the scorn of the Democratic Party by calling the Romney attack ads “unfair”. While calling it like you see it may be great for commentators on Monday Night Football, it’s a bold move to criticize a president who is arguably the thinnest-skinned president since Nixon.

The highest-ranking member of the Democratic Party to recently deviate from the Obama playbook is former President Bill Clinton. Defending Bain Capital and Romney’s involvement with them, he called Romney’s record in the business world “sterling”.  But before the heat had died down from Clinton’s remarks, he also advocated that Democrats acquiesce to the GOP and extend the Bush-era tax cuts so hated by the Obama administration. This amounts to, essentially, a cardinal sin amongst the Marxist-minded Liberals who view the tax cuts as an instrument of the rich to hold the masses in serfdom.

While it has been no secret that over the years there has been bad-blood between the Clintons and the Obama camp, Bill’s candid remarks must have come as a shock to the Obama campaign, which wishes to circle the wagons to prepare for an arguably rocky election. Of course, after-the-fact, the compulsory “what I meant to say was…” statement  came from the Clinton camp, but the damage was done. Many are speculating that Clinton is sinking the Obama ship to make room for Hillary in 2016. Whatever, the enemy of my enemy…

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One Response to Democrats Turn On Each Other

  1. Backgammon says:

    I can’t tell you how many really hard, belly laughs I have had watching Clinton support, (wink, wink) Obama! I think Bill knew Obama was a dunce, narcissist.

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