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Want to win a signed copy of Herman Cain’s amazing new book 9-9-9: An Army Of Davids? Leave a comment below, and it could just happen to you! For another chance to win, just follow and retweet me on Twitter, @Dustinstockton. Good luck!

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56 Responses to Comment On This Post And Win A Signed Copy Of “9-9-9: An Army Of Davids”

  1. Kristin says:

    I have always been impressed by Herman Cain. I would love to read his book!

  2. Mark O'Brien says:

    Go Herman Go!

  3. brenda bennett says:

    I would LOVE to have a copy of Herman Cian’s Book..Had he stayed in the race..I would to have seen him and Rick Santorum give Obama a run for his money..always adored Hermain Cain…

  4. Sue Nash says:

    I would love this book. I wish Mr. Cain was still in the race. Perhaps there would be a good cabinet position????

  5. Sharon Cope says:

    I would love to see Romney select Cain for VP for 2 reasons. 1…..I think Cain as VP would be a good thing. 2…….It would stop any and all of the Dems and Libs being able to say their loss was due to race…….

  6. Zel says:

    9:15 pm and still no comment from the President about this day. What would Herman Cain say to that?

  7. Gay Pepple says:

    The idea of all people who earn/receive money contributing to the Government tax base was Awesome!No free rides,but help when needed,no class warfare.I loved many of the ideas Mr.Cain espoused!

    • Adrian says:

      Oh Please! They have to discredit us buascee they have been caught lying to everyone. The people are starting to see that we are not Racist and we are doing the easiest thing in the world, making the the Demondcrats look bad. They make it so easy. I guess we could say the same about them. Well the liberals are USING Obama to make themselves look like they are not racist. And they are using him to ruin the Nation so that the White Liberals can’t be blamed for all of this. Is that true? Well who cares. From what I see from the liberals, it’s OK to make thigs up about the other side!! So we have to love how scared this godaweful woman is. See knows that we are making them look STUPID And that we are not racist. That’s all that they could use. Now of corse it has gotten OLD and no one is giving that any credit any more. So do we need to get upset naaaa. Just let them spew out their stupidity and then just ignore them!! Bad people hate when you ignore them.

  8. Aaron McMillan says:

    The more we learn for ourselves instead of being spoonfed by the liberal media, the better chance we have to take our power back from the government and put it in the hands of its intended users, the American citizens. Time for the people to wake up from the New World Dream.

  9. Carlis Baker says:

    I surely wish Herman had stayed in the race. He was he only non-politician we had. We need someone willing to just run the government like a buisiness. If it is not profitable shut it down. Problem is there would be no government left. Accept the military. And I am fine with that.

  10. Donya Kelley says:

    All I can say is I love Herman Cain!!

  11. I do want to win a copy of Herman Cain’s amazing new book 9-9-9. We do need people who have not given up and are willing to fight for our country! People need to realize that we all need to fight for our country to keep it free. NOW IS THE TIME before it is too late!

  12. David Seagroves says:

    Would love to own and read the truth. Would be nice for a change. (Get it Change)

    Something we havent heard in a while.

  13. Tom says:

    Really was looking forward to Herman Cain being the Republican candidate for President. Believed he was the only ‘viable’ candidate to go head to head against Obama. The only problem was the Republican Leadership was not behind him so when the media attacked Cain the Republican Leadership was quiet.

  14. Ed Volk says:

    Hey Hermanator! What an honor it was to meet you at Daytons tea party. So disappointed when you dropped from the presidential race. Super excited to hear you’ll be taking over for Neal. I will be listening to your words of wisdom.

  15. pete hornbeck says:

    awesome maybe we can get romney to committ to 9 9 9

  16. Adam says:

    I want a copy of this book! Cool website btw. Signed up for your newsletter as well!

  17. Judy Staib says:

    I was very impressed by Mr. Cain and was very sorry to see him drop out of the race. Our country needs more people like him.

    • Rose says:

      People need to wake up and set up and stop fighting, we have gone thru engouh all ready don’t ya think so?? I Pray for us all people, Amen!!!!

  18. William D. Hicks, Jr. says:

    I believe Mr. Cain would make a great member for Romney’s cabinet. He offers a wealth of knowledge, positive thinking, sound judgment, and is not afraid to express himself. I imagine he has had to be a “David” quite a few times in his life.

  19. Gretchen M says:

    We liked Cain for President. Still do. 2016 will be here before we know it, and Mitt Romney is a complete tool.

  20. Herman Cain is an outstanding American, and a great family man. He would have made an awesome president. He tells it like it is. We need people like him speaking out for the American people.

  21. Bill Hough says:

    Does this mean we’ll be hearing more from Herman? I think his 9-9-9 plan needed to get into the national conversation-it never got the attention it deserved. It’s not perfect but it was a constructive proposal.

  22. I still want Herman Cain to be my president! He was the best choice and the strong choice that’s why the liberal jackasses attacked him out 0f the gate. Even if the allegations were true, it’s no worse than Clinton. I truly doubt the U.S. has had a president in the last 50 years who didn’t have some sort of indiscretion. Some just hide theirs better.

  23. Joe says:

    I would like to win Herman Cain’s signed book. He was the only canidate with a plan and he spoke plain english, which is somthing that America needs right now.

  24. Constance Strait says:

    Best to Mr.Cain ~~ I don’t really want to post; it sure was refreshing to read from some folks with honest common sense !!! After all the hate speechs & arrogantly divided “language”, today…friends & family at odds with one another ..sides & protest,etc,etc ~ WE surely DONT need to be divided, NOW

  25. roger west says:

    In a world of the blind leading the blind, it’s nice to hear Mr. Cain speaking for those of us who believe in America and shares a view of this great nation as it should be.

