Cell-Fare: Go On Food Stamps, Receive A Free Government Cell Phone

Call me an idealist, but the biggest shock in American politics for me was the discovery of the thousand different ways pork and other needless expenditures were stuffed into the cracks of every corner of American politics. Don’t get me wrong, I knew this government was redundantly bureaucratic and leaked money faster than sand escaping a clenched fist, but the sheer magnitude of the money that is spent on nonsensical expenditures, enabling of parasitic citizens, and outright corruption is as startling as it is enraging.

The most recent expenditure that gets my blood boiling is the $2.1 billion spent on- wait for it- cell phones and cell phone plans for the needy. That’s right, a fraction of that money in your pocket will be funding the purchase of cell phones and plans so that those that already take too much from society can keep in touch with the other social parasites.

Lifeline is a program available to those that are on food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, Head Start or just about any other program designed to “spread the wealth around”. This program, originally intended to provide phone service to the needy, has ballooned to an estimated $2.1 billion expense. While this is alarming by itself, what’s even more alarming is the rate at which this absurd program has increased in the past three years.

In 2005, the program demanded $802 million. It skyrocketed to $1 billion in 2009. By 2011, the program was costing us $2.1 billion and it is estimated that by 2014, we will be seeing the program costing $3.3 billion. But, of course, as ridiculous as this is, it is not nearly as costly as food stamps, which will cost Americans $82 billion this year.

A dollar bill is .010922 cm thick. That means if we take the current expenditure of 2.1 billion dollar bills and stacked them, we would see a stack 9,174,712.74 inches tall which is 144.8 miles tall. That is about 15 miles shy of the length of Vermont and three times the length of Rhode Island. With government spending billions here and there and pundits dismissing $1 billion as a measly sum,  it is easy to lose sight of how much money this is. In short: it’s a lot.

Of course, the FCC claims that this is so high due to fraud and abuse of the program, with people doubling-up on cell phones and plans. But don’t worry, the FCC has planned to combat this problem by tracking and combating multiple users at a cost of around $7.5-$10 million. While it’s great to see that after years of abuses, they’re finally wising up and trying to crack down. However, the question remains: why does this program exist to begin with?

As if this wasn’t absurd enough, the FCC is considering providing broadband internet for those who already take too much. To illustrate the ridiculousness of this, it should be noted that in college, to save money, I did my work at school or a Starbucks for the free internet and I certainly did not have a smart phone.

We are becoming a nation of saps. We like to believe that every beggar with an iPod and a hard-luck story really is doing the best he can, and is, therefore, worthy of our dollar at a stoplight. Unwilling to kick the outliers that are the working poor to the curb, we continually fund food stamps and other welfare programs for fear that the truly disadvantaged will fall on tough times, despite the fact that charity existed for these people long before state-mandated robbery did.

We have become accustomed to thinking it is government’s job to help those who will not help themselves. The fiscally responsible wish to wean them off government assistance and they’re called heartless. I suggest that it is more heartless to create a class of social invalids, dependent upon others for their existence.

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21 Responses to Cell-Fare: Go On Food Stamps, Receive A Free Government Cell Phone

  1. Whackajig says:

    As a kid, we had many woods ticks who were parasites and sucked your blood. We merely dropped them in a coffee can which had some gasoline in it. I think now is the time for much larger containers.

    Note:……………….. retreive the obama phone first.

  2. GameGenie says:

    Clearly there’s a difference between killing parasites and not giving them free cell phones. Perhaps we should focus on the not giving them free cell phones…

  3. ConfusedAmericanCitizen says:

    The bible instructs parents to train a child up in the way he should go. It does not instruct a parent to love the child into shackles that will keep him a child all of his days.

    The government insists on being big daddy. But why? To train children up in the way he should go? To walk behind a child and let him fall enough times to learn to walk or to lift that child up at every turn in order to keep him from learning to walk? And which is more abusive?

    Whether you are a parent or the government, it becomes obvious to those looking that when you shackle a person and cripple them, you are not doing it for them but for yourself.

    • Lew says:

      Teach a man to fish and free him from hunger,this is something our government has not done since 1964,thank you LBJ! Give a man a fish and enslave him for life! This is what OUR GOVERNMENT has been doing for 50 years now!

      • Agnes Tillerson says:

        I have had enough of this 50 year ‘help the poor”! The poor will always be with us and fifty years of stealing from working people has not changed the number of the poor. Why? Because they have been conditioned to rely upon “government” to save them! They need to learn to fish and we the people need to tell those in Congress, we have had it! Stop robbing industrious people who skimp and save to live in a decent fashion and do without cell phones, cable TV etc. The insanity of cell phone give-aways should cease NOW and all other give-away programs investigated as to fraud, corruption, misuse etc. I have seen numerous “help wanted” signs for work so tell me why we need to keep extending weeks and weeks of payments for people not to work? Ah, yes..they get more money not working and sitting at home and doing nothing is the answer I hear. Americans better wake up soon as we will be added to other third world nations soon!

        • ahb1 says:

          Haven’t you heard that is the plan (project) Watch the Project on the Blaze.com/tv or channel 212 on Dish tv.

          You will see what is going on. Part two is 8pn et, tonight Thursday. There is an encore of both parts back to back on Sunday at 9pm et. and if you are a subscriber it is on demand.

          Glenn Beck has been right all along. People need to start paying attention or we will not have anything to pay attention to.

  4. j w kalk says:

    read book Non dare call it treason twenty fife years later

  5. Harmonicajun says:

    My wife and I raised 8 beautiful and now selfsufficient children on about $475.00 per month. While I worked my wife raised a garden in the back yard. And we had no cell phones,, TVs, electronic games, etc, untill the children were half grown. They all wennt to c ollege and now live comfortable lives. All wihout “gov ernment” help. It can still be done today.

  6. Betty Hanicke says:

    I’ve lived to 87 years and have never had a cell phone and I see no reasons for persons receiving government handouts to receive cell phones. I’m sure they are not using them to get a job!

  7. Gerald Murphy says:

    Charge all food stamp participants $100/year or $10/mo. processing fee for the paperwork. That would be 45 million X $100 each.

  8. ConfusedAmericanCitizen says:

    What wonderful comments and what wonderful examples of human spirit and parenting. Raising kids to know how to do without/do with less and feel the contentment of living large independent and free, to teach them to stand on their own two feet and not dependent and victims….again, bravo!

  9. joann brandt says:

    we must stop the unnecessary gifts to everyone. because you are on food stamps why do you need a cell phone. i the tax payer, cannot afford this expensive cell phone that you see so many people using.

    • Jennifer Reeves says:

      Some people that are on Food stamps NEED a cell phone for EMERGENCY’S. Like my 86 year old mother-in-law. She needs to be able to get a hold of someone in case something were to happen while she is out and about. And just so you know, what you should have said is: “I, the taxpayer, cannot afford these expensive cell phone’s that you see so many people using”.

  10. Blogengeezer says:

    Over 50 years ago the USA was financially sound, traditional, responsible families were the majority, Crime was at a minimum.

    Enter “The Great Society, War on Poverty”. ‘FERAL’ Families of Perpetually Dependency Addicted masses are now the majority and ”spawning’ like minded Dependency Addicted subsidized ‘litters’ at a prodigious rate. Crime and especially prolific taxPayer funded, subsidized Drug use and dealing, is causation for deadly strife throughout the ‘supplier’ countries.

    To escape the US welfare ‘Subsidy’ created Hell Holes of Cartel violence in their own countries, the illegals flock North.. Adding to the now unstoppable leakage, destined to Sink the US Titanic. USA, by subsidizing this abhorrent behavior, is in Debt to outside interests for countless Trillions of, now nearly valueless, US ‘printed fiat’ and virtual dollars. Using those truckloads of virtual US fiat, the outside interests are quietly buying US ‘resources’. The culmination is approaching. The lessons will be harsh.. to say the least. Vote 2012 Like YOUR Life Depends on It…. It Does.

  11. Tori Chanthawoharn says:

    Some people actually need a phone to be able to do anything in society’s drawn out world, while others are just taking advantage of DSHS by lying on applications about their living situations and income. .

  12. Ron Powell says:

    From grade school through college, liberal teachers have groomed kids to demand more for less. They are constantly brainwashed almost as bad as they are in Red China and the next thing will be to wear their little uniforms so they are all of one class. 88% of college professors are classified as liberals and if you don’t adhere to their agenda they make your grades suffer. Obama was schooled in the Chicago politics of corruption which is still the most corrupt state in the union, even beating out the other democratic state of Louisiana. Louisiana lost its title bacause after Hurricane Katrina, most of the people in New Orleans moved to other states. people in New Orleans died because they had become so dependent on the government, they waited for them to come rescue them and they drowned because of that dependency and ignorance.

  13. Tic Ellish says:

    Don’t you think there was a lobbyist from the cell phone companies promoting this program ?
    They probably thought it up. Take your thought processes one step further.

  14. Jennifer Reeves says:

    I just want to point out that NOT everyone on Food stamps “already take enough from society”!! My 86 YEAR OLD MOTHER-IN-LAW GETS FOOD STAMPS AND SHE ONLY GETS $20 SOME DOLLARS A MONTH MORON!! She worked her WHOLE life and more than paid her due and that is ALL she gets. SAD!!! I realize A-LOT of people do take advantage of it, but you should not include EVERYONE in that equation!!! Another example: My 53 year old, disabled husband, whom also worked his whole life and paid his dues, can NOT get food stamps because He “Owns “too many assets”. They will give them to some low-life that is capable of working but will not instead of giving them to someone who WANTS to work and cannot, someone that worked very hard for all those “assets”; someone who DESERVES them!!

    • Jennifer Reeves says:

      Meant to say “Owns too many assets”.

    • Greg Campbell says:

      You’ve done a great job explaining why your mother-in-law needs help. When discussing welfare, the go-to argument for those who support the welfare state is to cite someone that they know who has fallen on hard times. These explanations illustrate how sometimes people need some help. However, what these explanations, such as the case with your mother-in-law, neglect to explain is why it is my responsibility to furnish what she needs. Charity existed long before welfare. I suggest she rely on her family or on a local church for help. I will not dispute that some people need help. But I have yet to hear why I and the other taxpayers need to be the ones to provide the help. I furthermore reject the concept that anyone “deserves” food stamps.

      Thank you for reading.


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