  26. Rhonda Robison says:

    I still believe in Cain for president

  27. Helen Wiley says:

    Herman, my family was very disappointed when you had to drop out of the presidential race but understand why. We are very thankful you are keeping so heavily involved in spite of dropping out. May God continue to bless and use you.

  28. Doug Miller Sr says:

    Herman Cain is a very smart American. We need to have him as vp. I would love to be one of the lucky people who get A copy of his book of his ideas to return America to her greatness. Our best days lie ahead .

  29. James Asbill says:

    Would love to see him added as the vp Candidate

  30. margaret bilandzia says:

    I admire and respect Mr. Cain and was sorry to see the treatment he received from the “establishment republicans”. We need more men & women like him to turn around this disaster of a government we now have. Keep up the good fight, Mr. Cain!

  31. JoAnn Simmer says:

    I lost my husband in vietnam
    On July 20, 67 . I am sick to see how Obama
    Has destroyed this country that so
    Many of our sons, husbands, daughters
    Has, defended .I feel Herman Cain is
    Right on. I would love to have a signed copy,
    I support him in, all his work that he is doing.
    Sincere Thanks
    Ms. JoAnn Simmer

  32. Dawn Smith says:

    Herman Cain you have been an asset and a blessing to our country. I look forward to see more great works from you in the future. God Bless!

  33. Thomas Stanley says:

    Too bad Herman isn’t running, although I would like to see Mitt offer him a position within his administration if he wins in November

  34. Ellen D says:

    Herman Cain is very dynamic and I would love to read this book & pass it along.

  35. Joseph R. - Patriot says:

    God bless Mr Cain. He has been knocked down, but not out. He has been humbled but not defeated. He walks the talk and sets a great example of patriotism and love of country as enumerated in our constitution.

  36. mark aulita says:

    Mr. Cain was so good he would have destroyed Obama on election day.So the liberal media had to slander him to get rid of him. Its to bad the media has that kind of power.

  37. Angela says:

    I am so pleased Herman Cain will be stepping in for Neil Boortz!
    Being raised a “Army Brat” (living on Army bases) Color never mattered, Character however did and still does!
    I pray he and others like him stand up and Burn the “Race Card”.

  38. David says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of this book. Great Title! Looks like it could be an interesting read!

  39. Jeremy says:

    Can’t wait to read the book!! See you at Unity Rally 2012!!

  40. Elisa says:

    Already read the book (a great read as are all of Mr. Cain’s books) – but will give my copy to local library to get the word out or to my sons’ high school library and/or AP US Govt teacher. I live in very liberal Westchester County, NY. My town was the one of two McCain won over Obama in 2008. We need the book!

  41. Joshua says:

    Thanks for giving us the chance to get Cain’s book for free.

  42. Lara says:

    I so wish Herman Cain hadn’t been forced out of the presidential race. He was my choice from the day he first announced his candidacy, and his business smarts and common sense solutions to our country’s problems terrified the Left. Mr. Cain was a victim of truly dirty politics and smears to his character, all because he was the biggest threat to Obama’s quest for power and domination at any cost.

    Obama will get his comeuppance one day, and I hope Herman Cain is the one to give it to him. A good start is this book. Thank you for giving away copies of it and spreading the word.

  43. Justin Branchaud says:

    I would love to have a signed copy of Mr. Cains’ book it would look great next to ” An American Life” . Regardless we ALL need to buy this book to support OUR champions of the cause to further liberty in america. Also following @dustinstockton and @thehermancain doesn’t hurt!

  44. Dale Downer says:

    Wished Herman could’ve stayed in.

  45. Boxerpaws says:

    My twitter avatar says it all. it’s one of the reasons would like to win this book. Just one. There’s many. Herman Cain should be our nominee but looking forward to 2016. If anyone wants to join us in this effort. PLS visit our Ning site.
    We’re just warming up :)

  46. Josh Montgomery says:

    I have been a fan of @THEHermanCain’s ever since the 1st day I heard him sub for Boortz in 2009. Ever since then I wanted him to lead our nation. Since that’s not happening right now I’m still happy his ideas are getting national attention and he will be back on the air daily soon. I can’t wait to have a signed copy of his book. My twitter is @7steelersrings. Following and RT’ing @Dustinstockton as much as possible.

  47. Theresa A from Tulsa says:

    Herman’s my hero!!

  48. For a great cause (giving a copy to the library) the winner is Elisa!

  49. Donna says:

    Missed seeing Mr. Cain when he came to our city. Unfortunately, I had to work. I’ve been listening to him fill in for Neal Boortz for quite awhile and knew he was right for our country by his commentary. Would love a copy of his book!

  50. Lawrence Ekdahl says:

    To bad the republican establishment would not recognize real conservatives such as Herman Cain and Ron Paul.

  51. Naz says:

    WOW, are my ears hearing sewolr or are they talking faster than my ears can hear?Sheesh. Okay, Sarah Palin misnamed Herman Cain. Maybe someone typed her notes and their fingers moved over two keys, suppose?Now, on Garofalo ..I don’t watch television much, but who is she? A commedian? Saying the only reason the Tea Party likes Herman Cain is because he is black and therefore we aren’t racist? GIVE ME HER EAR FOR A FEW MINUTES. That is not a fair remark and she should apologize to the Tea Party and the MEMBERS who are the ones that make a lot of CONTRIBUTIONS TOO. Where does she get her speaking material ? Does she scavenge the trash can outside of Jay Leno’s studio. Those jokes that he doesn’t want to use? Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!

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